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Spooky Scottish Paranormal Picture Books

UAV type UFO hovering above the fields where extreme alien activity is happening on a daily basis Continue reading

the free eBooks of Ufologist Andrew Hennessey

Lots of people ask me about my writings and my series of free ebooks and I often find myself saying things like – well today I think this or that etc So given that the first book Monkeys of Eden was written in 1999 – its full title; ‘Monkeys of Eden – the Telepathic Overlords … Continue reading

Andrew Hennessey – Ufologist

This is a quick biographical sketch of myself that outlines my journey as a Ufologist Andrew Hennessey  Ufologist. Founded Xenopolitics in November 2007 as a sceptical dialog with Exopolitics who he saw were not producing any political manifesto or pro-human advocacy for policing human rights violations by aliens. Originator of Alien soul-farming model outlined in … Continue reading

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