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There’s a lot of people not going to understand what I’m about to say – and why should they – after all life is just all about doing what they want to do and that’s their choice to do just that.


For  many though the nature of the human condition isn’t at all fair – its all about human error and mistakes, artistic mistakes, technical mistakes, errors of co-ordination, errors of judgement, errors of aesthetics and bad taste, errors of morality, errors of timing, errors of spatial orientation, errors of balance, errors of sanity, errors of concentration and focus, errors of relationships – yes many people would sell their souls to do things right.   And Do !!


Being in the middle of a demonic hive around our planet as we are – the legion of greys, faeries, djinns, demons, elementals etc etc have one goal and that is to mine the essence of our souls and acquire us.


They do this by manufacturing our individual negation.


On a one to one basis there are demons in the face of every human being on this planet 24/7 and this dark reality is co-ordinating its efforts to specifically negate everything we do that is good for us – to annihilate and negate our soul–life so that it can be harvested.

It is only by countering our lifes/souls processes that they can feed off the life from the corrective responses and adjustments that we make to try to make things work out the way we want. 

That’s the nature of human life on Earth – not sci-fi civilisations using obvious free energy technologies but some dark vision of disease-ridden darkly engineered dystopia put in place to negate our hope for and vision of our escape to eternal life.


Most human beings including myself can’t do very much that is perfect without assistance. This is the nature of life imposed on us by the insides of an interdimensional legion of demonic hive reality.


In Heaven though – our creativity is unopposed and more fruitful – but on Earth there is toxic demonic sabotage.

Folks therefore have two choices in this world plane if they want to see themselves as effective and or successful in this highly sabotaged world.


  1. They can do a deal with the Demonic, produce works of negation and darkness, achieve a vision of assisted perfection or ‘enlightenment’ and think themselves very special or at least very lucky for a while to have an invisible friend often posing as a past life or spiritual connection.
  2. They can participate in the Mind of God our Creator and with the love and protection of the Holy Spirit – that which is of themselves can be nurtured and protected to come to fruition in this highly sabotaged world.


The second path is harder and requires more work – but our souls are not burdened with bondage to the dark demonic reality whose ultimate intent is to kill all life in our being.

Life in the world around us doesn’t tend to participate in creative nurturing visions – and in our most popular culture – toxic darkness in music and images and social philosophy and culture, in art and in medicine and foods is created with a certain amount of vile highly detailed dark beauty.

We know that even an overpopulated planet like ours could be freely and easily cleaned, de-toxified, irrigated, fed and industrially supplied and that even if the confidence tricks presented to our logical minds of some end-based  technical sc-fi utopia are only partly followed up on things could get better for us all.

Our confidence in scientific and technical progress may well be tricked because ultimately all the agendas we hear of are for our desolation. The desolation of Mankind, the environment, our knowledge base – it is under circumstances like these that gifts of unknown things may seem tempting.


Ultimately the price of that sort of ‘enlightenment’ is an endarkenment of the soul and an entanglement with the evils of desolation. These desolate creatures need their fodder now and in their future.


How we tell the difference between Gifts from God and the intercession of the Holy Family in Heaven and those gifts of the demonic darkness are that the latter speak to our ‘resonable mind’ and the former of Heaven to our hearts.


It was only yesterday in our human lives that Christ was nailed to a tree.

He said that if people would do this with green wood what would they do with deadwood.

Many say that Christs Kingdom was to come then but never did – but then if you look at the river of human time from a perspective of the many heavens above it – as Christ himself was shown by Satan as it tempted Him with dominion – the river of Satanic dominion comes to a stop.

In our hearts though – the Kingdom of Christ can come right now as it is and was and is to come for us when we step out of the dark river of satanic time and consequences

These creatures need to give us the dead weight of their millstones and ‘gifts’ to sink us into their dark soup so they can feed.


In the end it is our hearts living and creating and praying in hope that will tune us and guide us to the best exit strategies from this hive-matrix. We bear our human burdens, our imperfections – our crosses with pride therefore – as we may not get that job with the Satanic Weekly  but there are so many better things to aspire to both now and later.


About ScottishAndrew

Contemporary Scottish fiddle player, Scottish ceilidh dance caller, folk music composer, Ufologist, natural and supernatural photographer and tour operator, digital artist and designer, writer and columnist - interested in cosmology and 5th generation computation without the 'Halting problem' !! THE SCOTTISH ANDREWVERSE Ceilidh musician and man of dance Investigator of paranormal circumstance Composer of art and pictures and tunes And researcher of old Scottish stones and runes Cosmic conundrums and landing on the Moon ...


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