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Andrew Hennessey, born 1957, Edinburgh, Scotland, has been interested in the UFO phenomenon from a very early age, having had many encounters and experiences, which he writes of in his ebooks e.g. The Turning of the Tide.

See https://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B00SX2C3CK

  • Founded the New Star Party in 1999AD as a skeptical and critical dialog with Exopolitics who to this day have not produced ONE political manifesto to canvass for the human rights for the victims of alien abuse that has by Treaty been permitted by elected governments.
  • Founded Xenopolitics in Nov. 2007 to illustrate the negative and often demonic nature of alien contact. He wrote an eBook called ‘Harvesting the Disconnected‘ to illustrate his ideas on the alien agenda.
  • Originated the disclosure about the window area, high strangeness and possible alien base in the Gorebridge area in Scotland from 1999.
  • In 2019 he publishes his analysis of Archonic ‘reality engineering’ – noting the similarity to the epic and much panned and derided film ‘John Carter of Mars !’ called ‘Just in Passing’
  • Also published on Amazon in 2019 is his very Scottish research into the faerie culture and the Scottish ‘otherworld’ called; ‘The Essential Scotland’. The paperback, which includes; Theatre, prose, rhyme, folklore and historic detail, also contains some important images and other research and analysis from his collection.

ALSO THE 2019 SEQUEL – to the 1999 ‘Monkey’s of Eden – the Telepathic Overlords and the Slaves of Earth’ called ‘THE SERPENTS OF EDEN’ on Amazon and Kindle

  • 2019 on Amazon : The Celtic Saints – God’s Superheroes in a 3-part serialisation part1, part2,
St Fillan’s cave

Andrew was trained as an industrial biologist and worked in several labs including; the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries,  Central Microbiology Lab, National Museum of Antiquities, East of Scotland College of Agriculture, British Geological Survey.
In 1984 Andrew formed his Theatre group called the Solan Company putting together various original Grailquest projects in many styles with a veritable army of talented helpers.

His current music projects include his ceilidh dance band the Wild Geese  and on recordings for Blues and Country albums on the Scottish scene.
As an amateur Scientist he has also conceptualised new scientific advances. e.g. artificial general intelligence, a new model for gravity, cosmology and particle physics, a new kind of game theory and a new kind of systems theory.  He was listed on the Dissident Scientists list by the Jean de Climont Associates in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018.

His latest Book is Alien Encounters and the Paranormal

This invaluable book is a must have for everyone with an interest in ufology and the paranormal.  It is no longer a secret that something is out there.  Whether sharing a reliable witness account or an ancient legend, the reader will be fascinated from cover to end.  Andrew Hennessey has been a researcher into the paranormal and ufology for well over 20 years, and is currently one of the most prolific writers within the internet community.  He has also written for Paranormal Magazine, has appeared on international and local radio, and has been featured in film and TV documentaries.

‘Andrew Hennessey is now sharing his research, reflections and writings in book form for all to read, hear and see, including never-before-seen photos of alien and paranormal events.  It also contains the only specialist glossary of its kind listing persons, places and terms associated with the paranormal and ufology, a first in its field and a rare educational tool that every school and home should have.’

Other Kindle books from Andrew Hennessey can be found on his AMAZON PAGE

Other info:

He has been involved in radio, e.g. Jeff Rense, Coast to Coast, Inothernews and Nightsearch, HPANWO radio , with Alyson Dunlops ADX-files , James Bartley’s Cosmic Switchboard Show and his work has been featured on the Discovery and History channel TV programmes. His alien farming theories, http://www.Xenopolitics.com have been published in various books and articles. e.g. The Scotsman newspaper.

His life story of paranormal interaction and close encounters, a narrated CD,  called ‘The Light Beyond the Darkness’ can be found on Amazon

He has also researched Transhumanism being credited in the FAQ by N Bostrom and has an interest in Artificial Intelligence.

He operates a UFO, Paranormal & Illuminati Tour in his native Scotland called www.StargateEdinburgh.com


This tour draws from the extensive folklore and archaeological records that illustrate an ongoing alien/faerie presence under the city of Edinburgh and its surrounding districts.

Tour images can be found by clicking here

Andrew was instrumental in bringing the alleged alien base at Gorebridge, near Edinburgh, to light. The extraordinary nature of the reported activity there and its social implications appears to attract interest from covert human and alien agencies including the MiB. See his Youtube Channel OUTSHORE  http://www.youtube.com/outshore

For the witness accounts search for Gorebridge on http://www.offtheplanet.blogspot.com

There are also several recent Gorebridge witnesses now currently reporting on his facebook site called Transformation Studies

Black Ops wanted to know about my time travel theories and any ‘insuperable’ limitations that may emerge  .. this is the essay the think tank asked me to write under somewhat bizarre circumstances.

