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the demonic encounter and hive matrix logic

The Demonic Encounter and how the human race can be assimilated in software

Many correctly agree that a person is demonized. Some of these observers of the patent demonic, will-weakening, intellect dimming, addictive behavior assume nature/nurture causation where nature is only human physiology. Much of nature of demons depends on two sets of evidence exorcist Deliverance Minister Stella Davis has gathered over last 30 years.

Little 3 foot grey guys milling around can interdimensionally transform into demons in flesh – but not penetrating the victims soul/spirit.

Stella does not use terms “transform”, “translate”, or “reincarnate” to describe demons, and she has witnessed demons in the air unable to breakthrough barrier of holy Salt and holy Water.

In her book on Spiritual Warfare Stella describes her first deliverance where demons where jumping out of a grandmother and onto 5 year old granddaughter. Stella at first did not direct expelled demons to foot of Cross for disposal by Jesus, later though when she directed them to the foot of Christ’s cross for disposal they never came back.

Greys transforming interdimensionally to orbs and entering flesh and demonizing person must either be under intelligent free will direction or also automatically swarming to feed by nihilism..

Using observation of demonization it is difficult to distinguish between one demon that metastasizes into many versus many demons that enter one person over time.

In an example of many demons entering or re-entering a person the possibilities are several. A devil, a fallen angel, can interdimensionally place and direct demons (using a process of Remote Viewing) proximal to but not yet in the flesh of a person. Devils use free will, and superior intellect together with their retained angelic soul-power to target down through the generations of a family (intergenerational demonization) perhaps in some instances as Fr Pacwa speculates because of the genetic proclivities, of each generation.

Some observers [Ferguson, F] suggest that Demons on their own can not make correct timely decision to transform themselves into orbs and enter particular flesh, but Hennessey would suggest that the process is not about intelligent decision or deliberation, consideration and analysis as it pertains to human intellect.
The Demons swarm like angry bees around their victims and probably hook on to the human energies via a process of colour schematics and perceived low frequency weaknesses somewhat like feeding/pollinating insecta in nature.
The process is as automatic and physical as getting wet with water – we don’t compliment water on its intelligence for getting under our arms.
The stripping and feeding process can be directed more specifically by Devils, but generally the demons themselves don’t need to be intellectually informed how to feed – for them it is a natural stripping and annulment of the souls of their victims.

It is possible that demons jump out of a person, reincarnate as a grey in some shell, then transform again to a specialized orb. These orbs or will o the wisps from medieval times have been seen entering and leaving UFO’s.

There are some possibilities as to the source of the demonic attacks.
1. The insecta swarm model could have demons so omnipresent in much greater number that they enter people based on proximity, or,
2. devils observing and directing demons (that have no free will or soul) that have swarmed and overridden a person or
3. a devil directing in place general purpose greys who transforms to orbs directed to enter particular target of devil.

Even if latter is one-black-bird where all birds are alleged to be white then fallen angels with free will and souls exist.

Frank Ferguson states that ‘… generational demonization requires multiple free will decisions . . . decisions for example in the situation of a baptized child require conservation of power on the part of a devil.’

Specialization in demonization occurs if the attack strategy is intergenerational.

Demonic artificially intelligent adaptation of the greys without a devil’s direction cannot happen according to Frank Ferguson, though I would disagree with that because there is an assumption that the stripping process is somehow based on our human understanding of intelligence. Human interpretation of its specific nihilism projects intelligent human interpretation on it because the demonic stripping process is specifically countering our intelligent attitudes and habits.
There are no or very little demonic thought processes required to do what appears to be highly intelligent things however, only the distortion and ripping away of coloured spots in the human aura. Much the same way that a bee takes pollen from a flower – our intelligent investments – however meaningful they are to the plants life processes are ripped away in a mechanistic and physical and automatic way.
This has the effect of distorting our human intelligence and twisting about our psychology and our attitudes and our human investments and securities and insecurities – but for the demonic life form/death form – the whole process can be rendered down to the manipulation of colour.
Its just that for the human – considerable sophisticated thought has gone into these psychological investments that the demons see as grains of colour to be taken like bees take pollen.
Devils or the demonic hive hierarchy directing this automatic and mechanical process from the demons could create more problems for the human being in their social context and could create ruptures in the soul life of the individual. In this case the more automatic demonic stripping process is being used by the devil or hive hierarchy like a specific abrasive or stripping tool.

