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Ancient Captivity, Sin and Evil

I was watching the Ridley Scott epic on Moses the other day and a number of things seemed to become clearer to me.

(Not that I agree with Scott’s portrayal of the One true God as a petulant child.)

It’s that there are about 5 Billion people on this planet today in the 21st Century who would actually envy the state of supply of the Israelite captives as portrayed in 1500 BC  Egypt  in their having bowls of food, shelter, water, clothing and warmth.

That after many Millennia of evolutionary carrot and stick, the Human race i.e. the race of Adam, have en-masse (Greater than 66%) failed to do much else than be victims of attrition caused by evil forces in this Earth-plane.


Sure that in approximatley 2 Billion of a 7 Billion Global population there appears to be a network of Technocrats doing the bidding of strange and bad Plutocrats who in devil-like manner seem to be negating every aspect of what has often appeared good e.g. the nuclear family, the ‘focus’ of a childhood education, an age of consent geared to post-puberty bodies and biology, a notion of religion tied in to harmless non-carnal love, the idea of food being nutritious and medicine that treats causes not symptoms,

In this social ‘scab of technology’  with advanced infrastructure, factories, intensive agriculture and highly toxic modus operandii lurk devil-like predators – some of whom may have even deceived a self-appointed elect into thinking that they and their delegated servants could breakaway and start afresh in a metallic network of computerised caves whilst wearing metallic looking jump-suits.


Yet underpinning this alleged telic-looking (end-based) meander to some alleged hi-tek future in which we can apparently look forward to climbing into tin cans and diving down worm-holes or switching on electrogravity to get between local planets and trekking to stars – is the certainty that it does seem to be a hoax.


The pattern is similar as far as early technocractic evolution is concerned – for example it took 500 years after Rome for western europe to adapt an ox-harness to facilitate the intensive agriculture from heavy horses that could enable technological and social specialisms of tools in various social niches. [A Burford]

Half a millennia !!

Then came the mechanics of steam and the ‘Steam Punk’ visions of accomplished–looking mechanisms and shortly after that there followed the electronic replication and duplication and transmission and production of data objects and of data – this was supposed to herald a Golden Age for Earth in the 20th Century – we all know it didn’t.


In the 21st Century only about 10-15% of 7 Billion people can really benefit from these technologial processes as a life changing medium.

And now a Century after Tesla – there is still no way to supply the masses – the billions,  with energy derived freely from the environment the way Tesla had experimentally illustrated.

Cue therefore the global purges and massive population reduction outlined in the UN Agenda 21.

With the deliberate denial of the deployent of free-er energy by the elites we are collectively asked to live a lie of ‘ global unsustainability’ to justify epic attrition to the masses that takes on a biblical and epic scale.


Instead in the 21st Century the older amongst us see the Hollywood-created aspirations and expectations of Sci-Fi Utopia get mellowed down and made to dissipate in front of our ageing eyes.

No longer in the UK for example can the young – associate the phonetics of the name ‘Mr Spock’ – the friendly, logical alien whose applications to science could enable us to manufacture human society at the next, interstellar, level. Instead Spock or something sounding very very similar is now a frivolous boot-sale App.

Similarly instead of the legacy of Nikola Tesla being about electrogravity-floating, gravity–defying cars and ships, and free, environmental energy, it has thanks to billionaire  Elon Musk – become merely about some OK-performing conventional (expensive) electric cars and some stupid-looking wrestling robots built out of gaming Atari interfaces. Certainly no ‘Star Trek the Next Generation’ humanesque executive, autonomous super-robot called ‘Data’ – despite the ‘rock star’ staging and adulation for those that build these grunt ‘Musk-bots’.


We all know of the sub-surface break away Civilisation and that within the 15% benefitting from this probably about 15% of those are joing elite space navies and making the grade for colonial status or exotic robotics research, and we know that for all of mankind that’s left  – the masses, there is only a crippled vision of machine ability entrenched  and handicapped by the Halting Problem.


But with the 20th Century aspirations for the 21st Century now being trashed before the eyes of the people in the ‘technosphere’ who can recognise this – what is technocratic evolution really about ??

To the ever-enquiring young – possibly games and life and even travel in virtual reality, free from the constrictions of parental-type authority who want them to ‘be good’ etc

With even the music of the 21st Century becoming non-melodic and often illiterate rants to the sound of a machine, and with absolutely everyone being able to access and afford industry standard tools and media platforms – the new standards of excellence are to be found not in originality and creative thinking but in the actual and relative excellence of what the tools and software do.


