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The Thick Veil of Reason

The Thick Veil of Reason

In researching the folklore archives of SacredTexts.com I had thought that I was already familiar with the modus operandii of the faerie folk or elemental Greys as we call them today having been personally exposed to their nonsense some years ago.
However what strikes me the most in reading about these realities is that they are basically the same kind of anecdotal evidence as my own reports that I wrote up in the Turning of the Tide http://www.andrewhennessey.co.uk/turningv6.pdf except that they are couched in the language and cultural frames of reference of the 16-19th Centuries and therefore just sound more antique.
They do operate in just that surreal way that is being reported today though – but it seems to me that so many people are not paying attention that somehow en-masse the masses think they are invulnerable to these realities because they watch MTV and the soaps.
If anything human society has never been more vulnerable to alien interdimensional soul parasitism as represented by the reported behaviour of faeries and greys. [See the Song of the Greys by Nigel Kerner].

From the folklore record you can see that every other interesting conversation was a paranormal conversation, not stuff about APPS on iPod.
You can see from the folklore records that poltergeist invasion was the norm, that demonically infested objects was an ordinary occurrence, that people getting lifted up and translocated into other countries was not unheard of and that the abduction of children and adults alike was part of the territory everywhere on the globe and no family was exempt from the possibility of harm.

Today people might not want to pay attention to this infiltration and parasitism but it is definitely paying attention to you. Why would it stop because you’ve switched on your HD Flatscreen ?

What has happened to people to take their minds off this dangerous reality ?

Today people are not considered reasonable who speak of such paranormal things that cannot be touched in the same way we could touch the touch-screen on our iPad. People in total denial for one reason or another make up semi-rational sounding explanations and pseudo-science concoctions to dismiss this interdimensional reality.
Indeed in many places – reports of people being replaced by aliens can be called a syndrome – Capgras syndrome. Not all sufferers of Capgras syndrome are necessarily complaining about real aliens but may have been prone to other human diseases of the biochemistry or delusions. There is even a form of Capgras syndrome where the sufferer things mundane household objects have been replaced by dysfunctional fakes.

Here is an account of such an alien object from the 19th Century in Scotland.
Indeed many of the vulgar account it extremely dangerous to touch anything which they may happen to find without saining (blessing) it, the snares of the enemy being notorious and well-attested. A poor woman of Teviotdale having been fortunate enough, as she thought herself, to find a wooden beetle, at the very time when she needed such an implement, seized it without pronouncing a proper blessing, and, carrying it home, laid it above her bed to be ready for employment in the morning. At midnight the window of her cottage opened, and a loud voice was heard calling up some one within by a strange and uncouth name. The terrified cottager ejaculated a prayer, which, we may suppose, ensured her personal safety; while the enchanted implement of housewifery, tumbling from the bedstead, departed by the window with no small noise and precipitation
Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales, by George Douglas, [1901]

People today therefore are lulled to sleep by a veil of mundane reasoning which seems to depend on ignoring relevant facts which refute it. In this way people with academic titles and establishment plaudits wage war on the innocent victims by dismissing them as irrationalist crackpots.
Damage limitation by the establishment true, that those on the periphery of the human herd are picked off and no-one can hear them scream above the clamour of the iPod speakers.

There is one thing today however that the inhabitants of the 21st Century are largely missing – something which could have protected from the predation – something or someone that those in previous centuries had and clung to and who was known to effectively work.


Today however, the New World Order unChristian materialism-science religion seems to be pervasive and written into various new bible edits that deny the divine origins of Christ.
In almost every scenario we can think of – Christ is subtracted from our lives by orchestrated hypocrisy in the church, and established discrimination against Christian realities e.g. the wearing of a cross at work.

We have all heard the rhetoric that is based in the soulless rhetoric of e.g. Richard Dawkins – who says God doesn’t exist and science is sufficient even though Dawkins has refused to move his 1992 scientific position on Darwin to that of the Chaos biologist Brian Goodwin who easily shows that Darwins naïve model so promoted by Dawkins has been superceded by supercomputation in Chaos theory.
Dawkins proud man of science appears to be unable to recognise a better scientific model than that of a 19th Century biologist with no real tools at his disposal.
A true Scientist would discard a falsified model. [Popper, K, Conjectures and Refutations, 1962, London]
Science therefore – guided by population cull recommendations like Sustainability UN Agenda 21 is failing to deliver free energy and make the known cheap cancer cure Dichloro acetate [DCA] freely available.
No help from Science therefore.

In Days of old – people who wanted to get out of this hungry, desolate reality and head to a high heaven would call on Christ and use His symbols.
People from global cultures may not recognise Christian realities but the demons definitely do !!

