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PARAMORPHOLOGY (Supraphysical)


  1. (geology) a change in the physical structure of a mineral without any chemical change
  2. (supraphysical) a change in the physical appearance of an entity or manifestation without any change of agenda or relationship with the observer.


In the study of the Paranormal there does seem to be a wondrous variety of form – but what if things were not really as they appeared to be – appearances being deceptive.

On the one hand we know eternity has to be full of infinite wonder but on the other and closer to home, our planet does appear to be infested with darkly behaving non-human intelligence with a capacity for nonsense.

Paramorphology being a general word can be applied to mathematics and physical sciences but it can also be applied to the study of mutating forms empirically observed within Paranormal research.

At present countless ‘ghost hunting’ clubs have sprung up all over the western world perhaps to fill the vacuum left by the perceived failure of some of the religious institutions.

Belief in the eternal and supernatural has throughout the ages been a well-informed pursuit through the sharing of witness accounts and there is a rich global culture of folklore both ancient and modern to arrive at the conclusion that there is continuity beyond the physical.

To counter the pursuit of the modern masses buying nightscopes and meters and discovering the next step beyond the mundane earth etc the establishment has hit back with Psychologists like Dr French who despite being shown many empirical contradictions to their fallacious and allegedly rational assertions that all paranormal phenomena are the products of malfunctioning brains and personality disorders continue to repeat nonsense never to be proved wrong.

Despite Dr French et al. Rationalism that asserts there is nothing we cannot see and touch is dead – whereas rationalism that has sorted through empirical evidence dismissing some data and recognising paranormal others is actually where very reasonable young people want to be today.


The problem with the field of the Paranormal however is that we take as our model the accepted popular culture of our day, fuelled by horror and fantasy and many different assumptions about the way that reality both physical and supraphysical is thought to work in B Movies.

Somehow, for example, we go on televised ‘ghost hunts’ and think that when things fly around in old houses and we get knocks in answer to our questions that we are dealing with a human soul that has through bad association somehow become enmeshed in some dark locality.

Or if we go to a channelling session we are somehow connected to Ambassador Zool of the Centaurian Star system, or the Federation of Arcturus, the Council of Lyra, the blue beings, the Pleideans, etc and that we are automatically plugged in to real wisdom.

Not one cure for cancer has arrived in this way – ever.

Although there is a case of ‘Purgatory’ on Earth reported by Padre Pio of the two monks living out their purgatory – a state of spiritual cleansing before entry to heaven – in the monastery where they had lived we tend to assume that human souls are imprisoned in earth-bound realities even after centuries of earth time.

It is very unlikely that any human being has not progressed up or along or down thanks to the vast amount of help on hand in these transitions. It would be very unlikely that someone has been abandoned and has remained in a static state on Earth like a stuck record.

In the case of the two monks discovered by Padre Pio it was his prayers for them that enabled them to later progress.

It’s more likely though that the energies of a traumatic human passing have been imposed on the locality like a stuck recording – but that like the empty and discarded shell of a growing crab, something else has come along to take up residence in it.

It is that ‘something’ that is responsible for most of our ills on Earth and yet we go out to play with it and enter into charades with it, many not knowing or caring about the implications or after effects to their own spiritual hygiene.

The problem with research into the Paranormal is that what we see is usually not what we get.

We assume because we hear small truths from alien sources that this intelligent reality will be benevolent about important things e.g proof has emerged that validates Eduard (Billy) Meier’s claim that he was contacted by extraterrestrials from the Pleiades in the 1970s!

The January 2002 issue of National Geographic magazine printed a confirmation of the validity of Meier’s claims in the 1970s, that Mt Everest is not the highest mountain on Earth.

Meier stated that the Pleiadians told him that Mt Chimborazo in Ecuador was higher than Mt Everest by 2,150 metres because the Earth is not perfectly round but, rather, bulges in the middle-thus, measuring mountains from sea level is not an accurate way of assessing the true height of a mountain.

