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The Dark Tower at Rosslyn Cloning Labs

Ironic but true, Dryden tower is built in a place that was called Paradise in the 18th century just above where the cloning laboratory at Rosslyn now sits. From the apocryphal Book of Enoch, the Enochian fable goes that Atlantis a powerful and magical hitek Empire of which Scotland was a geographical part was once a paradise but pursued fallen arts such as cloning dark hybrids and chimeras then fell into desolation and was then punished by Gods anger.
Atlantis became a dry and desolate den of beasts practising fallen arts.
Ironically enough the Cloning research labs of mankind are situated also in or near a place that was historically known as ‘Paradise’. The only obvious evidence of the old name of Paradise at Rosslyn is that the old placename is preserved in ‘paradykes road’ adjacent to the tower at Loanhead. .. check out the Tolkeinesque Dark tower architectural folly or monument just above the cloning labs. By co-incidence or irony or some dark humour that seems to suggest that our earth was once a paradise and now a dry and barren den with a dark tower – sounds like Lord of the Rings to me !! 🙂

This is but ONE of MANY connections to the Lord of the Rings in plain view at Edinburgh.

What is JRR Tolkein saying about central Scotland ? In the Lord of the Rings – Aragorn from the Dunedain = name for Edinburgh, Orcs were a Pictish tribe from Fife, Stone of Destiny stone of Erek= black stone of Erec at the paths of the dead, real King Loth of the Lothians = Lothlorien, goblin halls are in Gifford – stewards of gondor = Stewarts/stewards of Scotland. is there something behind all of this story the Lord of the Rings. The place that was on 18th century maps of the area at the cloning lab at rosslyn that used to be called paradise is now called Dryden and has a dark tower – is that lile the fall of atlantis – a garden paradise that fell because of cloning abominations by the nephilim mentioned in the book of enoch at the time of atlantis.
Orcs of Scotland. unite? Pytheas of Massilia visited Britain probably sometime between 322 and 285 BC and described it as being triangular in shape, with a northern tip called Orcas. This may have referred to Dunnet Head, from which Orkney is visible. Writing in the 1st century AD, the Roman geographer Pomponius Mela called the islands Orcades, as did Tacitus in AD 98, claiming that his father-in-law Agricola had “discovered and subjugated the Orcades hitherto unknown” although both Mela and Pliny had previously referred to the islands.

Our Rosslyn chapel bloodline grail man is Sinclair – the Earl of Orcus – those pesky Orcs – created by the powers of darkness etc according to the book of Enoch at the fall of Atlantis – those dark hybrids perhaps commemorated at Rosslyn cloning lab which was built in a place that was once called paradise on 18th century maps but is now called Dryden – a dry den and has a big black dark looking tower built there called Dryden tower …..

Lord of the Rings could well be an allegory for some issues from atlantean and scottish mythology from books that few members of the public have had access to e.g. the book of Glasgow cathedral and Nennius mention the start of the [Tolkeinesque] Third Age.

I once visited a social evening at the Masonic club at Shrubhill on Leith walk and there was a one man cabaret act on with a man in a white spangly suit and during one of his numbers one of the ladies shouted out ‘gaun yersel Bilbo Baggins !!’ [Bilbo being the discoverer of the evil ring] – so its in the psyche as it were.


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