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Spooky Scottish Paranormal Picture Books

UAV type UFO hovering above the fields where extreme alien activity is happening on a daily basis Continue reading

The New Xenopolitics Website

The Xenopolitics website is the result of many people protesting their abuse at alien hands. These people today are generally unheard by Exopolitics who appear to be whitewashing our ‘starbrothers’. The truth is though is contrary to e.g. Dr Greer – not all aliens are good .. Continue reading

deep space electromagnetic life

electromagnetic oxidative metabolism – deep space life interdimensional – living in the van allen belt around the earths magnetic field – photos courtesy of NASA and JPL Organic electromagnetic life forms in space filmed by NASA – probably many of the ‘ships’ and ‘ufos’ seen by the ISS are actually interdimensional life forms independent of … Continue reading


GREYS, MULTIMEDIA PREDATORS   I think that one of the biggest mistakes made by observers of UFO phenomenon over the last 100 years has been to characterise the nature of that phenomenon as interstellar spaceships. Right up to the time that mankind evolved airborne technologies it had been pretty obvious that the skies were the … Continue reading

Chemtrails as government UFO turbo boost

SOME CHEMTRAILS – TURBO BOOST FOR ANTI-GRAVITY SHIPS Andrew Hennessey   There are many theories in use about the nature of chemtrails – from the totally benevolent humanism of governments portrayed by NSA leaker Edward Snowden, to the source of bubonic plague in Eastern Europe filmed in a lady Gaga music video. We can choose … Continue reading

Interdimensional craft @ Gorebridge, Scotland

MiB – the dark Knight on the road archetype

The demonic Men in Black on Earth go all the way back and beyond the traditional Black Knight – in the 21st Century these holographic authority figures manifest as our worst fears

The Lost Tribe of Adam on Mars ?

    It looks like some rainforest vines or roots have been growing through the skull, becoming dessicated and preserved when the desert blew in. The skull also tells another story – that of a human being who fell in the jungle and who was left there amongst the roots. It tells a story of … Continue reading

Scottish Ufo shop and other news

I created a shop called Scottish UFO at Cafepress.com that shows a classic flying saucer in daylight between Edinburgh and Gorebridge in Scotland.  http://www.cafepress.com/scottishufo Its actually soaking up the vibes from the power cables it was hovering over – but that detail is in the bigger picture.     Other news is that my book … Continue reading

Scottish Andrew’s New Websites 2013

The New Stargate Edinburgh Tours website is Now live. http://www.stargateedinburgh.com My Scottish ceilidh band called the Wild Geese has a new website at: http://www.wildgeese.biz And my Music pages are up at Scottishsoundscapes.com http://www.scottishsoundscapes.com More to follow soon

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