Over 30 years later National Geographic states that scientists have now determined that the Earth bulges around the middle because of the spinning action of the Earth’s rotation, and thus, when measured from the centre of the planet, Mt Chimborazo is actually higher than Mt Everest by 2,200 metres. Measured from sea level, Mt Everest is 2,540 metres higher than Mt Chimborazo. The newsbrief states that when measured from the centre of the Earth, Mt Chimborazo is 6,384,450 metres high and Mt Everest is 6,382,250 metres high.

This physical fact confirms the reality of non-human contact but not of its ultimate benevolence. Many people assume the best intentions of this non-human reality.

Perhaps they have been wrong to do so.

Our aliens as we have seen them in our history have stepped out of flying chariots, vimanas which according to lore have deployed weapons with the power of the sun,, flying shields and coaches, dirigibles and ghost cars.

It has also been noted that these vehicles have changed shape.

It has become evident for those who observe, that channelled wisdom isn’t always all that wise or informative, that vehicles and beings and also their reason for being mutates and shifts form and that it does seem that the nature of the human alien interface is holographic and nonsensical in some way.

Mutations of form of observed people, places and social artefacts can give close encounters a surreal quality which Dr JA Hynek in his speech to the UN in 1978 has called ‘high strangeness’.

It has been possible at one UFO window area at Gorebridge in Scotland for example to photograph; aliens of various species, hedge witches, chupacabra, spacecraft, shape-shifting people and vehicles, faeries, gnomes, cattle mutilation. special forces, etc


In Scotland it is still possible to see a faerie parade on the full moon of mid-summer and in olden times these have taken the form of Knights in armour and Damsels in long medieval gowns and pointed hats and in courtly clothes riding slowly on horseback.

Two young men report a faerie parade in the 20th Century – 1970’s at Crichton castle, witnessed whilst hiding in Crichton church cemetery. They saw a long procession of men and women in dark evening suits and dresses making their way up the path to the ruin of Crichton castle under the full mid-summer’s moon.

The faeries who have had many names over the millennia from Djinn, to Archons, Demons, Goblins, from the biblical demon Ashtar to the Ashtar command of space beings, Greys, Kobolds, seem to change form and appearance often keeping up with human fashion and its aspirations and displays of style and technology and social substance.


What then is a paranormal researcher to do – investigating a 17th Century ghost that turns out to be a grey alien that actually exhibits demonic behaviour and then follows you home and starts doing demonic things in your life like blowing light bulbs and disassembling household objects ?

Humans like to try and pigeonhole everything – here a ghost, here a grey, there a kobold, there a faerie, there a federated star brother from Arcturus.

But what if the majority of UFO and Paranormal phenomena were actually perpetrated by the same interdimensional hive-like demonic consciousness that could manifest at a moment’s notice anything from the scale of a huge looking UFO – probably with no engines – to a miniature holographic death star from Star Wars only a few feet away from NASA stereo sun camera satellites to a holographic impersonation of any being we could think of.

One of Gorebridge’s UFO cameraman was filming what he thought was a UFO that looked like the starship Enterprise slowly flying across the face of the moon, but on camera it mutated into a flying penis which is more typical of the traditional demonic. Theatre in miniature only yards from his camera.


You would have to feel sorry for the Special Ops that were cleared to take part in an alien recreation program by landing their paragliders on a floating stage-lit platform between two diamond shaped ships in the Moorfoot hills near Gorebridge in summer 2007. It was very possible that neither ships or hovering platform had any engines and that the appearance of these craft were actually controlled by an interdimensional reality.

The UK military being bent on global domination from great new technological advances supplied from planet Zanussi or whatever would never have suspected that they were only looking at exactly what they expected to see.

We can see from our own human scientific advances from Japan that hard substantial holograms are possible even with human technology – so how much more holographic reality could aliens be capable of making ?


The problems begin when we start talking about holograms however as it has been shown by Descartes that human beings could not know if theirs was a manipulated reality because we only experience things through our minds. Hence Descartes speaks of the possibility of some malevolent and omnipotent demon being in control of our lives and we could never know it or prove it ! How can we know anything, therefore ?


Did a special away team comprised of Americas finest head off to the planet Serpo on an elite alien cultural exchange program or did they in fact spend all their time frozen in a glass jar near Earth in some interdimensional garage living out their expectations and fantasies ?


