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Andrew Hennessey’s extended Biography, 2012

Scottish Andrew, (Andrew Hennessey) is a musician, artist, paranormal expert and tour operator living in Fife, Scotland.


A Scottish electric fiddler and folk dance musician [ceilidh dancing] and dance caller,
with the Wild Geese Ceilidh Band http://www.wildgeese.biz which was formed in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland in 1996.
Will call, walk through and demonstrate the Scottish dances. (20 + ceilidh dances for all levels, fun dances for beginners to the more advanced)

Also a contemporary electric fiddle player playing accompaniment in Blues, R&B, Rock, Jazz and Trance. His Jazz fiddle style has been compared to Don (Sugar Cane) Harris by prominent Edinburgh Jazz percussionist Alan Pendreigh. His contemporary music also sounds similar to the likes of; Geoffrey Castle and John Schussler.

Andrew can play session work and improvise in almost any contemporary idiom.

e.g. recent session work – Country fiddle – on the Jimmy Brown Blues tribute album with Nobby Clarke and John Bruce, Edinburgh, Scotland, released 2013.

His latest solo project, released on itunes is Jazzmetaz.com.

The story of my musical journey is a bit like a colourful tartan:

I started out in the Scottish Fiddle orchestras 1969, Edinburgh Highland Reels and Strathspey Society, then Folk bands 1979, e.g. Saltire, Unicorn, Hopscotch ceilidh band, Peat Water Still, then Produced and wrote theatre shows 1984-1990 with the Solan Theatre Company, then folk, blues and covers 1996 with the Wild Geese and Cauther Fair, folk rock 1999-2000 with The Fife, e.g. supporting Status Quo in Holland, recorded with acoustic folk band Jacouse and from 2000, trance with Shamalan and touring Scotland with my solo Jazzmetaz set in 2011.

The Wild Geese formed in 1996 and is an active events band today in 2012.     
I am also a featured composer with Skyrocket records.

In 2013 the new ScottishSoundscapes Tour with ScottishAndrew as the ‘Fiddler of Fife’ will be improvising on the digital canvas of the vibrant sounds of life in Scotland with my Starfish 6 string electric violin, whistle and bodhran and also performing original compositions along with Canadian harpist and vocalist Sarai Robin Charles.



My digital art and photography with ScottishbyDesign.Biz comprises two forms of innovative digital design, and also Scottish historic, and natural and supernatural photography.

The first digital design idea was invented in 2007 and is called ‘Startan’ – an asymmetric revolution for the 21st Century that puts a new twist on the world of tartan. Startan is made from the combination of the colour proportions (Setts) of a traditional tartan within limitlessly interacting geometric shapes. (Andrew Hennessey, October 2007). The word ‘Startan’ is an acronym – a combination of star or stellate and tartan.

The overall Startan itself becomes a combination of radiating and overlapping design objects, and their outreaching coloured bands.
Startan design progresses tartan beyond the boxes of its traditional grid-iron appearance.

Another idea, invented in 2009 is Swash, As an artform, it is a wave of colour, objects and textures washing over the creative canvas like breaking waves on the shore.
These waves create light-filled vistas from the natural universe.
Swash is an artform in the Scottish modernist and colourist tradition and was first developed by Andrew Hennessey in 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Andrew Hennessey is also a photographer and colourist of natural and supernatural objects. He specialises in bringing out the natural vibrance of Scotland’s ancient splendour with colourised vistas of Scottish natural and historic objects and scenery, e.g. groves of birch, mountains, historic castles, steam trains (cafepress.com/scottishandrew) and also has a growing collection of images of incredible supernatural events and paranormal phenomena. E.g. the Loch Ness monster, the ghost horse of Crichton castle, Alien craft and personnel and also oceanic-looking interdimensional life.  (cafepress.com/paranormalscotland)


Andrew Hennessey is also known as a Ufologist and Paranormal researcher having appeared in various radio, TV and publications e.g. columnist for Paranormal Magazine, the Discovery Channel and American Coast to Coast radio. He was listed in a Who’s Who of Ufology in 2008 by Lafayette and also appears on the 2012 Dissident Scientists global list compiled by the Associates of the Jean DeClimont Trust for his theories on interdimensional cosmology.  He specialises in Scottish folklore and contemporary Ufo accounts from Scotland, bringing to light with footage, photography, historical comparison and reports, the Ufo hotspot at Gorebridge, 15 miles south of Edinburgh the Scottish capital.

He also operates Stargate Edinburgh Tours.com comprising;

  • A unique ‘Conspiracy and Ufo’ walking tour of Edinburgh city centre,
  • A day tour of the Ufo hotspot at Gorebridge with, in addition, the opportunity to visit several other localities e.g. Rosslyn Glen, and,
  • Stargate Edinburgh Tours also operate at selected times in the year, a full day tour to the fairy hill and churchyard of Aberfoyle where the Reverend Robert Kirk was famously abducted, later dying, after revealing the alien secrets of the faeries in his famous treatise ‘the Secret Commonwealth of elves, fauns and faeries’ in 1697AD

Andrew Hennessey is the founder in 2007 of Xenopolitics, a sceptical dialogue with the exopolitical alien contact movement. Xenopolitics attempts to lobby or pressure exopolitics into producing a legitimate manifesto in the public interest which would also cater for the legitimate rights of those abused by alien contact.

He will be bringing out his book on Ufo’s and the Paranormal in 2013, called ‘Alien Encounters and the Paranormal’ – which tells the story of his journey through the paranormal and Ufology and some of the conclusions that he has reached.


About ScottishAndrew

Contemporary Scottish fiddle player, Scottish ceilidh dance caller, folk music composer, Ufologist, natural and supernatural photographer and tour operator, digital artist and designer, writer and columnist - interested in cosmology and 5th generation computation without the 'Halting problem' !! THE SCOTTISH ANDREWVERSE Ceilidh musician and man of dance Investigator of paranormal circumstance Composer of art and pictures and tunes And researcher of old Scottish stones and runes Cosmic conundrums and landing on the Moon ...


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