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2017 Products from Andrew Hennessey

ScottishAndrew Music Bio

A Scottish contemporary electric fiddler, composer and folk dance musician [ceilidh dancing] and dance caller, with the Wild Geese Ceilidh Band http://www.wildgeese.biz which was formed in Leith in 1996. Will call the Scottish dances. (20 + ceilidh dances for all levels, fun dances for beginners to the more advanced) Also a contemporary electric violin player … Continue reading

The New Xenopolitics Website

The Xenopolitics website is the result of many people protesting their abuse at alien hands. These people today are generally unheard by Exopolitics who appear to be whitewashing our ‘starbrothers’. The truth is though is contrary to e.g. Dr Greer – not all aliens are good .. Continue reading

the solution to the Halting problem

At present artificially intelligent computers cannot recognise events in the infinite cosmos because of an infinity of labels for everything. TRE though has a closed and limited series of essentialist numbers from [1-729] to depict every state of integrity in the Universe. For an AI machine therefore non-recognition at time one is only the number … Continue reading


MA PLASTIC KILT Andrew Hennessey  Me and ma plastic kilt   Have the ‘Burgh crowds all thrill’t Worn without guilt The sweat that was spill’t Playing the ceilidhs with ma fiddle   Nothing so demure As lambswool pure The enduring shape of plastic So that nothing drastic Happens in the wash   Tough as nails … Continue reading

How the Interstellar half live – Grand Unity

I have to admit this – I’ve been at this general systems theory as a hobby since at least 1976 !! – I’m not saying that I articulate it very well though … many of my first drafts were laden with my own jargon and neologisms – me not grasping the point that in order … Continue reading


PEAKS AND TROUGHS IN CIVILISATION             By Andrew Hennessey – (1976, 1999, 2013)    The Human Race for the past 12 millennia since the last ice age have been locked into the most basic set of patterns of growth and decay – as the following model will show. The idea … Continue reading


AN INTRODUCTION TO TRIPARTITE RELATIVITY – TRE   Andrew Hennessey, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, began investigating relativity and holism in the late 1970’s and by 1991 had formulated many of the concepts of Tripartite Essentialism or TRE. Andrew draws parallels to Nikola Tesla’s ‘Theory of Environmental Energy’ circa 1900 and also to the Logical Atomism … Continue reading

the free eBooks of Ufologist Andrew Hennessey

Lots of people ask me about my writings and my series of free ebooks and I often find myself saying things like – well today I think this or that etc So given that the first book Monkeys of Eden was written in 1999 – its full title; ‘Monkeys of Eden – the Telepathic Overlords … Continue reading

No Halt to the Nonsense

When I was a young man – I spent lots of time after College searching for meaning for the science I had been taught. I remember praying to know the truth behind all the paradoxes I was being presented with. OK so I eventually worked out my system of relativity but always seemed to struggle … Continue reading

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