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THE NEW BUZZ ON THE STREET – AGAIN     I know, it’s the 21st Century and therefore everybody should now be enthusiastic about Robotics and very intelligent Artificial Intelligence. We have watched as google robots tirelessly chase folks through the woods doing impressive backwards somersaults and army types wave chequebooks at cool-sounding companies producing … Continue reading


A reply from Amnesty International in London to my email enquiry – attached at the bottom of this message tells us all about the inertia of an organisation that is supposed to be campaigning for the human rights of the disenfranchised.Alien abductees are being ignored.It is apparent to most of us who check the research … Continue reading

the demonic encounter and hive matrix logic

The Demonic Encounter and how the human race can be assimilated in software Many correctly agree that a person is demonized. Some of these observers of the patent demonic, will-weakening, intellect dimming, addictive behavior assume nature/nurture causation where nature is only human physiology. Much of nature of demons depends on two sets of evidence exorcist … Continue reading

Spiritual Warfare by Stella Davis

Spiritual Warfare: Lessons on Deliverance from Spiritual Bondage to Freedom in Christ by Stella Davis My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book is the clearest evidence that it is possible to find that the Powers of Light and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit are a powerful force for miraculous good on this dark … Continue reading


THE DEMONOLOGY OF NEGATIVE ALIENSAndrew Hennessey I have written before of the alien nihilism I have encountered, often providing specific examples of it at its most contrived and socially outrageous but generally speaking there are very few people who actually note it at work in their own lives.http://www.atsdeck.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=433:green-an-andrew-hennessey-experience&catid=43:blog&Itemid=62If they do experience problems in the course … Continue reading

JAR article – Exopolitics ? it needs to change

Exopolitics ? It needs to changeBy Andrew Hennesseyscottishatlantis@yahoo.com from JAR issue 9 by kind permission of Elaine Douglass, editor JAR, The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research, is a non-commercial, subscription email quarterly magazine about the abduction phenomena and its implications. Learn about JAR at http://www.jarmag.com. Subscribe at $20. The article below appeared in JAR 9, published … Continue reading


THE MODUS OPERANDII OF GREYS AND REPTILIANS ON EARTHAndrew Hennessey The lesser and greater demons The manifestation of the Greys/DemonsMark 5:9 (King James Version)9And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many. The Greys/demons operate a matrix-like process around their soul targets.The process operates … Continue reading

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