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The ABC of Getting Older

The ABC of Getting Older   By Andrew Hennessey   When we start out on the path and into our adult creative life we can generally think of ourselves as wanting to get from A – our starting point via our personal and creative skills and attitudes and aptitudes and investments in time and tools, … Continue reading

TRE Relativity Introduction – solution to Halting problem

TRE Relativity Introduction – solution to Halting problem My solution to the Halting Problem which might usher in a new era of computation and interstellar technology

The Thick Veil of Reason

The Thick Veil of Reason In researching the folklore archives of SacredTexts.com I had thought that I was already familiar with the modus operandii of the faerie folk or elemental Greys as we call them today having been personally exposed to their nonsense some years ago. However what strikes me the most in reading about … Continue reading

The Fiddlers and the Faeries

From – The Fairy Mythology, Illustrative of the Romance and Superstition of Various Countries. by Thomas Keightley [1870] THE TWO FIDDLERS   NEARLY three hundred years ago, there dwelt in Strathspey two fiddlers, greatly renowned in their art. One Christmas they resolved to go try their fortune in Inverness. On arriving in that town they … Continue reading


THE GHOSTS OF BALGONIE CASTLE PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION OF BALGONIE CASTLE by Andrew Hennessey of  Alternate Scotland.com   Location : about a mile from the railway station at Markinch in Fife, Scotland and close to the M90/A92/A911 Area of castle evaluated: surveillance of the castle walls and parapets BACKGROUND Balgonie castle – is a 14th century … Continue reading

the church of electricity

the general trend of the church of popular culture is towards virtual reality and the soul as electricity e.g. in Tron legacy, the Matrix movies and in many other Hollywood epics you can see visions of virtual reality and consciousness digitally rendered and bestowed as electricity.Traditionally in Hollywood – which is a church of materialism … Continue reading

The Paradox of Scientific Truth

The Paradox of Scientific TruthAndrew Hennessey Science is a contrived cul de sac designed to take us to extinctionhere is evidence that science is lying to us about certain truths.We know that the free energy debate is a brick wall – but here’s another brick wall –here is the truth [from 1990] behind the alleged … Continue reading

Spiritual Warfare by Stella Davis

Spiritual Warfare: Lessons on Deliverance from Spiritual Bondage to Freedom in Christ by Stella Davis My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book is the clearest evidence that it is possible to find that the Powers of Light and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit are a powerful force for miraculous good on this dark … Continue reading


THE DEMONOLOGY OF NEGATIVE ALIENSAndrew Hennessey I have written before of the alien nihilism I have encountered, often providing specific examples of it at its most contrived and socially outrageous but generally speaking there are very few people who actually note it at work in their own lives.http://www.atsdeck.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=433:green-an-andrew-hennessey-experience&catid=43:blog&Itemid=62If they do experience problems in the course … Continue reading

JAR article – Exopolitics ? it needs to change

Exopolitics ? It needs to changeBy Andrew Hennesseyscottishatlantis@yahoo.com from JAR issue 9 by kind permission of Elaine Douglass, editor JAR, The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research, is a non-commercial, subscription email quarterly magazine about the abduction phenomena and its implications. Learn about JAR at http://www.jarmag.com. Subscribe at $20. The article below appeared in JAR 9, published … Continue reading

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