cognitive dissonance

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A Dark Derailment

  The demonic can work ceaselessly to drive the human spirit off and away from spiritual paths, trying to isolate and disconnect us from a vision of God and into some desolate vision of ourselves. It being able to perceive our train of thought – here is an example of  an attempted derailment.   It … Continue reading


COGNITIVE DISSONANCE IN EXOPOLITICSAndrew Hennesseyhttp://www.Xenopolitics.com thanks to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_dissonance With the sudden collapse of the caring and sensitive pro-human version of Exopolitics when Dr Salla joined the Boylan and Greer camp that excludes human witnesses of negative human events, branding their trauma and just indignation against perceptibly demonically behaving aliens as hate speech or fear-mongering – … Continue reading

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