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THE NEW BUZZ ON THE STREET – AGAIN     I know, it’s the 21st Century and therefore everybody should now be enthusiastic about Robotics and very intelligent Artificial Intelligence. We have watched as google robots tirelessly chase folks through the woods doing impressive backwards somersaults and army types wave chequebooks at cool-sounding companies producing … Continue reading

Computing All Our Futures

In the 21st Century there is a new age of information and information systems – all of which can ultimately supply recipes for artificial intelligence. In the 1990’s we are told, the US Department of Defense outlayed billions of tax dollars in an alleged attempt to find a solution to Turing’s Halting problem – they … Continue reading

Is Elon Musk a PSYOP ???

So I finally got round to checking out Elon Musk – thinking that a guy who thinks so highly of Tesla’s name to develop some funky looking [weak] battery cars and trade on Tesla’s provenance must have his heart somehow in the right place – even though there doesn’t actually seem to be any real … Continue reading

Coming soon in 2017 the paradigm rewrite

2017 Products from Andrew Hennessey

GRAND UNIFYING THEORY – Tripartite Essentialism

AN INTRODUCTION TO TRIPARTITE RELATIVITY – TRE Andrew Hennessey, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, began investigating relativity and holism in the late 1970’s and by 1991 had formulated many of the concepts of Tripartite Essentialism or TRE. Andrew draws parallels to Nikola Tesla’s ‘Theory of Environmental Energy’ circa 1900 and also to the Logical Atomism of … Continue reading

Who’s Dr Salla’s informant ?

Who’s Salla’s informant ? I was a bit unhappy to hear of exopolitics co-founder Dr Salla on AglobalFocus.com with Trice Sheridan recently state that all deep space stargates and navigation MUST have mental input from the minds of a pilot – human or non-human. This alleged lack of automation and artificial intelligence in interstellar civilisation … Continue reading

Mankinds Halting Problem

THE HALTING PROBLEM The halting problem – a paradox of infinite recursion in computation according to Turing and every computer expert on planet earth has no solution.Hence the era of 5th Generation artificial intelligence came to a close because computers could not handle an infinity of labels and objects. Andrew Hennessey, though, has modelled a … Continue reading

Relatively Speaking

My theory of relativity outlined below has implications that Tesla had envisioned in his own [confiscated] Theory of Environmental Energy http://offtheplanet.blogspot.com/2009/11/interdimensional-cosmology.html http://offtheplanet.blogspot.com/2011/08/fundamental-assumptions-of-tripartite.html http://offtheplanet.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/fulfillment-of-logical-atomism-paradigm.html http://offtheplanet.blogspot.com/2011/08/interstellarinterdimensional-operating.html http://offtheplanet.blogspot.com/2012/03/christ-and-cosmos.html http://offtheplanet.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/triparttite-essentialism-and-its-expert.html

HX Assembler – logic language for 5th generation AI


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