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deep space electromagnetic life

orgufo8 orgufo6 orgufo5deep space electromagnetic life

electromagnetic oxidative metabolism – deep space life interdimensional – living in the van allen belt around the earths magnetic field – photos courtesy of NASA and JPL

Organic electromagnetic life forms in space filmed by NASA – probably many of the ‘ships’ and ‘ufos’ seen by the ISS are actually interdimensional life forms independent of oxygen and gravity but powered by an electronic form of oxidation an analog of biological life that uses oxygen.



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Introduction: Cellular Respiration

An electrical energy plant converts energy from one form to another form that can be more easily used . This type of generating plant starts with underground thermal energy (heat) and transforms it into electrical energy that will be transported to homes and factories. Like a generating plant, plants and animals must take in energy from the environment and convert it into a form that their cells can use. Energy enters an organism’s body in one form and is converted into another form that can fuel the organism’s life functions. In the process of photosynthesis, plants and other photosynthetic producers take in energy in the form of light (solar energy) and convert it into chemical energy, glucose, which stores this energy in its chemical bonds. Another chemical energy store that results from photosynthesis is oxygen, or O2, which is the necessary component in the air that we breathe. These molecules, glucose and oxygen, are then utilized via a series of metabolic pathways, collectively called cellular respiration, which extracts the energy from the bonds in glucose and oxygen and converts it into a form that all living things (both producers, such as plants, and consumers, such as animals) can use. … maybe they are excreting hydrogen as a waste product ?


I note that spooks are in denial about this sort of life in space .. Doesn’t do gravity or oxygen but might metabolise with a form of electronic oxidation. Why would spooks deny something that TV should be making wildlife documentaries about ? Why is it not in the national interest for Joe public to know that there is life beyond time space and the laws of physics as we know it …. Why are our spirits being led to think that we end here when eternal life is just beginning. why would a spook want to keep human souls feeling imprisoned ? We have to ask questions about what demonic agency those kinds of skeptic work for .. Is hotel California their theme tune ? You can check out any time you want but you can never leave? who or what says so?


Think about it …. A whole cycle and ecosystem that lives without breathing … And these creatures are just the pondlife .. The existence of these creatures that live beyond the influence of gravity and our time space oxygen and dimension only dependent on electromagnetic energy are proof of a continuity of life beyond our earth bound overcoats. These creatures are living proof that our understanding of physics in the 21st century with all its scientific technology and rhetoric of reason is totally false.


Energy based life beyond our world of basic oxygen and the physics of gravity give us an insight into the spirit world and the lives of Angels. The pondlife we can see is probably an electromagnetic ecosystem in a huge invisible reef made up of the planetary magnetic fields in our solar system. These creatures are the bottom edge of the great veil of astral layers that separate us from the heavens and their many promised mansions. Is it possible that professor hawking who thinks the end is the end is being totally ignored by these interdimensional creatures appearing in nasa scientific data feeds ?


In the hierarchy of life from a theosophical point of view these creatures may have a spark or monad but are not further infused with layers of spiritual evolution that gives them soul and choice as we think we understand it. Youtube though is full of stories of Angelic intercession on earth and we can see such logical possibilities of energy based lifeforms in places like the iss datafeed shortly to be shut down.

Whilst people like Dawkins can scoff at god delusions … And Dawkins the evolutionary biologist missed the fact that chaos theory augmented biology in 1992 proving his Darwinist evolutionary rationale in climbing mount improbable false, has Dawkins yet again been left behind in this second paradigm shift as more and more empirical data comes in to show evidence of parabiological life beyond the known laws of physics. In Hawking and Dawkins we have two scientists who think the material world is all there is …. Despite all the emerging scientific evidence to the contrary .. Not so much flat earthers as mono-dimensional in a diverse technicolour multiverse

When NASA shut down the public data feed on the ISS they shut down a living display of life beyond death on this planet and they hide from public view the living proof that our scientific paradigm on earth is a capped and engineered materialist charade. Why give us a vision of death with no hope ? Why must we be disconnected from eternity ? What benefits ?

Whilst transhumans try to upload the thoughts and processes driven by our interdimensional souls into a matrix and pass the product off as cyborg heaven on earth .. For many the lure of xbox simulations will be only a temporary anchor in this vibrational rate. In the images of deep space pondlife grazing in our invisible electromagnetic interplanetary reef we have the certainty that there is an energy stairway to heaven. Whilst the living refutations of existentialism, logical positivism materialism etc parade before the ISS cameras the human race can take a breather and not live in fear … And although I disagree with John Lennon that we should imagine there is no heaven .. It is actually getting less easy to imagine that … I do agree that all we need is love .. That has to be the light from the remote lighthouse on the other side of the pond.



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