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Chemtrails as government UFO turbo boost


Andrew Hennessey


There are many theories in use about the nature of chemtrails – from the totally benevolent humanism of governments portrayed by NSA leaker Edward Snowden, to the source of bubonic plague in Eastern Europe filmed in a lady Gaga music video.

We can choose from nanotechnological weapons grade dust, swine flu, weather modification or LSD – the list is many and varied.

The protestations of those people uncomfortable with the truth that perhaps UN agenda 21 – the population cull is unfolding before our eyes and our lungs – is all the more sad given the large number of freely available patent descriptions for the technologies of dispersal already filmed up close in use.


Some people may also note that HAARP technologies such as Tesla beam weapons that can create magnetic pulses that can disrupt the earths crust and its weather and harvests are also possible acting through a medium of transmission such as high altitude spraying of an atmospheric lens of barium salts.


From the scientific description below [Loder] of the use of barium in electromagnetic ships using anti-gravity and probably interdimensional and time zone travel – we may yet get another insight into what might be going on in the skies above our heads.


It could be that electromagnetically powered ships built by partially human corporations may be using barium atmospheric spraying to give their outgoing and probably heavily laden colonial ships and freighters an extra boost …


Alien corporations probably wouldn’t need such extras to fire up their drive fields with – but its possible that there may be a few anomalies in electromagnetic ships that have been assembled to some of the human specifications with elements sourced on this planet and solar system.





Source: Theodore C. Loder,

Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space
University of New Hampshire




(International) Ltd. published a classified report on
Electrogravitics Systems examining various aspects of gravity
control. They summarized the pioneering work of Townsend Brown and
then described the use of electrogravitic thrust as follows:

“The essence of electrogravitics thrust is the use of a very
strong positive charge on one side of the vehicle and a negative on
the other. The core of the motor is a condenser and the ability of
the condenser to hold its charge (the K-number) is the yardstick of
performance. With air as 1, current dielectrical materials can yield
6 and use of barium aluminate can raise this considerably, barium
titanium oxide (a baked ceramic) can offer 6,000 and there is a
promise of 30,000, which would be sufficient for supersonic speed.”


From: Aviation Studies (International) Ltd. 1956. Electro-gravitics
Systems: An examination of electrostatic motion, dynamic counterbary
and barycentric control. p. 14. In Valone, T. (ed.), 1994.
Electrogravitics Systems: Reports on a new propulsion methodology.
Integrity Research Institute, Washington, DC 20005.

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