Currently researching a possible pandemic of weaponised Mycoplasmas and its global role in Neurodegenerative diseases.

Andrew is also a professional musician, a storyteller and colourist and has recently re-invented tartan as Startan. A link to his LinkedIn profile


Andrew’s recordings can be found at Scottish Andrew Records

His Raps on ‘all-seeing eyes’, ‘free energy’, ‘contradictions’ etc can be downloaded as MP3’s from releases called; Metal Boxes, Strange Tartan, and, Panthalassic Distortion.

His Main Sites – : See www.scottishandrew.com or http://www.andrewhennessey.co.uk  AND

check out the track 'Little Cascades' on my first album 'Eclectic Fiddle'

https://scottishandrew.wordpress.com/2018/11/21/spooky-scottish-paranormal-picture-books/ for more information.


10 thoughts on “About Andrew Hennessey : Ufologist

  1. Andrew Hennessey

    tel. 01333 428921
    eml. scottishandrew @ btinternet.com


    EDUCATION 1. [1969-1975] 5 Highers, Social Problems of the East Arctic Eskimo
    EDUCATION 2. HND in BIOLOGY [1976-1978] some distinctions.
    Aggression in Man, Innate or Learned
    Ecological aspects of Heavy Metal pollution
    Open University Foundation Course Social Science [84]
    Private Course Philosophy of Science/Logic 1 [90]
    Dr Paul Tomassi, University of Aberdeen


    Software Basics in DTP: Serif, WebPlus, Photoshop, Premiere, Microsoft Utilities, Excel, Access, Cubase Audio, Sound Forge, Turbo CAD, Internet, Powerpoint and other WYSIWYG softwares.

    [76] Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries : National Grass Trials : Lab/Field empirical measurement in the field and lab, plot maintenance.
    [77] Central Microbiology Laboratory : Diagnostic tests for NHS : Lab diagnostic microbiological tests, titration, plating, basic prep work – agar, staining, basic lab immunology.
    [79] National Museum of Antiquities Scotland: Archaeological Conservation: Lab physical and chemical conservation of mediaeval iron artefacts, glass blasting
    [80] Institute of Terrestrial Ecology : Tropical Reforestation Nigeria Project : Lab greenhouse construction, potting, trial maintenance, statistics, supervision of staff.
    [82-83] British Geological Survey : Petrological Database : Lab/Clerical database construction, map work, drilling log, specific gravity, compiled guidance notes.
    [84] Scottish Agricultural College : Crop Clinic : support worker/Clerical sample logging, clerical backup.
    [07] Created Knowledge Representation System for use in AI, and also a Logic Programming Language

    [86-88] Employment Service : Management Services/Performance Measurement Team: statistics and computing, spreadsheet construction, clerical procedures
    [89-92] Employment Service : Employment Consultant, Adviser on Services devised new public services, liaised with employers and clients and conducted transferable skills assessment, constructed stores database
    [93-96] Employment Service : Disability Services, Administration, Cash, stores, spreadsheet construction, database input


    [98 – Present] Self-Employed; Multimedia Artist; Musician, Scottish Dance Caller Tour Guide, Writer and Speaker http://www.reverbnation.com/scottishandrew

    [69-82] Edinburgh Highland Reels and Strathspey Society/Fiddlers Rallies at Major Scottish Concert Halls, Lismore Records, Scottish Records, Birnam Records.
    Winner Cleghorn Challenge Cup 1969, 2nd prize Edinburgh Players in Golden Fiddle Group Competitions Caird Hall Dundee 1982.
    [82-00] Touring Professional Folk/Rock Groups and Ceilidh Bands
    Ceilidh and Caller presenter of dances, playing 50s-90s, Electronic, Rock, and Folk Rock, Jazz fusion and improvisational theatre Edinburgh Fringe
    1998 support act to Status Quo at Lichtenfoorden Festival Holland touring Europe, UK Festivals. eg. Norloch, Wild Geese, the FIFE, Celtic Horizon, Freedom Duo,

    Various Prizes, awards, commendations and Airplay of penned songs. Eg. 1982, BBC; 1990/96/98/99 and with Folk Group Cauther Fair, and with Danish Singer songwriter Berit Sondergaard, Dutch TV OOST and Radio.

    [78-00] Several Festival presentations of self penned and composed shows, in music, verse and song. http://www.scottishsoundscapes.com
    The Solan Company was established by Hennessey in 1984 to present world folk culture through the medium of original arts.
    Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1984, 1989, Folk Myth Festival 1990
    The Solan Theatre Company shows :
    Children of the Storm – 1984
    Children of the Flame – 1986
    A Farewell to Dawn – 1987
    Bard of the Golden City – 1989
    AEON – 1990

    Produced and directed, and sound engineered 20 original albums.

