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By Andrew Hennessey, 2003


It is presumed that you have read the TRE – introduction booklet to be familiar with this holistic paradigm –e.g. based on Logical Atomism [Russell] and Chaos Theory.


Below is a random what was thought to be channelled science fiction from an alien contact story of the 1950’s.

The details however on how the interdimensional alien ships travel/teleport through the dmensions are entirely rational and can be predicted and modelled using TRE relativity.

The aliens even suggest that their ships have a ‘crystalline’ intelligent brain which struck a chord with me because that’s what I have also predicted and modelled using my TRE Expert System !!


My philosophical language though that I quote below is full of jargon and symbols that come from previous chapters of my thesis on grand unity which lets be honest you’re unlikely to pick up in the 5 minutes it would take to read through the article.


I talk about things like the Coam or basically a cosmic multiverse full of bubble universes that have their own varying densities of infinite aether.

I use the at symbol [@] which comes from my HX software language and basically means an inverse square power law to be found in all matter at all scales – generally meaning as some relationship A increases in value B would diminish in proportion through a common contextual medium C.


In my work on relativity I use the term oogenic quite a lot which basically means egg or fruit-forming – simply because the chaos law of emergence causes structure and product to emerge – so this is a universal tendency at all scales.


My acronym [AVOS] which stands for Absolute Voltage Operating System is basically the crystal brain guidance computer made from the rules of matter that the aliens talk about in the following quote.


I speak of Fx, Fy and Fz which are part of my other work on the emergence of unstable or aberrant resonant dimensions that come from the activity of this one – our one and only reality.

Oddly enough the aliens talk about living amongst these chaotic islands in the adjacent interdimensional cosmos.


I speak of Afn our local aetheric matter naturally translating itself into AF1 but that chaotic aetheric weather from the cosmos has interfered and changed the end aetheric product in the distant cosmic zone to which the ship is travelling to AFX and hence our re-assembly of the ship must incorporate AFX 


Elsewhere I define Bridging Activity [BA] as the activity of a system to extract assets or achieve a qualitative evolutionary result from its context or periphery – and our ship must be equipped to do this so that it can overcome the Translation Barrier – the energy and processing investment needed to take the central core of the ship from A to B.

Here are a couple of quotes about these alien interdimensional ships from Orfeo Angelucci’s Contact Story…



‘The voice stated that the disks were powered and controlled by tapping into universal magnetic forces; thus their activated molecules received and converted energy inherent in all the universe. It further explained that the complexities of the apparently simple structure of their disks were so great that to an Earthing a saucer would be considered as having “synthetic brains”…’


‘Many of the saucers – of highly attenuated densities of matter – were invisible to Earthly eyes and could only be detected by radar.’


‘”Our disks, or saucers as Earthmen term them, are in your space-time frame as harbingers of mankind’s coming resurrection from the living death. Although our disks are essentially etheric; that is, non-material, they are controlled in such a way that they can almost instantaneously attract substance to take on any degree of material density necessary. Various other types of space craft are now permitted to visit Earth for certain purposes. These are from other worlds and also space islands of various densities of matter. Some are on the borderline between materiality and non-materiality. But all are operated by intelligences highly spiritual in nature. All are on a mission of love to their brothers of the Dark World, but mankind’s understanding of their ultimate intent and purpose will only become fully apparent further along in Earth’s Time Dimension. We do not say that there are no negatives in the universe who have not attained primitive modes of space travel, but at present Earth is fully protected from these by both cosmic law and the etheric host.”’



Orfeo Angelucci’s Contact Story


by Orfeo Angelucci (1955)




Here is an excerpt from my chapter on ‘aetheric engineering’ on my ‘Translation Stardrive’ – a deep range teleportation for ships. It would need to be greatly enhanced to make it accessible to the layman – but I quote it hereto let you see that there is some sort of a logical system by which the very advanced technologies of these interdimensional aliens can be at least modelled if not built by human hands.



Given the technology to; measure, attenuate, generate, translate, input, project and maintain such atomic behaviour in material power systems and their hulls – the process modelled below has the following aspects that would incorporate the etheric ontology above to create a self-regulating and ultimately translatable and portable self-contained and portable cosmic environment.


How to operate a ship using the TRE system …


Flight Modelling Strategy.

1. input ships atomic ratios to regulate and standardise the material properties of context 1 including known material attributes and dominant material attributes and performance.


2. input navigation or destination signatures or some of for context 2.


3. use a self-contained onboard power source S3 to generate opaque frequencies to reconstitute the damage to the ships material intakes for exogenous emergence materials.


The onboard power source will need a fixed energy asset or booster to kick start the opacity maintenance generator such that it will keep the material integrity of the hull, its contents and crew relative to their source.

The onboard material regulator [@t] and transport booster power source [@f] may or may not be able to sufficiently recharge or re-integrate its power donor capacities with the ships system. This would depend on factors such as macrocoamic turbulence and the amount of independent artificial translation and re-translation of the ship’s material that it may have to sustain without recourse to the local coam.

