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This blog article grew out of its initial rejection in 2019 by a ‘Moderator’ on George Noory’s ‘Coast to Coast’ Facebook Forum. When I first appeared to listeners on the radio show of the same name in 1998 with Jeff Rense 20+ Years ago presenting a Scottish Report along with Joyce Murphy of Rainbow, Texas, and her ‘Beyond Boundaries’ segment it was actually a privilege to do so, for at that time, censorship in the UK had made it impossible for me to get heard at all.
Even the UK UFOlogists of the day in the late 20th Century thought I was ‘something else‘, or, ‘a nutter’, but then rolling forward to 2019, absolutely everyone is talking about and has published on the emergence of globalism, transhumanism and the posthuman.
In 1998, however, with the trends our Transformation Studies Group had been analysing and discussing – we had been some 20 years ahead of the curve.
In 2019, even a ‘reality challenging’, liberal-minded American Conspiracy and UFO ‘research group’ like Coast to Coast cannot bring themselves to look at and research the ideas that follow – probably because they don’t ‘conform’ to either the current ‘establishment’ or ‘truther’ mainstream thinking.

Maybe the ideas presented below are also a bit ahead of their time ?

It does seem to me that there was a lot of Cronyism around Albert Einstein. Whether the regular input of Princeton mathematician Vaclav Hlavaty shaped the theory of relativity, or, Einstein’s friend Oliver Reiser and his own pseudo-science surrounding natural selection by global irradiation were valid or not, it was Einstein’s view of the Universe that was ‘selected for‘ – along with its necessarily innate quantum paradox – in Copenhagen in the 1930’s.
Rival theories of physics from e.g. Lord Kelvin and the ‘Atomic Vortex Theory’ [c.a. 1901], or Nikola Tesla’s aether-based ‘Theory of Environmental Energy’ [c.a. 1910] ended up in either the fringe libraries of Theosophy or in big cases in the back of an old 1940’s ‘Trump Industries’ lorry. [Ferguson]
With the iconic hairdo of Einstein making its way into 20th Century logos and marketing – the genius of even an incomplete theory of everything was being lauded by English Philosophers of Science like John Barrow at the close of the 20th for, apparently, ‘seeing through everything would leave us seeing nothing at all..’

Because of the ‘spooky’ paradoxes and uncertainty inserted into the quantum theory by Science – making it fair sport for pseudo-science and science fantasy – there evolved all sorts of strange mutations of our world-view e.g. the many worlds and many selves in parallel theory. i.e. Each other of our selves, slightly diverges, where one of our infinite other selves on a parallel time-track takes a different path after every decision we make on earth – creating a multi-dimensional universe filled with every kind of bad or better or best versions of our selves – because after all, the rhetoric went, ‘how can we ever really know anything anyway ?’ [Descartes – epistemological scepticism]

The idea of one person, one soul, temporarily physical, being personally responsible for their own choices in their one incarnation or opportunity before facing the ultimate peer review board is being lost.
Forget the Chaos Theory paradigm brought into public view so briefly at the Santa Fe Institute in the late 1990’s which with its appeal to uniqueness dismisses Einsteinian quantum paradoxes and cosmic multiple personalities etc and which so ably superseded Darwin and Newton. Chaos Theory also brought Nikola Tesla’s and organic fluidity insights into every conceivable system in the cosmos, from black holes to the microcosm, where it can mathematically assert the unique, one-off nature of; fractal fingerprints of energy, particles and matter.

Although the supercomputational modelling of sophisticated chaos events such as the easy and spontaneous emergence of the eye [B. Goodwin] was seemingly dismissed by many as making ‘toys’, it would be the abacus that Darwin would have used centuries before to add up his measurements.
Somehow I was not surprised to find ‘pro-Darwin believers’ like Dawkins holding onto the old linear paradigm with 1992 books like ‘Climbing Mount Improbable‘ about the millions of years of slow ponderous uphill struggle with probability and natural selection that it allegedly takes for an eye to evolve.
Meantime down the corridor in the same University faculty, same year, 1992, Dr Brian Goodwin was modelling the very spontaneous evolution of the eye in Acetabularia spp. His ideas like Kaufman’s ‘spontaneous and emerging and self-regulating DNA from basic ingredients’ on massive computers at Santa Fe i.e. ‘Autocatalytic self-organising polymers‘ were the next scientific advance beyond Darwin.