    [69-present] Scottish Dance band http://www.WILDGEESE.BIZ Acoustic Fiddle, Starfish Electric Fiddle, Viola, 6-String electric fiddle, Mandolin, Whistle, Bodhran, Percussion, Vocals, Scottish Ceilidh Dance caller. Session musician recorded with ‘Blues n Trouble’ CD released 2014, Nobby Clarke and also Broken Windows Blues band in 2016

    [97-00] Music Agency business for Bands; Chieftain Live Music Agency/North Star Music Agency to provide Bands and Acts for Private and Corporate Functions, Tours and Festivals etc

    [99-00] Assistant Tour Guide, Beyond Boundaries Expeditions, Texas
    [07 – Present] Scottish Storyteller; Tour Guide, Stargate Edinburgh Tours http://www.stargateedinburgh.com
    [00] Books; ‘The Universal Seduction Trilogy’, RoseGarden Press
    [10] Journal of Abduction Research [JAR 9]
    [11] Paranormal Magazine articles
    [15] Alien Encounters and the Paranormal – the Scottish perspective. editor Dr S R Charles
    Amazon and Kindle
    [15] JAR Magazine – the Gorebridge story

    Public Speaker: Have given talks on a wide range of contemporary ethnological issues modern myths and beliefs, and have built an international reputation for discerning comment, being listed in the Maximillian Lafayette, 2008 Who’s Who and listed on the Jean de Climonte ‘Dissidents Scientist List’ 2012-2016

    Spoken for City Of Edinburgh Libraries on folklore, BBC Radio4, and a 2 hour Radio Special for coast to coast US radio – Hollywood Sightings show with Jeff Rense 1998, Discovery Channel 2001, Nightsearch radio 2007, 2008
    Published UK reporter with BeyondBoundaries Tour Company, and Host of weekly US netRadioshow on NIGHTSEARCH the scottishxfiles, with Eddie Middleton and also Ross Hemsworth on Glastonbury Radio, 2009

    Conference Organiser, Co-ordinator, East of Scotland UFO Conference, Gullane, 2000, The Templar Lodge Hotel, East Lothian, Scotland.

    Posted by scottishandrew | September 26, 2009, 5:41 am
  2. Dear Andrew

    I am so sorry to tell you I heard today of Bob Brydon’s passing. Margot let Martin and I know where I am on holiday in France. She received an email about it from Mike Hall. She says the funeral is at 11am at Warriston Crematorium tomorrow morning. I am sad I shall not be able to attend. I am in the Charente in rural France. I am due back next Thursday and though I would love to be there, I am not close enough to an airport to make it it possible, in time, without great expense, which I think you will know I really cannot afford.

    Martin will arrive here to pick me up this evening. We have just finished a Women’s Circle gathering where 10 women were together for 3 days and a 7 for longer, either side of the Gathering.. Reminds me of Bob asking, ” Have the Women taken over yet Lilian?” saying “The Women need to take over Lilian. Unfortunately most men are just gits!” He did make me laugh. He used to love me to sing to him in our Transformation Group. He encouraged me in all ways he could. I am sure he did this with many, pointing them to the wisdom of shale

    Tomorrow Martin and I will do the 8 hr..drive back to St.Laurent de Cerdans with those in mourning in our hearts. I met Lindsay last month in Stockbridge, when Bob was in hospital. He also had Alzheimer’s for the past few years. I know Bob had been ill a long time and to a great extent this will be a great release for them both, into a new level of communication only possible when one has passed over.

    Bob was a very great teacher and a splendid friend. I have missed him lots since he withdrew from the TS in Edinburgh and from us all into Alzheimer’s territory. I am sure we shall all be hearing from him, or experiencing is assistance in many subtle ways as he carries on his Great Work from beyond the veil.

    All my Love to you all as we release our great teacher and friend into the Life Beyond.

    Lilian x x x

    Posted by Lilian Brzoska | May 30, 2014, 5:27 pm
  3. Find The.Luciferian.Doctrine.pdf

    Posted by xAnonymousx | January 10, 2016, 9:41 pm
  4. Are you still around mate? This is an experience I encountered in The populated city of Edinburgh. I can’t believe these things can turn up in the middle of your city? We had no protection, no safety, no help. Pissed me off to know that this phenomena can turn up in a populated human area and get away with shit. After my encounter I realized that earth must be an alien made zoo? Here’s my encounter while travelling through Scotland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNHayybwBgU

    Posted by Graham Keelan.. | April 6, 2017, 2:10 am
  5. I’ve seen lights outside my window at 5 yrs old

    At 15 I had lost time.

    At 16 I saw lights again.

    2015 I came across phenomena and lost time.

    Posted by Graham Keelan (@GrahamKeelan) | May 26, 2017, 7:36 pm


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