Devil and demonic specialisation on human excesses emerge from the engineered insecurities in life. The moment one of our seven types of sin e.g. gluttony, lechery etc trait disappeared in the target, then the attacking demon would use context sensitive information to target another human weakness almost instantaneously .. not because they are pondering about it – at least the drones probably do not – or that they also need a devil to tell them to do that – but because what we see intellectually as a sophisticated ideology that seems to take a lot of deliberation and analysis etc – for them its probably all a matter of frequency and colour to do with one or another human process.

People may wonder how it is that the demonic can model human life processes and create some sort of hive matrix model of human life. I present a brief model below to illustrate how human beings can be mapped and therefore attacked by the demonic greys and their hive matrix infrastructure.
This model is part of the grand unity theory metaphysics called tripartite essentialism – which is the basis for the operating system at the heart of all the startrek technology we see on TV that seems to do amazing things as if by logical magic.

Here is an excerpt from the piece on modelling society for AI purposes.
It assumes biological existentialism or behaviourism.
It also briefly shows how any human process can be rendered into ones and zeros for AI purposes.

The psychological expectations, abilities and realities of the species operating within their social remit can be classified and evaluated using anthropomorphic constructs.
The male and female form are aspects of a microcosm that reflect in their outward garb and appearance both personal and social viability.
The Male and Female psychological states, driven by the endocrine system and its sexual hormones also produce some physiological transitional states of relative; gender activity, roles and reproductive and peer group success.

My personal view is that the soul exists but its loving empowerment does not drive social and personal life but is dragged into sensate transactions that are ultimately selfish and self-demeaning.
This section of the work truly refers to people in a state of being that is dependent on the world of matter for their cues. These people as current psychiatry would suggest are driven by biological and biochemical necessity.
I believe, however, unlike current science, that for most there are varying degrees of influence of both soul and biology.
This section deals with the influences of biological determinism without reference to soul. A soul-less and un-loving stance some may say, but here defined is a relative bottom line from which we know that we can choose to deviate. In so deviating we can more easily identify the works of the human soul and its need for God.

Humanity tends to wear its psychological state upon its form in the manner of clothing and also in its selection of social and personal umbrella.
It can be seen to be searching out symmetry and opposites within its sexual and intellectual social groupings, and has a very high drop out for social failures in the technological and high population parts of the planet that are the most competitive.
The anthropoid species operates in terms of the execution of directives in response to; environment, nutrition levels, competition and availability of mating.
In terms of an anthropomorphic ‘meaning map’ of its own perceived biological identity and capacity, even reduced to descriptors of the most basic chemical levels of performance and in terms of its perceived social and environmental process, – the ‘legs’ are the carrier vehicle for its identity and its ‘feet’ as the obstacle engagement process in the act of its transit.
The sexually differentiated area of either gender are the keys to successful social process, therefore, at a biological level the psychology of efficient access for each potential target can be deduced from the psychological keys in the colour and morphology of the choice of clothing.
The human waist, of either sex, if slim, promises social efficiency.
The upper body, chest and ‘shoulders’ indicative of the strength of and or capacity of the social role of the biological being.
The human social interphase, appendages or ‘arms’ enable it to operate within its social context, and its digits ‘fingers’ may or may not deliver high precision efficiency at any social process according to levels of social entrainment and expectation.
The lower head – or ‘jaw’ is indicative of social elocution and efficiency, where the male may consume by dictate any social obstacle to release its energy using a process and feeding behaviour called ‘language’.
High efficiency of this process usually creates a square or cubical effect in the jaw of the male, and in the female, the reverse is true, where inefficiency and non-contradiction are required for efficient coupling. In the female or submissive social morphology or gender type, the most able nesting partner has a rounded or triangular jaw so as not to provoke acts of attention and linguistic feeding from any social process.
The presence or absence of Human hair on the head of either male or female may signify strength or weakness or ability in any given context where hair can represent well-tended social and nutritional abundance in some situations or an encumbrance in others that are more competitive.

