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Christmas Prezzys – Great Scottish Photobooks

the image is the Pier at Culross in Fife, Scotland

Take a picturesque walk around Scotland’s Capital City –
here in photos is the Essential Edinburgh, photographed in seasonal colours by Andrew Hennessey. The capital city of Scotland in all its mystery, history and glory. Wander through the New Town, check out Greyfriars churchyard in the Old town – discover the Grassmarket. Here is Edinburgh as you would wish to see it …


‘A Tour of Scotland’ by Andrew Hennessey is the essential taster to the Scottish travel experience. In pictures, words and digital art by Scottish photographer, poet and colourist Andrew Hennessey you are taken a tour round the very idea of what it is to be Scottish. ‘A Tour of Scotland’ distils the fine and ancient Scottish spirit into a potent and enlightening experience that will make you want to be there to see it all for yourself !!


Enchanted Fife is a short expedition into the wonders of Fife – a place full of ancient mystery, history and myth. From the ruins of the enchanters castle at Balwearie, to the healing Holy wells, and caves and stones of the ancient Picts – the traveller to Fife has a guidebook in colour with which to start their investigations.


Dunfermline Abbey thought to be ‘the spiritual heart of Scotland’ was once the centre of a great pilgrimage to the shrine of the virtuous and holy Queen Margaret, later canonised. The route would take the pilgrim across the Forth estuary from South Queensferry near Edinburgh to North Queensferry and there would be many prayers for the miracles of healing at her shrine.


The Scottish Journey includes many of the ‘must see’ localities in Scotland, including the ‘Great Glen’ of Glencoe, Loch Ness and images from some of Scotland’s most secluded beaches and harbours. It also features unusual images of Edinburgh, and takes a short trip to the mysterious Rosslyn Chapel


Like so many ancient sites in Scotland, the Mother Church has moved in to consecrate the area, and hence Rosslyn Chapel, collegiate Church of St Matthew adjacent to the Sinclair family castle. However in the glen below – along the bank of the North Esk river, and the red bend in the river caused by leeching iron pigments from the local shale rock from which ‘Ros-lin’ aka ‘red-bend’ takes its name – is the ancient Pictish ‘spirit rock’ with a very Sumerian Reptilian ‘Draco’ carved upon it. Here is the story of the ancient glen and the mystery surrounding it that was there long before the Wars of Scottish Independence in the Middle Ages. Some may head for the Chapel with the encyclopaedia of Gnosticism carved into its walls and pillars, but others may walk down into the glen itself and realise a far more ancient history.  http://www.lulu.com/shop/andrew-hennessey/ancient-roslin-glen/paperback/product-23123013.html

The tradition of the Scottish steam trains is kept alive in Scotland today by dedicated teams of individuals who labour to preserve the authenticity of the rolling stock and steam machinery. Here, mixed in with a fair helping of old but powerful Diesel engines is a sample of the Scottish steam rail stock and infrastructure.


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