Luke 8: 26 And they arrived at the country of the Gadarenes, which is over against Galilee.
27 And when he went forth to land, there met him out of the city a certain man, which had devils long time, and ware no clothes, neither abode in any house, but in the tombs.
28 When he saw Jesus, he cried out, and fell down before him, and with a loud voice said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God most high? I beseech thee, torment me not.
29 (For he had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. For oftentimes it had caught him: and he was kept bound with chains and in fetters; and he brake the bands, and was driven of the devil into the wilderness.)
30 And Jesus asked him, saying, What is thy name? And he said, Legion: because many devils were entered into him.
31 And they besought him that he would not command them to go out into the deep.

From scientific folklorist The Science of Fairy Tales: An Enquiry Into Fairy Mythology by Edwin Sidney Hartland [b. 1848 d. 1927] New York: Scribner & Welford [1891] comes this story:

At all events, over a very wide area the cross is thought a potent protection; nor is the belief by any means confined to Christian lands. Mr. Mitchell Innes tells us that the fear of changelings exists in China. “To avert the calamity of nursing a demon, dried banana-skin is burnt to ashes, which are then mixed with water. Into this the mother dips her finger and paints a cross upon the sleeping babe’s forehead. In a short time the demon soul returns–for the soul wanders from the body during sleep and is free–but, failing to recognize the body thus disguised, flies off. The true soul, which has been waiting for an opportunity, now approaches the dormant body, and, if the mark has been washed off in time, takes possession of it; but if not, it, like the demon, failing to recognize the body, departs, and the child dies in its sleep.” [e] How to hit the exact moment between the flight of the demon and the advent of the true soul doubtless puzzles many a Chinese mother fully as much as the cross puzzles the two competing souls. But when she is successful she baffles the evil spirit by deceit, of which the cross is made the instrument; though we may well believe that the child is not disguised in this way without reference to the cross’s inherent sanctity; for it is a religious symbol among nations who never heard the gospel of the Crucified.’

Hartland seems to be saying in his book that although Christianity is seen to be a major factor that protects us from the evil ones that we are just all making a silly mistake and that there is a perfectly ‘rational’ explanation for it all … etc

Here his is first variously stating how Christianity works with examples:

We have already seen in the last chapter that the performance of Christian rites and the exhibition of Christian symbols and sacred books have a powerful effect against fairies. But further, the invocation, or indeed the simple utterance, of a sacred name has always been held to counteract enchantments and the wiles of all supernatural beings who are not themselves part and parcel of what I may, without offence and for want, of a better term, call the Christian mythology, and who may therefore at times, if not constantly, be supposed to be hostile to the Christian powers and to persons under their protection.

IN previous chapters we have seen that human beings are sometimes taken by fairies into Fairyland, and that they are there kept for a longer or shorter period, or, it may be, are never permitted to return to earth at all. We have noted cases in which they are led down for temporary purposes and, if they are prudent, are enabled to return when those purposes are accomplished. We have noted other cases in which babes or grown women have been stolen and retained until their kindred have compelled restoration. The story cited in the last chapter from Giraldus describes a seduction of a different kind. There the visit to Fairyland was of a more voluntary character, and the hero was able to go to and fro as he pleased. We have also met with tales in which the temptation of food, or more usually of drink, has been held out to the wayfarer; and we have learned that the result of yielding would be to give himself wholly into the fairies’ hands. I propose now to examine instances in which temptation of one kind or other has been successful, or in which a spell has been cast over man or woman, not merely preventing the bewitched person from regaining his home and human society, but also rendering him, while under the spell, impervious to the attacks of time and unconscious of its flight.

A NEW-BORN babe, of all human beings the most helpless, has always roused compassion and care. Nor is it a matter for wonder if its helplessness against physical dangers have led to the assumption that it is exposed to spiritual or supernatural evils more than its elders. At all events it seems a widespread superstition that a babe, when first it makes its appearance in this world, must be protected not merely against the natural perils of its condition, but also against enemies of an even more subtle and fearful description. The shape taken by this superstition in north-western Europe is the belief in Changelings–a belief which I propose to examine in the present chapter.

By the belief in changelings I mean a belief that fairies and other imaginary beings are on the watch for young children, or (as we shall see hereafter) sometimes even for adults, that they may, if they can find them unguarded, seize and carry them off; leaving in their place one of themselves, or a block of wood animated by their enchantments and made to resemble the stolen person. Wise mothers take precautions against such thefts. These precautions are tolerably simple, and for the most part display the same general character. First and foremost among them is the rite of baptism, whereby the little one is admitted into the Christian Church. Faith in the efficacy of baptism as a protection from the powers hostile to man is not less strong among communities nominally Protestant than among Roman Catholics, and has doubtless operated to bring many children within the pale of the visible Church who might otherwise have been long in reaching that sacred enclosure. Examples of the belief in the power of baptism against the depredations of fairies could easily be cited from all Protestant countries.

