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The ABC of Getting Older

The ABC of Getting Older   By Andrew Hennessey   When we start out on the path and into our adult creative life we can generally think of ourselves as wanting to get from A – our starting point via our personal and creative skills and attitudes and aptitudes and investments in time and tools, … Continue reading


PARAMORPHOLOGY (Supraphysical)   (geology) a change in the physical structure of a mineral without any chemical change (supraphysical) a change in the physical appearance of an entity or manifestation without any change of agenda or relationship with the observer.   In the study of the Paranormal there does seem to be a wondrous variety of … Continue reading


Coming now to make amendsto give their kinfolk happy restTo summon now a mighty focusGod at last pronounced his justice lit the night with fiery locusand to the Earth there plunged at lastthe angry from a stormy pastto deliver those in anguish.Nature lit up bough by boughAnd grass there grew that stopped the ploughthough moments … Continue reading

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