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A Dark Derailment

  The demonic can work ceaselessly to drive the human spirit off and away from spiritual paths, trying to isolate and disconnect us from a vision of God and into some desolate vision of ourselves. It being able to perceive our train of thought – here is an example of  an attempted derailment.   It … Continue reading

The End of the Road ?

Do folks realise that our status quo is a plutocracy that operates a divisive democratic illusion of national socialism versus international socialism ? http://images.dailystar.co.uk/…/Punch-and-Judy-442648.jpg Plutocracy or plutarchy, is a form of oligarchy and defines a society ruled or controlled by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens. The first known use of the term was … Continue reading

The Gorebridge Story – UFO hotspot

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE Andrew Hennessey from Edinburgh, Scotland has a lengthy background in paranormal research and investigation, ranging from his personal journey into Theosophy, Spiritualism and the Knights Templar to the formation of his Transformation Studies Group.  He is also a noted sceptic of Exopolitics, a pro-alien organisation, having asked Amnesty International on more than one … Continue reading

Witnessing the Angel of Mons

It didn’t surprise me to see the pillars of British reason like Dr David Clarke get torn into the Angel of Mons story – where frontline British troops at Mons were led into battle by visions of an Angel and other figures.As an after the fact intellectual exercise of course the whole event can be … Continue reading

Andrew Hennessey’s Weblinks Page

www. AndrewHennessey.co.uk WEBLINKS PAGE LINK This page has links to all my websites, and free stuff. There are links to my ufology and xenopolitics – all of my research material is out there for free. I think its important to keep this sort of information readily available as so many people are affected by the … Continue reading

Andrew Hennessey, Ufologist – a Short Biography

A Short Biography and Synopsis of my research. 100 pages and to the point.Subtitle; The essential Andrew Hennessey – projected release date of this book is before April 2012.It covers everything that I have been into in Ufology and the Paranormal in a succinct way.

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