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The ABC of Getting Older

The ABC of Getting Older   By Andrew Hennessey   When we start out on the path and into our adult creative life we can generally think of ourselves as wanting to get from A – our starting point via our personal and creative skills and attitudes and aptitudes and investments in time and tools, … Continue reading


THE NEW BUZZ ON THE STREET – AGAIN     I know, it’s the 21st Century and therefore everybody should now be enthusiastic about Robotics and very intelligent Artificial Intelligence. We have watched as google robots tirelessly chase folks through the woods doing impressive backwards somersaults and army types wave chequebooks at cool-sounding companies producing … Continue reading

Ancient Human Community on Mars

Conjecture – the Spirit Rover travelling through an old lake bed, has found human skulls, a tribal capstone with human face carved in it and fossilised skeletons of large and small creatures which could have been fished from the lake to sustain the humanoid community. Further the boundary capstone with the human head was probably … Continue reading

The Fiddlers and the Faeries

From – The Fairy Mythology, Illustrative of the Romance and Superstition of Various Countries. by Thomas Keightley [1870] THE TWO FIDDLERS   NEARLY three hundred years ago, there dwelt in Strathspey two fiddlers, greatly renowned in their art. One Christmas they resolved to go try their fortune in Inverness. On arriving in that town they … Continue reading

The Story of the Fall re-enacted in Scotland

The question I have about the siting of the cloning institute at Roslin is why build it in an area of land that was once called paradise on 19th century maps of the area stored at New Registers House, Edinburgh. The only existing reference to the former place name is an adjacent street in Loanhead … Continue reading


A reply from Amnesty International in London to my email enquiry – attached at the bottom of this message tells us all about the inertia of an organisation that is supposed to be campaigning for the human rights of the disenfranchised.Alien abductees are being ignored.It is apparent to most of us who check the research … Continue reading

Anunnaki are not mining metallic gold

The big problem with staying in a world alongside fallen angels and their descendants the Nephilim and their hitek demonic janitorial staff is that quite often things get changed about in the most misleading way.When I first came across the works of Sitchin I thought that I had finally found the underpinning explanations for why … Continue reading

it’s not for gold

The common perception of the status quo on planet earth is that it is run by a greedy elite of about 10% who own about 90% of the wealth.Our notion of the elite is that they appear to be an uncaring and exploitative bunch of people who conspire in their economic self-interest to manufacture economic … Continue reading


THE SCAM OF FUTURISM We often hear from the planetary masters of illusion and delusion that we as humans can think create our own destiny – but then as most human beings cannot see in the same spectra that our anunnaki and archon/grey farmers predators can – there is very little chance of the average … Continue reading


Us humans are juicy colours for the Reptilian lotus eaters – as easy as ABC or RGB !!!Abundance and security, deficiency and insecurity and false integrity visible at a glance. Reptilian Visionary Theosophist CW Leadbeater wrote of this system of energy and colours visible to only a few http://www.anandgholap.net/Hidden_Side_Of_Things-CWL.htm http://www.andrewhennessey.co.uk/333.gif

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