It has been found that choice of colour does indicate either depression or excitation, [Lüscher, M] and that the relative tightness and constriction of any clothing and wrapping may allude to psychological tensions within social situations and peer group competition.
Tight leggings in the male may emphasise phenotypic and psychological mobility and strength, or in a weaker male physique and personae, insecurity and social dysfunction.
In female personae, tight wrapping and restrictions suggest encumbrance that could be interpreted in terms of; biological viability, peer group and psychological inviability, social viability or social inviability depending on the available liberty within financial and class structures.
Loose clothing suggestive of unencumbered life styles, may also point to inefficiency within the individuals social education when used inappropriately e.g. an individual wearing long heavy sleeves operating a technological factory unit.
Female psychology may be read in terms of its accessibility to a process of breeding and social mobility as demonstrated by clothing styles and other nest-building acquisitions and aspirations derived during its youthful socialisation period.
20th Century female fashion sometimes tended to portray the female as vulnerable. Intentions and marketing within footwear tended to raise female executive intentions to inefficient heights off the ground using raised ‘heels’ under the feet.
In terms of social industry however, the executive intentions indicative of pheromonic oestrus and the signalling of intention to breed for the good of the nest could be used in other more complex social strategies that facilitated non-reproductive evolution.
In having a lower centre of gravity and greater stability, and perhaps less decorative and more durable displays therefore, Male footwear tends to facilitate more immediate commitments to both personal rigour and change.
Human infrastructure can be classified by caste system, as can the infrastructure vehicles of; factory, home and car.
This will aid the classification of the target by incorporating a psychological profile of his/her social potential and expectations, both by colour, [social attitude; where high frequency colours represent positive and low frequency colours represent negative [Lüscher, M]]. Streamlining efficiency: – the degree of streamlining such that growth and material projection can be efficiently marshalled and extended within efficient levels of tolerance of environmental change within; factory, home and car – gives a good indicator of projected social aspirations within these contexts.
To represent facility and its capacity to progress and perform evolutionary movement in any necessary direction as having no streamlining, or no tolerance for environmental change indicates a very negative approach to growth and efficiency in an entropy ridden Universe.
The structures of; factory, home and car may also have a low or high centre of gravity, conveying relative degrees of capacity to perform actual; practical or impractical social applications.

The amount of available space within; factory, home or car is indicative of the life’s capacity for adaptation and the power of its financial turnover and financial engine will reflect on its capacity for crisis management and management of any crisis to its integrity.

In times of social stress and disintegrity, distortion may become visibly incorporated into both local and regional lifestyles during identifiable patterns of industrial change.

Distortions may be visibly emerged within the artefacts, tools and information processes of; lifestyle i.e. patterns of eating and dressing, working and the viability of artefact manufacture.
Distortion also may enter into agreements within cultural and recreational activities, relationships between parents and children and also generally impact on personal and peer group life-chances. E.g. patterns of infant mortality, physical and mental illness, childlessness, marital conflict, separation and divorce and in general, the opportunity for well being that would make them socially sustainable and viable appears fatalistic.
Industrially, this may also result in unfalsifiable research and lack of method and conduct within industrial rules.
Unsuccessful approaches and strategies to future social roles, artefact and information manufacture, and to patterns of explorative research would indicate that they have embraced the potential nihilism of dysfunction.

Seeing such social systems within a nested ecosystem of social relativity between all magnitudes and kinds of containers, in all social strata and between nested sets of rules and agreements that regulated the production of personal and social; artefacts, information and behaviour – a description of a meta-language of social function may be arrived at for the purpose of modelling.

The social good therefore can be defined in terms of all legitimate actions and events that aid the process of; nurture and the sustenance of the social equilibrium and its bridging activities within any given social context.
A universal social context for an individual, is, (with the ‘a priori’ assumption of a legitimate social order) that a philosophy of nurturing social and self-regulation can satisfy all the requirements of the; bridging activities, tool, information and artefact production of the deviant. both as a producer and consumer.