NASA meantime are still putting on a show with obsolete solid fuel internal combustion rockets, and somehow, even the Virgin Space corporation, were it not for inexplicable accidents and delays, could and should easily find themselves in Space but are not.


Our endless, warring poverty and captivity appears to be engineered and zoned by dark forces. Perhaps the Devil’s greatest lie is that he does not exist !


The pantomine of this technology and its obvious nonsensical failures are happening to only a small perentage of the planets population for its as if the Pharoahs of Old were still investing in pyramid hierachies and 90% of their servants were still more than happy with sack cloth, mudhuts, some water from the Nile and a modest bowl of food.

For the majority in the last 4000 years nothing much has changed.

I can hear the objections to that statement already though – ‘..we have science and medicine !’ –  but in truth what they would be referring to is a belief that operating a scientific method by e.g. Karl Popper could make great advances – but that’s only a belief – as there is far too much inconvenient truth swept under the scientific carpet. But the advocates of ‘humanist science’ may then further go on – there is this great technology that came out of science !!  My answer is that this is actually Instrumentalism by the likes of Duhem, because in truth if we have technology doing a job – why bother with interplanetary electromagnetism when rocket science does us just fine etc.


So, if life is not actually all about becoming Captain’s; Kirk, Picard or Janeway what in fact is really going on on Earth’s surface ?


It’s here that we enter a different realm – where aliens are soul-hungry interdimensional insectoid demons, where the Reptilians are fallen from Heaven and are devils, where we humans of the race of Adam have been easily distracted and herded over the ages with the pretenders superior abilities to access mind and life, beyond time space – to infest and invade our lives and dreams with desolate blasphemy.


It might always have been that humans have a certain state of mind spirit and soul, and that to enact something in the external world, they internally formulate an action or process,  an intention, then calculate how to invest this spiritual energy in their tools, using prior knowledge of their own and environmental limitations, then execute their intention by extension of their process into the world.

Reptilian devils though, can read almost every part of the human chain of investment and extension, as can the demonic if guided, so the consequences of this is that humans can be tempted by deception in to beoming e.g. more accurate e.g. as skilled tradesperson, artist or martial artist  or musician.

Effectively people can become time-space events for the satanic dominion of mankind.

It might be that such a bargain can bring worldly wealth or power to the person – human visions of worldly power, yet the main aim for the devil and its cohorts is to ultimately obtain an Adamic soul to torment and to disconnect and kill its divine spark.


I often wonder listening to the testimonies of the returned from death on Youtube why it appears so hopeless for the majority of the fallen race of Adam.

That somehow ending up in hell, people from all ages of mankind over the millennia end up in basically cubicles and tormented by soul-ming demons or in some dark desolate vile place that would not have been out of place in a Sci-Fi film like the Matrix or disturbing Horror film.


How could people end up in places like that ?? surely only by the embracing of destitute hatred and the enactment of dark loveless death in their very lives.

The devils and demons have no care about how these depraved pits are furnished or represented – theirs is the need to extract the essence of life from their prisoner by whatever brutal and efficient means they can.

For the dead, this evil short-circuit of their love when they lived is a betrayal of their true outpouring-of-love nature, a betrayal of their Creator – and the devils and their demonic spawn can wrap and cushion this betrayal up on Earth in an engaging life of hedonism to make their targets personal misdemeanours easy to ignore.


The ‘short circuit’ is a negation of our innate and inborn love by dark loveless nihilsm and can be made by forces of darkness to seem a dersirable asset to uphold and maintain, that may confer some advantage in some desirable worldly way, yet it is ultimately a contradiction that may, one hopes and prays,  at some point be recognisable to the person as a bad choice in many ways. Although it is possible that the capacity to choose bad choices can be purged in purgatory


One of the most remarkable effects of sacramentals is the virtue to drive away evil spirits whose mysterious and baleful operations affect sometimes the physical activity of man. To combat this occult power the Church has recourse to exorcism, and sacramentals”
(The Catholic Encyc., 1913, VXIII, p. 293).


There are stories of Purgatory too where some people have been seen by near-death-experience witnesses to be in sub-heaven places and are tormented by burning – as if they were purging themselves of the spiritual mis-direction and decisions that caused them to short-circuit.

Ultimately the burning of our life is derived from the short circuiting of our loving outpouring – its negating diversion back into the God-head within us.

