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The Freedom of Disinformation

The Freedom of Disinformation.

Every now and then someone will ask a relevant question to the establishment about aliens and then the press pick up on it.
The press track record for such realities is abysmal – having lampooned the Robert Taylor incident at Dechmont Wood in West Lothian as the result of being affected by contact with psychotropic substances growing in the woods. Indeed over the years we have had to read about the low flying planet Venus, seizures, water towers reflecting light, piezzo electric effects from volcanic rock and any number of inappropriate pseudo-rational explanations that take away from the fact that it was probably a close encounter with something that came from above – and the police thought so too and said so in their files.
In response to a feb 2013 member of the public’s FOI Act enquiry about “what provisions have been put in place for our inevitable encounter” with aliens, Glasgow City Council said they would be welcome. 11th Feb 2013.
The Freedom of Information Act allows members of the public to enquire into government policies, reports etc. One member of the Glasgow public had a particular concern regarding the City’s response to a visit from outer space.
Dr Kenneth Meechan, head of information governance, said that as Glasgow “covers around 0.008% of the world’s population and 0.00003% of the total surface of the earth/0.00012% of the land area”, it was unlikely that visitors from outer space would be dropping in any time soon. He continued by saying that protocols are in place through international agreements such as the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 and the SETI committee in the USA, should such an event occur these treaties would be honoured..

“Glasgow is of course a vibrant and exciting city for visitors and has been awarded any number of accolades by national and international travel guides.We are sure that any (non-hostile) alien visitors would want to include Glasgow in their list of places to visit, and we can assure them of a warm and peaceful welcome ….
The UK government had however not included alien contact in its list of mandatory risks to be assessed under the Civil Contingencies Act and so the council had “not identified this as likely to happen within the next five years”.

Now comes the disinfo part.

The Scottish Sun reported that “boffins used a complex equation to decide that the prospect of extra terrestrials landing in Glasgow is unlikely.”
The complex equation the Sun journalist refers to is the Drake Equation – a mathematical concoction based on the false idea that Einsteins theory of relativity is somehow complete when it in fact is not.
The hundreds of Ufos reported over Bonnybridge, Gorebridge and Scotland in general are not flying on Einsteins physics and certainly didn’t bother to check up on ‘Drakes equation’ before they got in their ships and came here.
Drake’s equation and Fermis paradox and indeed the SETI – search for extra-terrestrial intelligence radiocommunication protocols are all based on nonsense physics and technology criteria which are totally refuted every night over central Scotland by camera footage by the likes of John Jackie Gillies of Gorebridge .

Folks can sleep safe in their beds thanks to the Sun tabloid and their resourceful ‘Boffins’ !! Not.

On the contrary to all the establishment pronouncements about there being nothing to see or bother about ……
Given the rather blatant levels of Ufo traffic to be filmed every night whether in infra red or by more ordinary camcorder over Edinburgh and Central Scotland its rather obvious that if any alien reality were to come to Glasgow – there really isn’t much that Glasgow City Council could do about it whether friendly or hostile. Historically the most attractive places in Scotland for aliens have been on the East of Scotland – the Edinburgh side.
The fact that aliens are posing for pictures on the ground at Edinburgh suggests they want to be Counted IN EdINburgh, having followed the M8 motorway from Glasgow to the Festival City beyond Harthill Services.

Andrew Hennessey is the Tour Operator for http://www.stargateedinburghtours.com Scotland’s Ufo and Paranormal Tour.

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