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Cultural Intolerance

Though kilts and tartan are hugely popular and famed worldwide nowadays, at one time it was illegal and severely punished for Highland clansmen to wear the traditional garments which Scots hold so dear in present times. This situation came about due to the Act of Proscription, which came into effect in August of 1746 and … Continue reading

2017 Products from Andrew Hennessey

ScottishAndrew Music Bio

A Scottish contemporary electric fiddler, composer and folk dance musician [ceilidh dancing] and dance caller, with the Wild Geese Ceilidh Band http://www.wildgeese.biz which was formed in Leith in 1996. Will call the Scottish dances. (20 + ceilidh dances for all levels, fun dances for beginners to the more advanced) Also a contemporary electric violin player … Continue reading

JOCK THE BANKER – Tam O Shanter meets the M8 motorway http://www.cafepress.com/robertburns Andrew Hennessey – ScottishAndrew creating Scottish culture for the 21st Century. JOCK THE BANKER – a modern twist on Tam O Shanter So dim the lights, for Rabbie’s famous story all over Scotland on his night the witty people use as anchor his … Continue reading


For those looking for the Solan Theatre Company’s A FAREWELL TO DAWN after LULU.com shuts down its music sales – the CD is now situated at the ScottishAndrew shop on REVERBNATION http://www.reverbnation.com/store/artist_1121884

The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster


STARTAN – THE TARTAN REVOLUTION STARTAN – THE TARTAN REVOLUTION Andrew Hennessey Tartan has a colourful history. Tartan from other epochs has been found inside the ancient funereal works of Chinese Turkestan in the northern provinces of the Tarim basin at Hami in the 1200BC burials of a red haired proto-Celtic people, [Barber, EW, 2000AD]. … Continue reading

Wiki displays edited painting – with removed swastika

In the painting by Scottish symbolist, mystic and visionary John Duncan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Duncan_painter (not to be confused with the Scottish colourist and painter John Duncan Fergusson) of the shining ones – are the illuminated ‘riders of the Sidhe’ pronounced ‘she’ – the seelie court – the high court of evolved interdimensional ‘faerie’ beings who go riding … Continue reading

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