In truth, Chaos Theory ought to have been crowned central to our view of the world, and the cosmos by the close of the 20th Century. Its central law of emergence would have explained why energy can be free and why the universe doesn’t end in a cold crunch after a one-off big bang, but eternally contracts and expands. (e.g. like a huge pair of lungs!)
It seemed very strange indeed when Science V1.0 announces in ‘respectable’ Journals that 90% of the Universe is made up of unknowable Dark Matter – that stat from a physics and cosmology Peer Review panel.
The obvious question even to a child is ‘who or what recognised and measured all 100% of unmeasurable infinity and then deduced 10% was visible ?’ (e.g. black is white !)

Speaking of chaos toys …

Surely folks will one day remember the real and original cheap and high performance Tesla electric car of 1904 rather than the lemon being recently developed circa 2008 by Elon Musk and in a mass of publicity being strapped onto a huge gas-guzzling internal combustion engine 2018 and dumped into space ?
In the meantime, science, continues to supply our public domain schools and universities of humanity [humanity V1.0] with a version of how the universe works that even the most intellectually challenged folks can run rings around.

Apollo moonshot astronauts, recently stated, that they had two layers of bacofoil as the hull of the lunar module, but then modern science – or the stuff given to humanity V1.0 states that space is an absolute vacuum. One can find youtubes showing steel tankers violently imploding even with a quite strong vacuum. From there folks start wondering about aluminium foil and whether something is very wrong with our public understanding of things. No pressure then NASA ..

In this atmosphere of discontented laypeople, science has recently come forward with the idea that Earth’s atmosphere extends to the moon – now producing even more meme jokes about the US flag blowing in the lunar breeze.
All this to postpone the more and more obvious truth that linear space-time as predicted by Tesla over 100 years ago is full of emerging matter and energy. It is not the aetherless absolutely empty vacuum agreed upon by public domain V1 physics to facilitate the allegedly unhindered transit of light particles or Higg’s bosons etc

Chief Engineer ‘Scotty’ Scott on the USS Enterprise would often claim ‘ye canna change the laws o’ physics ..’ but if physics is nothing but some guilded trap with some glowing buttons – some folks may not care about pseudo-scientific ‘laws’ that prevent social evolution.

In fact on any one night we can look up and see huge ‘fastwalkers’ heading for the polar entrances or departing allegedly to somewhere good .. some glowing blue from the use of Tesla electrogravity.
Then there is the scientific data from satellites that NASA go public with – data so full of extra-terrestrial ships, ruins, alien life, and also giant (energy breathing) interplanetary oceanic life [e.g. Apollo 8, or the ‘Tether footage’ from STS75] that the only way forward for those trying to control the masses is to resort to familiar pseudo-science about rogue pixels, crystallised urine in space and space junk, or indeed in the case of Mars, to blatantly manufacture pictures and scenes.
The thread of discussion from some condescending joker usually ending in ‘how can we know anything‘ etc

The public, though, clearly knows something ..

The general public reaction, indeed outrage, at such establishment dishonesty has been to serve up things like ‘Flat Earth Theory’ by way of retort.
Based on the incomplete junk imagery NASA has donated to the public – and the very flawed junk science and cosmology that has been duping the public for over 100 years, there does seem to be payback in saying ‘if God or some being e.g. Descartes Demon, wants to serve us up as continental pizza on an endless up-travelling shute how can we know or prove otherwise ?’

Whereas it’s true that actors such as Nicole Kidman and Mel Gibson allege they come from Australia – to believe Oz doesn’t exist and that everyone that claims to come from there is a paid actor seems to be taking skepticism of the world right down to the borders of ones own alleged ‘matrix pod’.
Whilst those who can sit and pick holes in and chase phantoms down imaginary rabbit holes do what they do to give meaning to the highly strange nonsense that heralds the last days of humanity V1.0 – The hitek subsurface cities and multi-racial non-human inhabitants do not have problems with the understanding of reality.
In their own hitek cities and rabbit warrens that many aspiring surface Corporations can only envy, winding up business on the surface may seem messy and toxic but then there is a harvest of the confused and juicy souls of the Race of Adam still to attain !
A letter was reportedly sent by Albert Pike, an American military Freemason, to Italian politician Giuseppe Mazzini and was dated August 15, 1871.
Basically create three world wars, fomenting war between the Abrahimic religions ..

