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Spooky Scottish Paranormal Picture Books

UAV type UFO hovering above the fields where extreme alien activity is happening on a daily basis Continue reading

BlueBloods at Rosslyn, Scotland

Rosslyn literally means red-bend after the reddish iron deposits leached from the local coal shale in the north esk river Continue reading

The New Xenopolitics Website

The Xenopolitics website is the result of many people protesting their abuse at alien hands. These people today are generally unheard by Exopolitics who appear to be whitewashing our ‘starbrothers’. The truth is though is contrary to e.g. Dr Greer – not all aliens are good .. Continue reading

deep space electromagnetic life

electromagnetic oxidative metabolism – deep space life interdimensional – living in the van allen belt around the earths magnetic field – photos courtesy of NASA and JPL Organic electromagnetic life forms in space filmed by NASA – probably many of the ‘ships’ and ‘ufos’ seen by the ISS are actually interdimensional life forms independent of … Continue reading

ISS march 10, 2014 – alien Armada

video footage looks Babylon 5 esque … as in no alien fleet would ever materialise suddenly en-masse in the one frequency in case something was waiting for it – they would hop in and out – or should do … says Admiral Hennessey


GREYS, MULTIMEDIA PREDATORS   I think that one of the biggest mistakes made by observers of UFO phenomenon over the last 100 years has been to characterise the nature of that phenomenon as interstellar spaceships. Right up to the time that mankind evolved airborne technologies it had been pretty obvious that the skies were the … Continue reading


THE  TRANSLATION  STARDRIVE.   By Andrew Hennessey, 2003   It is presumed that you have read the TRE – introduction booklet to be familiar with this holistic paradigm –e.g. based on Logical Atomism [Russell] and Chaos Theory.   Below is a random what was thought to be channelled science fiction from an alien contact story … Continue reading


GREYS   ……………………………..From the endless abyss of Mandelbrott a plague like locusts come to the strange attractors that we in this two dimensional world call planets.   Not just any old planet of rock and gas but a golden mean of emerged Platonic forms a rich vibrant chaos sphere that has the sound of growth … Continue reading

MiB – the dark Knight on the road archetype

The demonic Men in Black on Earth go all the way back and beyond the traditional Black Knight – in the 21st Century these holographic authority figures manifest as our worst fears

Toxic Spirits

We think, generally, that if we are part of the socially serviced west with our HD TV’s and playstationed kids that we’re doing well as people – and can take it easy whilst being cosseted by popular culture. We can immerse ourselves in media and humor and visions of people in adverts with computers that … Continue reading

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