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I think that one of the biggest mistakes made by observers of UFO phenomenon over the last 100 years has been to characterise the nature of that phenomenon as interstellar spaceships.

Right up to the time that mankind evolved airborne technologies it had been pretty obvious that the skies were the haunt of supernatural beings over the preceding millennia.

The beings though merely adapted their airborne manifestations to resemble the transport or technological expectations of the era in which they were conducting their predation.

Consequently demons made the transition to demons in silver suits presenting mankind with an array of contradictory nonsense.

The UFO movement though preferred the comfort and familiarity of space age star trek social models and ideals to project upon their anthropomorphic forms.

With the demons now pretending to operate a complex society people were inured to the bitter truth that the demonic was merely delivering a caricature of our own expectations and ideals of something we think we should be getting from interstellar society.

The demons though, probably non-technological, come from the interdimensional abyss.

Black carnal magician Crowleigh sees a fleshy Ufo in his Laam encounter, some people see the greys with pitchforks and harpy-like wings, some people see Serpo-like sci-fi visions and with the soul-hungry darkness being given a federation badge and a friendly face with the co-operation of many naïve or optimistic graphic artists – the real vision of hitek demons could only be seen if folks listened out carefully for the stories of victims on internet forums where you could actually demonise the demons.


That is not to say that real interstellar races and ships could not find this rich diverse world amongst the barren solar systems with some advanced form of scanning.

For many millennia on Earth, however, there has been a fallen and dark presence that has not needed technology or spaceships or humanesque political organisations but which instead has turned with insect-like precision to harvesting human soul-juice.

Think of mankind as a rich oasis of intellectual and industrious flowers with our psychological intentions, nervous energy, aspirations, hopes and attachments as our pollen.

Thus by disorientating, disenfranchising, disrespecting, disavowing, disturbing our psychological soul-pollen is harvested for the interdimensional hive.

Not for ordinary flowers these bees, ants and wasps.

Their sky the abyss, their food, soul-juice invested in the attachments of the sort made and artificed in rich complex societies and mindscapes in evolved energy worlds that are full of golden means and ratios and emergent growth.

Down in our hungry dualist plane the locusts of the abyss have brought their legion to feed – manifesting distorted versions of our best hopes and worst nightmares they parade holographic images of ominous personnel and vehicles that are slightly more threatening than the best or worst examples of their day.

Flying chariots and shields in the Dark Ages, flying coaches in the Middle Ages and very manoeuvrable dirigibles and monoplanes before their day and silent jets and small discs prior to Starwars culture and movies, then larger than life death stars in the solar system seen on NASA scopes recently. The signs are there that the human consciousness is constantly under siege.


Known anciently as elementals, or djinn, or demons, or faeries or archons and latterly greys their presence is characterised by time distortion effects in human lives.

They are however a multimedia predator and parasite.

They are eclectic.

They will manifest technology though they themselves do not necessarily need it, they will use underground spaces though not necessarily need to manifest at those earthly frequencies.

They will use little pockets of hyperdimensional reality (astral)  adjacent to their targets.

They will biologically interfere to create and cultivate a sense of dependency though not needing to hybridise or breed because they are already highly specialised in soul predation in complex human societies that have both artefacts and mindscapes.

As orbs, they will migrate between and colonise every kind of shell from lower physical life-forms e.g. animals to infesting artefacts and if they can – people.

They can attempt to attach themselves to human consciousness by bringing some extra-ordinary gift of a skill or memory – but their primary purpose is to wither and distort the individual.

The aim is not to reproduce biological shells but to get a foothold of dependency and control of their human targets.

They don’t really use bodies as a hive but will make use of all kinds of creatures and objects. They are the ultimate multi-media parasites.


Their plan by shock and awe or fear and respect or consent and co-operation or annulment and desolation or agreement and partial augmentation is to get us to surrender our vision of heaven to their orientation process so that they can detach us from the vine of life and harvest our souls like Duracell batteries.

Ultimately they would like us to work at being attached to them as this saves them investing energy in us.

If we are in a prayer state though we are harder to locate and control because our beings are resonating with higher realities.


Deceivers and lairs they feed by negating all the things we have invested our lives energy in. They permeate our time space because they are interdimensional but they have no great need of biology because they can manifest form – ours or theirs.


Because they are specialised to mine out artefact-producing complex biological intelligences with creative imaginations they probably manifest their own products of any such infestation in some kind of externalised technological setting but they do not need ships and social infrastructure the way its done in Star Treks, Federation.


Interesting how the visions of bigger and better black alien triangles got even bigger once the US military had started making inroads into small  black triangular aircraft – which I wonder came first ?


They probably specialise in manifesting what we think we want to see – so I would be concerned to hear about ‘alien exchange programs’ like Serpo – because in all probability no-one would have gone more than a few yards in time and interdimensional space from where they set out and probably spent their time frozen in a big jam jar dreaming the dream they hoped to dream.


They will pose as gods, as intellectuals, as spiritual teachers and never channel one formula for a cure.

They will corrupt and influence historic and scientific technical data and artefacts – ironic therefore that Fortean-type Ufo sceptics have always hidden behind the ‘epistemological skepticism’ of Descartes who asked ‘how can we know anything ..’.

Yet Descartes also postulated that some mad demon could be messing with ours sense of reality which was why our impressions of reality should be called into question.


I don’t think Descartes was wrong.


I think therefore that because earths time space is infested by demonic insectoids (at least) from the abyss that we would be very unlikely to find one of the ships from the worlds of unblemished civilisation that Padre Pio spoke of.

All the talk of Federations and forms and negotiations is moot because sentient species will realise that these bugs don’t go away and could follow any such ship to new pastures with devastating consequences.


Having said all this – the many records of interdimensional Angelic intervention and of works by Deliverance Minister Stella Davis who sees Greys during Deliverances from demons clearly illustrate that it was not for nothing Christ told us to turn the other cheek when disparaged or dissed, and to not have attachments and investments in the world and that when filled with the Holy Spirit of prayer we cannot be tracked because we go into stealth mode.


Instead of real spiritual work though, Ufology buys the demonic theatre and its false promises and false allegations of society and futures and dynasty.

There is nowhere to go in this hive swarm but we must all focus on prayer and on listening to the love of our own hearts.

We do have a prayer – and it is our hearts not our obsessed and distracted minds, that will lead us upwards to home.

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Contemporary Scottish fiddle player, Scottish ceilidh dance caller, folk music composer, Ufologist, natural and supernatural photographer and tour operator, digital artist and designer, writer and columnist - interested in cosmology and 5th generation computation without the 'Halting problem' !! THE SCOTTISH ANDREWVERSE Ceilidh musician and man of dance Investigator of paranormal circumstance Composer of art and pictures and tunes And researcher of old Scottish stones and runes Cosmic conundrums and landing on the Moon ...


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