The Hand of a Holy Soul, Holy Souls Museum, Rome, article adapted from Claire Soares

The Church of the Sacred Heart houses one of the world’s smallest and most museums — a collection of signs and communications sent from beyond the grave by souls stranded in purgatory.

Scorched fingerprints on prayer books, handprints burnt on to wooden tables and doors, and singed pillowcases and shirt sleeves seem to be material and empirical proof of the state of purgatory.

“Most of our visitors are motivated by curiosity. But faith is the key to understanding the relics,” said the Churches Priest Roberto Zambolin, Catholics believe souls can be detained in purgatory between heaven and hell until they have purged and atoned for their sins.

In this spiritual reality, prayer helps and can hasten their entry to paradise if family and friends on earth pray for them. Some in purgatory felt their loved ones on Earth needed a gentle reminder.

Said Father Zambolin, Branding an imprint of his left hand on to a light-brown wooden table was one 18th-century friar’s way of reminding colleagues to say more masses and speed his soul to heaven’

On a single day in 1731, the deceased Friar Panzini not only marked the table, but burnt a handprint on to paper and twice clutched at the sleeves of a nun’s tunic, leaving scorch marks.

These and other items e.g. four fiery fingerprints emblazoned on a prayer book can be seen in the Little Purgatory Museum, off to the side of the church.

‘A soul in Purgatory sees very clearly on the day of his funeral if we really pray for him, or if we have simply made an act of presence to show we were there. The poor souls say that tears are no good for them: only prayer! Often they complain that people go to a funeral without addressing a single prayer to God, while shedding many tears; this is useless!’  – Maria Simma

“If it were but known how great is the power of the good souls in Purgatory with the Heart of God, and if we knew all the graces we can obtain through their intercession, they would not be so much forgotten. We must, therefore, pray much for them, that they may pray much for us.” — St. John Vianney

Fr. Shouppe relates the true occurrence of Teresa Gesta, a Franciscan Nun in Foligno, Italy, who had for many years been a mistress of novices, a model of piety and charity, who died suddenly on November 4, 1859. Just twelve days later her soul appeared to Sister Anna Felicia in the sacristy of Convent. Sister Felicia described it:

“Then the room was filled with a thick smoke, and the spirit of Sister Teresa appeared, moving towards the door and gliding along by the wall. Having reached the door, she cried aloud, ‘Behold a proof of the mercy of God.’

“Saying these words, she struck the upper panel of the door and there left the print of her right hand, burnt in the wood as with a red-hot iron. She, then, disappeared.” (ibid, p. 55)

Because of this apparition, Teresa Gesta’s body was exhumed to check the hand of the deceased, unusual for its very small size, it fitted perfectly into the impressed hand print. This occurrence is well documented. If you pay a visit to that Convent today, you would find that very handprint on the upper panel of the door of the Chapel.

As Fr. Schouppe observed, “In giving us a warning of this kind, God shows us a great mercy. He urges us, in the most efficacious manner, to assist the poor suffering souls, and to be vigilant in our regard.” (ibid, p.57)

God allows us these proofs of His mercy to give us hope. Many people have a negative view of Purgatory, but the reality is that Purgatory is one of the greatest gifts of God. For those who believe in God and accept the Redemption of Christ, but struggle to live a full life of virtue there is always the hope of Heaven through Purgatory.

It may be that an endless conveyor belt of human beings in suffrage end up choosing badly and ending up in some hellish situation at the end of it all, but it looks more and more that life on Earth isn’t actually about getting to Mars or the stars. Ultimately the need for mankind to shoehorn itself into a big tin can and slide on down some shute sideways across the onion skin of light matter eternity at warp factor 10 to some other equally depleted and hungry place in this dualistic continuum isn’t what life is really about.

Perhaps the interdimensional soul farmers – the devils and demons with their hooks into the easily scammed race of Adam – already understand that if one is governed by the interdimensional principles of limitless energy or thought then there is no works of art too great, no architecture too impressive, no distance to great, no martial arts contest too challenging, no human mind too hard to control or distract.

On Earth, though the race of Adam have to take their eyes off the carrot and stick confidence trick..

Beyond here, with limitless love of and from God, however,  there is nothing a human soul cannot do for ourselves and others. Nothing beyond our scope, vision and accomplishment. Local Heaven and Earth may pass away but the pattern of Christ and His Word, and consequently us – we shall not pass away because we are loved.

Here is some proof to assure you that God has not forsaken us on Earth today – download the podcast the Acts of a Living Saint – Stella Davis

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