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THE NEW BUZZ ON THE STREET – AGAIN     I know, it’s the 21st Century and therefore everybody should now be enthusiastic about Robotics and very intelligent Artificial Intelligence. We have watched as google robots tirelessly chase folks through the woods doing impressive backwards somersaults and army types wave chequebooks at cool-sounding companies producing … Continue reading

The Story of the Fall re-enacted in Scotland

The question I have about the siting of the cloning institute at Roslin is why build it in an area of land that was once called paradise on 19th century maps of the area stored at New Registers House, Edinburgh. The only existing reference to the former place name is an adjacent street in Loanhead … Continue reading

The Dark Tower at Rosslyn Cloning Labs

Ironic but true, Dryden tower is built in a place that was called Paradise in the 18th century just above where the cloning laboratory at Rosslyn now sits. From the apocryphal Book of Enoch, the Enochian fable goes that Atlantis a powerful and magical hitek Empire of which Scotland was a geographical part was once … Continue reading

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