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STRANGE TARTAN – the new release

The new album – STRANGE TARTAN – by Scottish Andrew An eclectic and original weave of strange things from Scottish Andrew Advertisements


THE  TRANSLATION  STARDRIVE.   By Andrew Hennessey, 2003   It is presumed that you have read the TRE – introduction booklet to be familiar with this holistic paradigm –e.g. based on Logical Atomism [Russell] and Chaos Theory.   Below is a random what was thought to be channelled science fiction from an alien contact story … Continue reading

GRAND UNIFYING THEORY – Tripartite Essentialism

AN INTRODUCTION TO TRIPARTITE RELATIVITY – TRE Andrew Hennessey, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, began investigating relativity and holism in the late 1970’s and by 1991 had formulated many of the concepts of Tripartite Essentialism or TRE. Andrew draws parallels to Nikola Tesla’s ‘Theory of Environmental Energy’ circa 1900 and also to the Logical Atomism of … Continue reading

Who’s Dr Salla’s informant ?

Who’s Salla’s informant ? I was a bit unhappy to hear of exopolitics co-founder Dr Salla on AglobalFocus.com with Trice Sheridan recently state that all deep space stargates and navigation MUST have mental input from the minds of a pilot – human or non-human. This alleged lack of automation and artificial intelligence in interstellar civilisation … Continue reading

Alien Scamtrails

Its been noted that with the skies so full of seeming chemtrails that it would be impossible for any military logistics as we know it to totally blanket our skies like that – therefore –  folks are saying that the whole chemtrail thing is bogus. I of course objected to that opinion because even the … Continue reading

the Scientific key to a new golden age

This is the 20 year anniversary of the Tripartite Essentialism discovery that makes advanced civilisation possible for Mankind. Twenty years ago I had developed a universal and unifying metaphysics based on natural laws and processes that were programmable and manipulable via a logic language I developed. A folklore version of Tripartite Essentialism is taught as … Continue reading

ALIEN CHAOS – Are Aliens Falsifying Our Data ?

ALIEN CHAOS – Are Aliens Falsifying Our Data ? Andrew Hennessey (March 2011) On 25th April 2010 Stephen Hawking, leading academic and cosmologist, told the Sunday Times: “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive … Continue reading

Demons, the Real Silver Surfers

Demons – The Real Silver Surfers Andrew Hennessey As countless digital cameras now testify, and as Charles Fort observed last century, a hierarchy and ecosystem of discarnate animal life and bizarre sea creatures have been reported grazing or feeding in the air just above our heads at the bottom of the energy sea. In amongst … Continue reading

Evil aliens are here, now ..

Evil Aliens are Here, Now Andrew Hennessey I don’t mind being demonised by Dr Boylan. I feel like I have joined an elite club – a cabal of people who have identified that there are evil indigenous aliens. The thing is that there is a current fashion of demonising human victims of alien abuse as … Continue reading

Promoting Disconnection and the Alien Harvest

The Philosophies of Disconnection There are many anti-life and anti-human philosophies in our spiritual and intellectual environment and very often they are so beautifully packaged and well presented that it is often difficult to discern the lie within.   The main aim of the reptilian or grey/ devil or demon is to produce disconnection from … Continue reading

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