The social umbrella, therefore, can be designated in any context at time1 as having integrity or no-integrity in relation to either; itself and its environs and, or, the individual. and his environs.
Similarly, within the legitimacy of class structures and occupations, social regulations as legitimately imposed can also be denoted as having nurturing integrity, or, no integrity. This then forms the basis of tripartite modelling.

Similarly within peer groups and occupations, irrespective of class, The individual. would experience either a feeling of a presence or absence of integrity.
Although not an immediate issue in terms of social recourse for his psychopathology, has the deviant also a legitimate complaint to make against his society?

In terms of isolation from an academically defined reality for instance and the levels of occupational finance needed to maintain it, is the world of the individual. suffering from delusion caused by the lack of realistic expectations and definition from the failure of unrealistic and unsustainable bridging activity?
The attempt to maintain an umbrella of personal systemic biological and therefore psychological nurture against the competitive stress of bridging activities [BA] and a free-market economy is down to personal and legitimate choice.
Has the individual made an inappropriate choice of lifestyle commitment as a consumer, such that he has compromised his biological systemic integrity, and therefore, the security of his wellbeing.
Further, has the individual. now become a danger to his peer group and to society?
An evaluative procedural model follows with which to investigate this idea in terms of chemical structuralism and systemic integrity.
The context for the analysis is a facilitative social welfare process.
The adaptation of [T] and its tripartite principles for psychological diagnostics will be described in terms of:

the tripartite language [G]. assumptions in relation to integrity/disintegrity.

1.0 Every social and personal system is nested within another
system whether physical or psychological.
2.0 Every system is a container of and for energies of one
context, designed by evolutionary need to hold and process
the energies of a lesser self-regulating system.
3.0 The processing of energies takes place through the meso
such that its structure and mechanics e.g. organs, can
compartmentalise, and invest in by; anabolism or
catabolism and other structural orientations and aggregate
responses, the precursors that have emerged from the
lesser contextual idiom. The lesser idiom is incorporated by
the greater systemic complexity such that the uptakes
using the greatest bridging gradients available at time1 can
be fulfilled.

4.0 A systemic container is either sound or not sound in any
given context. [C] V [not.C]

5.0 A container is constantly augmented to maintain its
function or not. [F] V [not.F]

6.0 A container provides potential for evolution or does not
provide life chances. [P] V [not.P]

7.0 The negation of [C, F, P] i.e. [not.C, not.F, not.P] implies
that the factors causally exist for the purposes of Logic. i.e.
the fact that they can be rationally refuted make them for
the purposes of [T], empirically valid and discernibly
‘a priori’ for any social identity in every social system.

8.0 The active participation of the individual’s social identity in
its social bridging activities and local feeding gradients and
other non-local demands from bridging activities arising
from the social exploitation of its resource base will result
in the manufacture of a bridge down which a transference
of energy will flow from the target resources to sustain the

In human society, the set [C, F, P] for; Container, Function and Product have the attributes of [Cx, Fy, Pz], where the properties of
[x, y, z] can belong to numerous social domains e.g. in a telic sense:
1. Information technology, 2. Biology, 3. Chemistry.

The Meta-Language [G].

MESO F F Fy Fy F F Fy Fy

The organisation and development of Bridging Activities by; tools, artefacts and information releases feeding energies at various velocities down the bridges and resolutions of the interface constructs to the actively exploitative system at time1.
There are various bridges built to exploit the aggregate ratios, scales and interactivities by various domains, properties and identities within human activity. These take the form of many kinds of perceptible artefacts, tools and intellectual processes derived from many aggregates, scales and social aspects of both society, information and being.
Human Society is berthed upon the intelligent perception of and agreement with the integrity of; chemical processes, biological processes and information evaluation through the production and storage of artefacts, tools and information on a common platform.

All of these things and the processes within them can be similarly rendered into ones and zeros in tripartite metaphysics, using the form of the metalanguage [G] above.


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