Thus in Scotland it was deemed highly judicious to keep an open Bible always near a child, and even to place the holy volume beneath the head of a woman in labour. In some parts of Germany it is enough to lay a single leaf out of a Bible or prayer-book in the cradle, until by the baptism of the infant the danger of robbery passes away; and a prayer-book is also placed under the pillow of the newly-made mother, who is at that time specially liable to fall under the power of the underground folk. Indeed a prayer-book, or the mere repetition of a Paternoster, is equally valuable with a Bible for these purposes; and if, by the neglect of any of these precautions, an opportunity be given to the foe, the child may yet be saved by the utterance of the name of Jesus Christ at the moment when the change is being effected. Holy water and the sign of the cross, in Ireland, or a rosary blessed by a priest, in Picardy, enjoy a similar reputation.

… In the island of Lewis fire used to be carried round women before they were churched and children before they were christened, both night and morning; and this was held effectual to preserve both mother and infant from evil spirits, and (in the case of the infant) from being changed. The Sad Dar, one of the sacred books of the Parsees, contains directions to keep a continual fire in the house during a woman’s pregnancy, and after the child is born to burn a lamp for three nights and days–a fire, indeed, is declared to be better–“so that the demons and fiends may not be able to do any damage and harm.” By way of enforcing this precept we are told that when Zoroaster was born, a demon came at the head of a hundred and fifty other demons, every night for three nights, to slay him, but they were put to flight by seeing the fire, and were consequently unable to hurt him.
Iron or steel, in the shape of needles, a key, a knife, a pair of tongs, an open pair of scissors, or in any other shape, if placed in the cradle, secured the desired end. In Bulgaria a reaping-hook is placed in a corner of the room for the same purpose. I shall not stay now to discuss the reason why supernatural beings dread and dislike iron. The open pair of scissors, however, it should be observed, has double power; for it is not only of the abhorred metal,–it is also in form a cross. The use of the cross in baptism was probably one of the reasons for the efficacy of that rite against felonious fairies.

From the following general knowledge of the 16-19th Century that is still seen to be evidential in todays abduction stories of the 20th and 21st Century [ e.g. Karla Turner, Travis Walton, Garry Wood, Colin Wright] – it can be seen that there is an ongoing agenda of these beings in a fallen state to feed off the souls of the living less they pass into dust themselves.

The Folk-Lore of the North-East of Scotland By Walter Gregor [1881]

“The fair folk” were most covetous of new-born children and their mothers. Till the mothers were “sained” and churched, and the children were baptised, the most strict watch and ward had to be kept over them to keep them from being stolen. Every seven years they had to pay “the teind to hell,” and to save them from paying this tribute with one of themselves they were ever on the alert to get hold of human infants.
“There came a wind oot o’ the north,
A sharp wind and a snell;
And a dead sleep came over me,
And frae my horse I fell;
The Queen of Fairies she was there,
And took me to hersel.
And never would I tire, Janet,
In fairyland to dwell,
But aye, at every seven years
They pay the teind to hell;
And though the Queen macks much o’ me
I fear ’twill be mysel.”

When did that need cease ? Whenever we turn on American Idol ? don’t think so.
These beings answer to the commands of Christ and those commands made in the name of Christ.

Today we have the works of Vatican Deliverance Minister [Exorcist] Stella Davis whose incredible and amazing stories testify to the ongoing power of the Holy Spirit, the saints and Angels and Christ in our lives today.

Its quite amazing that the very presence that could save our souls from a very hard time is almost totally marginalised by the powers within society.
The infiltration of all sections of the Christian church is pervasive – driving many people away – and although the Masonic P2 Conspiracy behind the Vatican bank was publicised by David Yallop, even the Protestant hierarchy overflowing with money lead the most ostentatious lifestyles and try to justify their inordinate wealth by references to the old testament whose first covenant was actually fulfilled and superceded by Christs New covenant which was simply to love one another, respect self and love God as self.
This loving message seems to get buried under the merchandise.

We stand firm though knowing that the Kingdom of Heaven is in our hearts not out there amongst the bad news and hypocrisy and it is this resolve that dark powers have tried to discolour.

The Fairy Mythology: Illustrative of the Romance and Superstition of Various Countries. by Thomas Keightley [1870]


A CLERGYMAN was returning home one night after visiting a sick member of his congregation. His way led by a lake, and as he proceeded he was surprised to hear most melodious strains of music. He sat down to listen. The music seemed to approach coming over the lake accompanied by a light. At length he discerned a man walking on the water, attended by a number of little beings, some bearing lights, others musical instruments. At the beach the man dismissed his attendants, and then walking up to the minister saluted him courteously. He was a little grey-headed old man, dressed in rather an unusual garb. The minister having returned his salute begged of him to come and sit beside him. He complied with the request, and on being asked who he was, replied that he was one of the Daoine Shi. He added that he and they had originally been angels, but having been seduced into revolt by Satan, they had been cast down to earth where they were to dwell till the day of doom. His object now was, to ascertain from the minister what would be their condition after that awful day. The minister then questioned him on the articles of faith; but as his answers did not prove satisfactory, and as in repeating the Lord’s Prayer, he persisted in saying wed instead of art in heaven, he did not feel himself justified in holding out any hopes to him. The fairy then gave a cry of despair and flung himself into the loch, and the minister resumed his journey.

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