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I often thought that I knew it all.
In black and white hard work and persistence and sowing the seeds of labour and endeavour bring the rewards – so the fairy tale goes of the great capitalist western dream.
Rational logical guys will sit about in 1950-1970’s Seattle at Lockheed, reporting to greys and other assorted non-human personnel and with the fruits of fifty PhD’s would bring about or almost bring about the American Deep Space Platform – the Interstellar voyages of 1970’s America.
Unified field theories of Constrained Undulating Motion would predict passages through stargate wormholes to allegedly distant interstellar destinations.
Whole American government departments dreaming the American dream devote the best of the best to the great UFO hoax – building with rivets and soldering irons very pale imitations of what the ruling species on this planet the nephilim have for millennia kept hidden from view in their caves.
Why therefore re-invent the wheel ?
The hearts and minds of many Americans and other nationalities would be given over to the great demonic confidence trick – as they welded together millstones for their souls,

In the meantime in 1950’s USA, alleged Pleaideans from Venus with small ships made out of plate steel and rivets – no bigger than a World War 1 zeppelin blimp type aircraft would allege their distant fraternity amidst allegations of glamour from small flying tin cans whilst in the 21st century with human expectations so much greater and educated by science fiction and fantasy the sky and solar system and sun itself appear to be crawling with sophisticated ships constructed to enormous scale and artistry.
Weird holographic monsters appear on NASA pictures of Mars amidst great doubt about the truth of received data from allegedly distant and controllable sources.
A 21st century NASA satellite sends back an entirely new computer language as if from a new software and operating system. Although this gets dismissed as a bug – as we all know ‘rubbish in rubbish out’ – its impossible for a mere calculating machine to write itself a new software and operate with it.

During the 20th century era of B Movie endeavour – no science from Tesla would be allowed, no electrogravity, nothing free, no free energy machines, no cancer cures, no technology that would clean and purify the earth – only the dirty nuclear ashes of combustion and fission and entropy.

It often seems that the world as we know it is a deliberate exercise in spiritual disease and negation.

The majority of folks cannot relate to this – there are plenty rational and successful business models – plenty examples of everything comfortably working and people comfortably submitting to a tide of materialism and dehumanisation and hedonism.
In such a world there are winners and losers.
The winners can shop till they drop … the losers drop because they cannot afford to shop.

So few people are aware that their minds are being programmed into base demonic frequencies – and they are comfortably numb if they do not move their vision elsewhere or look up to Heaven.
In the middle of the grey archons faerie hive logic parade the anunnaki devils or reptilians and in that light – the goal that any human being of the race of Adam can hope for is a free soul following a free spirit and mind.

The majority of people in and of the world therefore are content with their lot – that all is functioning normally and that putting in honest effort brings economic results because that is the normal and expected thing that will happen from operating the social system.
When I first became self-employed as a musician I ran a small music agency for bands like my own called Chieftain Live Music Agency and it had a nice and obvious advert in the Entertainment Agency section of the yellow pages in competition with many others. If people wanted a good Scottish band for their wedding they would know where to come. The advert was adjacent to several other Scottish sounding adverts but in the two years I operated Chieftain live music agency it received only 5 telephone calls per annum compared with the hundreds of monthly calls known to be received by the other similar sounding music agencies adjacent to my own similar looking and sounding advert.
Bad luck I thought – so I renamed my music agency in the third year North Star Music Agency which put its good looking substantial advert near the opposite end of the list competing with a piping agency based in an entirely other small town than the Capital city where I was based.
People were basically phoning a bagpiper next to my advert to obtain a Scottish dance band service he wasn’t principally advertising in their hundreds and again a similar story that over the next two years of trading I averaged only 5 business telephone enquiries per annum – whereas other Scottish sounding agencies were fielding hundreds.
There isn’t a rational way to explain that – in the four years trading as a music agency I had amassed about 20 telephone enquiries whereas others were bettering over one thousand in that same time period.
What stopped people from choosing my phone number – what did these people think or feel as they bypassed those numbers to phone the others.
What was psychically going on there – what intuition led them away.

What sort of demonic soup were my aspirations continually battling against ?

It wasn’t till later when I saw these demonic archons/greys/faeries devastate my new multimedia computers that I realised that life wasn’t being very fair and that the actual goals of being alive were not really what they tell you on TV.

When whole dangerous looking social dramas that look like scenes from Miami Vice can manifest out of nothing in a quiet parkland in mid summer in a moment an area with zero visible population suddenly gets a whole team of underworld archetypes where probabilities and chances are being altered – it becomes more obvious that satan and its world isn’t out there to make me look and feel successful or at ease.
It can’t get my soul with its selection of junk in the world of ‘everything’ so it tries to deny me temporal victory in the world.

Victory is not to live in regret for what we think might have or should have been as there is no such thing as ‘should’ in this demonically infested realm.

Victory is not to amass a material fortune or a ton of material attachments – it is to remain centred in Christ our human and loving pattern – not bellowing in frustration at my alleged worldly failures. Victory in Christ is not to lose a sense of inner peace and grace – but to pray for my brothers and sisters on the road, to give assistance.
Victory is not fame or worldly accolade or buying into social illusions – it is the love and fellowship of the Holy Spirit, the Saints and Angels, and God’s loving providence.

The great hoax is that worldly goals and aspirations are achievable through hard work and honest endeavour – but then God doesn’t necessarily want us to have the attachments of worldly materialism and our souls dragged down into the mire.

Day and night though the nihilism that is satan is working away in the world hoping to trip us in regrets – but every time we look beyond this world and upwards to Heaven and our eternal family of brothers and sisters – we strip evil of its dominion.
Shining the light of truth on the great demonic hoax – it evaporates like a dark vampire that has been trying to mine our souls.
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