Our planet appears to be full of shapeshifter stories – skinwalkers, lycanthropes, demi-gods and demons whether fully or semi-materialised can be seen delivering some version of hell on earth.

From bedroom encounters of starbrother greys or to e.g. Paul Schroeder – demons in silver suits to greys with demonic harpy wings seen by one abductee or to the greys/demons seen by Deliverance Minister Stella Davis when she is casting out demons or is observing flights of demonic looking greys circling a Christian monastery.

However many ways they can be named – Faeries, Zetas, Arcturians, Lyrans etc they all appear to be full of dark nonsense.

People will say – ah but what has beautiful Tinkerbell the faerie got to do with this – but then one of the first things I learned from the traditional Celtic faerie lore was that these beings were triple aspected; Maiden, Mother and Hag – and the Hag side is definitely the dark side of the force of nature.

Basically Tinkerbell could spontaneously mutate into an evil ugly witch !


Not only can we not be sure of what we are seeing or hearing from Paranormal sources we must not take for granted that the allegations of historic or political or religious or technological reality wrapped up and embodied by the paranormal forms we see on any scale have any truth to them at all.


In the western world which has been steeped in Judeo-Christian beliefs and particularly in the medieval folk lore of Scotland; (Carmichael, Kirk, Campbell, Banks etc) we can see how effective Christianity is thought to have been, particularly Baptism of the young, as a defence against faerie and demonic attack.

Scotland, Europe and the Middle East share the idea that iron artefacts can provide a defence against the faeries, kobolds or Djinn

Everybody though sees diversity when looking into the world of these paramorphic shape-shifting realities. More particularly people are projecting human social and anthropomorphic ideas onto the least sign of non-human intelligence. I suspect that here on Earth – unlike elsewhere in the cosmos that has no greys – our vision of intelligent diversity is a calculated illusion.

I suspect that there are whole solar systems of high civilisation even in this dense cosmos or plane that are not plagued and tagged by illusions and ultimately delusion caused by demonically behaving creatures.

There must be many oases in this cosmos where humanoid intelligence has gathered and built not yet stripped by these insectoid locusts.


I think though that in Paranormal research just now there is a danger of oversimplification of so-called orbs. This seemingly unconcerned and generally passive, un-intelligent or non-committal phenomena is probably a highly diverse reality manifesting.

Millions of digital cameras may well be flash-shooting and reflecting off flecks of dust and moisture but there are instances where there are spherical forms that are not lens flares with random looking pixels but actually the orbs have structure of an organic nature akin to sea life.

The issue with orbs is this – that a sphere of energy represents just about any kind of natural amorphous energy in a zero gravity state.

The spherical orbs could look like the essence of the simplest to the most sophisticated life.

We are probably looking at a whole hierarchy, an ecosystem of life at every complexity – from birds between eggs, to oceanic parabiological life to the more complex issues of the demonic and fallen angels or ‘stars’.

In South American mythology such stars are called the ‘pashashwaska’ or ‘stars that walk’.


Mutating creatures that can manifest environmental illusions cannot be a great deal of fun for the casual ghost hunter who is hoping for something more specific and historic.



It was black magician Aleister Crowley who told us of a demonic flying saucer made of flesh where he encountered Lam – a being he describes that looks like the Greys we know and the demons Dr John Dee drew. Dr Dee used to control weather in the interests of the realm for the fleet of Queen Elizabeth the first in medieval times. Such things are more indication that the demonic manifests our expectations.


Nigel Kerner in his writing about the Greys calls them soul-miners who harvest life-force and from other witnesses such as Paul Schroeder and Andrew Hennessey there are stories of people who have been severely injured and depleted who had agreed to interact.


If we can perhaps ignore the endlessly mutating forms and get on down to recognising the intentions and agenda of human-kinds interactions with paramorphology on Earth we may make progress in our own personal journeys.

Biblically – ‘by their fruits you shall know them’ seems sound advice and it could be that in our hungry cosmic state of duality and entropy in this our lowly physical universe these beings perhaps like spiders need to weave webs of deceit to entangle fresh energy sources in to feed their soul-less and ongoing hunger for life-force.


We may think we are playing with a recreational utility on some ghost hunt but in truth this engagement is doing much more to us than we are to it.



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