“We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.
“Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view.
“This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

It was originally claimed the text was on show at the British Museum’s Library and was mysteriously taken down in the 1970s and never seen again. Even if a contemporary 50 year old fake – it does seem prophetic about the nature of social turbulence in the 21st Century. [e.g. The Kalergi Plan]

In the meantime, though, whilst science for humanity V1.0 is generally deliberate and misleading nonsense, and human politics predicated from this seem also to have agendas that are unhuman and not for the sustainability of human life or populated society, [e.g. UN Agenda21/2030] the remainder of V1.0 must contend with attempting to remove 100 years of flawed social conditioning about the world. In removing 100 years of Einsteinian doctrine in a world today that thinks born babies and bathwater are not having an innate or automatic right to be and those with education are an unsustainable drain on global resources – we have to be careful handling a huge, shaky, unrepresentative, house of cards.

Whatever Nephilim, Fomorians, Anunnaki or devilry etc. is in charge of netting disorientated human [Adamic] souls, those of us that can recognise the love in themselves and others will, probably with angelic assistance, let this dark mess pass away from them, turning their gaze and direction of travel heavenwards.

Still to come though is the contrived dustification of all previous human cultures on earths surface, and before the subsurface Corporations roll out Humanity V2.0 – someone and or something; e.g. A.I. or biotech, has to clean the toxic rubble and mess up, ultimately removing the self-appointed ‘dustifiers‘.

Note the similar bulldozed-looking ‘alien housing estate rubble’ with broken statues and carvings, stone basins, pillars and slabs in heaps around Gale crater on Mars filmed by the Curiosity rover. Given pictures of downed space ships, and corpses of alien gunfighters and their guns it does seem that objections to the closure of some farming and or colonial process on Mars is now long over.

Here, on this planet, during this posthuman phase, earths surface is probably very toxic and uninhabitable – probably abandoned whilst portals to many other places become normal for the new Corporate Humans V2.0.
For those Travelers of V2.0, though, moving sideways and tending down through wormholes and into different soils, hungry realities and galactic compost they leave the ground zero of a wonderful event, some, deliberately avoiding the stairway to heaven.
None of what is yet to happen on Earth has to have an unhappy ending for Humanity V1.0 as the presence of saints and angels working on earth tends to be greatly overlooked.

Whether it boils down to ‘truthers vs. liars’ or choices of ‘life and eternity vs. slavery and death’ for society and groups of people – at its heart, in this Posthuman Era; to continue to live, and have eternity, we must as people – of V1.0, (and some V2.0), with our minds, and hands, do what our hearts were designed by God to do – to act like a living cell in nature. We act by keeping our own life/cell-wall sustained and, by osmosis sharing the waters of life with those adjacent, whilst drawing life-giving water from the source.
Unlike plants and trees and other organic life that seasonally dies, a loving, bodiless soul and spirit resonates with its true original pattern. After perhaps burning off some of the accretions or attachments that keep it anchored to dark times and places – we will find wonderful things to do beyond this cold and hungry plane of existence.
Resonating with that eternal truth, therefore, it doesn’t seem right to want to travel in some tin can at warp factor 10 into endless medievalism and misery – because future alternatives are much more exciting and empowering.

About ScottishAndrew

Contemporary Scottish fiddle player, Scottish ceilidh dance caller, folk music composer, Ufologist, natural and supernatural photographer and tour operator, digital artist and designer, writer and columnist - interested in cosmology and 5th generation computation without the 'Halting problem' !! THE SCOTTISH ANDREWVERSE Ceilidh musician and man of dance Investigator of paranormal circumstance Composer of art and pictures and tunes And researcher of old Scottish stones and runes Cosmic conundrums and landing on the Moon ...


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