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Lots of people ask me about my writings and my series of free ebooks and I often find myself saying things like – well today I think this or that etc

So given that the first book Monkeys of Eden was written in 1999 – its full title; ‘Monkeys of Eden – the Telepathic Overlords and the Slaves of Earth’ there has been a lot more looking into things and more analysis.


The flaw in Monkeys of Eden is that although it identified the telepathic fallen Reptilians – I failed to see the Greys/Archons etc also busy at it behind the scenes.  http://www.whale.to/b/monkeys.html


Indeed at that time I could be heard at Ufo conferences saying lets give our starbrother greys the benefit of the doubt !!

Its true that I point out something that even David Icke after a decade has failed to notice – that if Reptilian Overlords have sixth sense, all-seeing eyes and perceive in other dimensions – then they are hardly likely to need an encyclopaedia of hand signals and code words and secret signs and sayings to keep tabs on and control of a global conspiracy – because basically they can instantly recognise each other with eyes and senses that are not human.

This fact is not highlighted by David, who lets be honest if ever there were a candidate for abduction and replacement by a shapeshifter – its him.

Other than that it picks out the Science and Technology conspiracy quite well, seems to go on about being targeted – and I was !! and ends by quoting issues predicted about the holographic projections of project Bluebeam.

My style of writing is a bit reactionary too –


Having in 1999 said that maybe the Greys just needed a chance – things really deteriorated from then on when I said no to an alleged ‘interstellar princess’ in 2003 who was followed about by ships and who wanted me to meet her ‘Imperial Mother’.

Things got ugly when the reality-manipulating Greys then did their worst. My working title for this ebook was actually ‘A Last Stand in Unwhere’ – but when I realised just how much the Angels of Christ had been protecting me during the most brutal high strangeness – I later decided to become Christian in 2006.

I renamed the work ‘The Turning of the Tide – an alien invasion of Scotland’. This free book serves as a record of the series of psychologically brutal close encounters and JA Hynek’s ‘High Strangeness’ – things you woudn’t want to tell anyone about etc but I did.  http://www.andrewhennessey.co.uk/turningv6.pdf

Many people have written to me after having recognised their own disorientation episodes in these demonic attacks.

My web version though got its introduction removed from it by parties unknown.


Realising that if things can be highly strange around a targeted human being that they could also get highly strange at a global level if this activity was scaled up. I put some of the possible scenarios together into a free ebook called ‘Escape from Earth’ in 2008.



Finally in 2010 over 10 years after completing Monkeys of Eden I come to my own conclusions about the phenomena that we as a race of beings are dealing with.

We appear to be targeted as a planet by a swarm of interdimensional reality manipulators who only pretend to have human social values, human breeding ambitions and human technologies.

They are soul-miners – and operate on human beings and the pollen of their creative aspirations and intentions the way that bees operate on the pollen of flowers.

They are also directed by fallen angels or devils.


I write about this process in my final free ebook called ‘Harvesting the Disconnected – the alien agenda for mankind’, 2010




I also have hard and electronic copies platformed for folks who want a paperback etc by e.g. Lulu.com and they charge a small fee for the production – but the settings are set to non-profit.


Interestingly, I start the book with a poem that mentions Atlantis, but having thought about it more deeply I’m more inclined to think that absolutely any set of historic artefacts at any scale can be fabricated at a moments notice by these interdimensional beings.

Its not impossible for archaeologists to go digging into undiscovered and undisturbed rock strata and find ancient evidence for a whole society of large cartoon creatures complete with skeletons of Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse and the Road Runner.


In fact creatures not too dissimilar to the giant gopher in a black leather jacket allegedly taken in a crater by NASA’s Spirit Rover on Mars.


Harvesting the Disconnected though is my ultimate conclusion about how the dark side operates – but that is not to say that at one point I’m not going to write about all the Heaven-sent miracles in my life.


If there is a criticism of my ebooks its that they illustrate a dark agenda – sure some people want to know – many people can think they’re losing the plot and need some corroboration – but there is another secret side to this which my wife illustrates with her analogy as follows ….


When our car goes into a skid on a slippy road we usually right ourselves if we persist in looking in the direction that we want to go.

So too in this material – if we keep our eyes heavenward and not be disorientated by the dark contrivances then our soul is going to be singing Gods song and be tuned out of the apparent desolation and thus we remain on the true road to Heaven – not ambushed in some contrived dark cul-de-sac which is there not just for our temporary body and mind BUT OUR ETERNAL SOUL.


With a prayerful mind these days I’m not saying I’m totally immune to getting diverted by dark nonsense when it manifests – but I know that most of it has finally gone when these beings realised that I had recognised a true vision of my future in Christ.


I have a paperback book coming out soon which has been edited to very high standards by Dr Sarai Charles an academic philosopher and scholar. This book called ‘Alien Encounters and the Paranormal – the Scottish experience’ defines my vision of Ufology – but it will not be free.  It will be a good research tool and has had several months of work to polish it up.

We may get a publisher for it or will self-publish.


It is my sincere hope that my 4 free ebooks illustrate my pathway through the maze of Ufology and that I have brought truth and meaningful examples into the confusion – deliberate confusion – [Cognitive Dissonance] of Ufology.


About ScottishAndrew

Contemporary Scottish fiddle player, Scottish ceilidh dance caller, folk music composer, Ufologist, natural and supernatural photographer and tour operator, digital artist and designer, writer and columnist - interested in cosmology and 5th generation computation without the 'Halting problem' !! THE SCOTTISH ANDREWVERSE Ceilidh musician and man of dance Investigator of paranormal circumstance Composer of art and pictures and tunes And researcher of old Scottish stones and runes Cosmic conundrums and landing on the Moon ...


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  1. i enjoy the work of Andrew….also his music is terrific as well..

    Posted by guadalupejoe | November 5, 2013, 3:01 am

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