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Christmas Prezzys – Great Scottish Photobooks

Great Presents – feature the history and mystery of Scotland Continue reading

The New Xenopolitics Website

The Xenopolitics website is the result of many people protesting their abuse at alien hands. These people today are generally unheard by Exopolitics who appear to be whitewashing our ‘starbrothers’. The truth is though is contrary to e.g. Dr Greer – not all aliens are good .. Continue reading

Non-Humans of Scotland

the hive archetype in nature is an elite caste system operated by a noble elite rather like the social model in Plato’s Republic. In that system the workers or drones don’t get lots of the good stuff like royal jelly

Ancient Human Community on Mars

Conjecture – the Spirit Rover travelling through an old lake bed, has found human skulls, a tribal capstone with human face carved in it and fossilised skeletons of large and small creatures which could have been fished from the lake to sustain the humanoid community. Further the boundary capstone with the human head was probably … Continue reading

The Outer Space Security and Development Treaty, 2011

The Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011 [Video 14min] | Science, Space, and Ufo news http://www.scoop.it     http://www.scoop.it/t/space-and-ufo-news/p/3998506029/the-outer-space-security-and-development-treaty-of-2011-video-14min?hash=b7f6a7d2-5b03-4ecf-8359-2363edd2b559   The “Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011” establishes a framework and procedures to assure that space will be a neutral realm from which all classes of weapons are banned and from … Continue reading


Carrots – Scotlands most important food   If someone were to ask you a question about naming the most important Scottish foods – one would rattle off; haggis, turnips (neeps) and tatties (potatoes), herring, and then if anyone knew about Scotlands hedgerows and wet agricultural lands – blackberries, apples and probably oats and barley – … Continue reading

The Freedom of Disinformation

The Freedom of Disinformation. Every now and then someone will ask a relevant question to the establishment about aliens and then the press pick up on it. The press track record for such realities is abysmal – having lampooned the Robert Taylor incident at Dechmont Wood in West Lothian as the result of being affected … Continue reading

Demons – the real silver surfers

Demons – The Real Silver Surfers Andrew Hennessey   As countless digital cameras now testify, and as Charles Fort observed last century,[1] a hierarchy and ecosystem of discarnate animal life and bizarre sea creatures have been reported grazing or feeding in the air just above our heads at the bottom of the energy sea. In … Continue reading

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