If the ships’ materiality is compromised and then abandoned in this region of the coam it may be that by compressing sufficient descriptions of that deemed valuable into the FX and FZ descriptions that an analogous record of the F1 processes may be encoded. This would utilise the FZ toxic oogenicity and be later retrieved by a superior ships system. This method may provide acceptable data by back-engineering [T] processes within the retrieved material.

Interaction between ship and operator can be instructed in [G] and the ship precepts can be manufactured and assembled using [AVOS] such that the ship is a field extension of the pilot.


4. C2 destination frequencies that relate to a C1 frequency or frequencies form some relative quality of transaction gradient.

This could be more or less local and specific at any one time.

Destination frequencies for remote coam, however, may from time to time change from F1 to FY or F1z.


5. A translation barrier [TB] will intrude variably depending on local conditions and will require an investment in the ship’s core from the onboard power source.


6. Afn our local aetheric matter naturally translating itself into AF1 but that chaotic aetheric weather from the cosmos has interfered and changed the end aetheric product in the distant cosmic zone to which the ship is travelling to AFX and hence our re-assembly of the ship must incorporate AFXThe ship will arrive by this [BA] variously empowering resonance down a transaction gradient from higher to lower, at or near its destination aggregate profile of; atomic ratios and emergence pressure, entropy rates and frequencies and atomic entropy ratios, chronological and atomic disparity, known mutation tolerances and intolerances.

Local coam conditions could have mutated such that prevalent oogenesis from AFn to AF1 has stopped, and that a competitive oogenic principle AFx has prevailed over AFn to produce AFX as the primary substrate of the bubble or local coam.


7.  The ship will then progressively or not integrate its energy signatures with the destination signatures at time2, allowing the local emergence pressures to drive, mutate and change the ratios of the original source material of the ship.

This chemical activity must be reversible and accurately re-transposable – therefore the onboard power source in the ships core S3 should stay neutral to the locality if emergence purity cannot be maintained and regulated and any problematic Fz or Fy or Fx or other instability is detected in the ships source materials.


[T] Trinary description for the Translation barrier or barriers for long haulage.


Signature1 SHIP    [Translation Barrier  TB ]     Signature2 DESTINATION

Signature3 CORE  [systemic/temporal e-level]  Signature3 CORE

Signature2 DESTINATION                             Signature1 SHIP

C1 known attributes           [TB]                 C2 known dominant etc

S1 > S2                          S1 <= S2                S2


The ship will travel by building a logical bridge of energy signatures between itself and its destination. The properties of the destinations may change with time, however and some destinations may even be displaced.

The ship will use energy upscaling, creating a higher frequency resonance than the destination frequency set by inputting to and reversing [-?] and simplifying its F1 atomic [micro] ratios and properties, chronology and [dark] atomicity within its dark matter. This partially or wholly maintained and regulated demergence stream modelled by ships computer of;  [opaque] and or [light] (F1 and F1n) in the C1 ship aggregate ratios if empirically directed will create an empirical transference gradient of variable quality towards the [opaque] or [light] end of those aggregates of the ship C1(F1, F1n) that resonate with the known opaque or light matters or dark matter ratios and properties of the C2 destination.

Light matter being more stable in these terms (where [T] dark matter are the present periodic table of chemistry of  001 – 115 elements.)



[HX] Assembler description of Translation Travel.


time1, context1, ship1, [+?]F1 + F1n

time2, context1, ship1 energy input, [?] F1, F1n, F1y, F1x, F1z, F1p

time2, context1, ship1 destination C2 input >> [-?]C1 >> [?]C2

time3, context1 and context2 >> proximity concentrations of C2

time4, translation toll [@t] between coam and ships core [@f]

time5, context2, ship [?]C1 >> ship [?]C1 V ship [+?]C1 >> [+?]C2

time6, context2, ship1 with C1 core >> [?] V [-?] C2

time7, context2, ship1 with C1 core = context1 V F1, F1n  V  £F1


Below is a starship model of a ship with its own internal power, using A and B spinning and counter rotating magnetic torque creating an emergence sluice for energies.

The main drive at the ‘front’ is drawing in coam emergence ratios from the aggregate guidelines that were input into the ship’s hull and system signatures by control [G].

The ships internal power P is firing the ships endogenous emergence stream that is maintaining the chronological and material emergence ratios of the ships own energy field, hull and contents. These are homebase context 1 opacity signatures for the ships own internal components.

These signatures also include the material and field membrane atomic repairs that counter entropic friction and damage on the ship’s motors. These are processing the input of external aggregates from context 2. This often incongruent and unstable material passing into the ships central drive core will impact on the materials within the ship if not attenuated by the ships own power. Endogenously generated opaque aggregate will cool the entropy reactions in the hull down.

It may be that the ship may or may not be able to replace and reset its own internal opacities from exogenous sources whilst in transit through suitable coam and opaque aggregates conserving power.

The ships destination ratios C2 are being sensitised by the front drive in this diagram, whilst C1 source ratios are held in place by internal control also.


e.g. Where the set A – F are prevalent mineral aggregate ratios.


C1 source.        C2 destination.

A  10%                A   15%

B  25%                B   10%

C  8%                  C   2%

D  44%                D   60%

E  3%                  E   1%

F  20%                F    12%











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