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Omnipotent Exopolitics

Omnipotent Exopolitics

Exopolitics it seems is currently hardening its stance towards those who have witnessed and experienced negative trauma inflicted by negative alien/demonic agencies.
It has as a movement focussed on promoting a false sense of magical self-empowerment and entitlement and godhood for the human being.
Advocates of this system of belief are unable to produce empirical evidence of their alleged omnipotence, instead though they feel themselves in a position to berate and castigate those who have been attacked by negative entities as being victims of their own souls disease.

Exopolitics has emerged an apologism for the activities of negative aliens: Somehow, because our souls were impure, we had created the reality of being an alien victim and we had got what we asked for, or deserved. This blame-the-victim reality creation ideology has been associated with much of the flaming on some exopolitical forums.

For example, this post, p4c # 6018 by Stephen Calkins, suggests that these human victims were asking for it – a quite common theme on the Exopolitical scene generally:

Hi Cassie, Ray and P4Cer’s, While people may “appear” to be “out of control” or “victims” to circumstances or other individuals, (i.e., abductees taken without their permission, etc.), they are at the same time, (from their higher consciousness), aware of their choices, and are wilfully playing their role(s) as the “masters of limitation.” (i.e., a true master of reality creation, and thus able to choose to limit itself, in such a way as to experience victimhood. Basically, we are choosing to evolve, and as we do we will less and less express the need to experience negative/limiting manifestations.

Dr Salla in this post to Wynderer clearly endorses the ideology of all humans creating their own reality according to their own spiritual level. Dr Salla’s post # 41719 on the prepare4contact yahoo forum:

Hello Wynderer, I think we need to revisit the idea of conducting regular group meditations/exercises. More people are desiring to change the world by coming together in small groups and envisaging positive outcomes. The growth in literature around the power of positive intention, e.g., Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Bradden, etc., suggest this is an area we need to keep working on as a group.

Also leading exopolitical figures such as Paola Harris wish to fight the ‘Fear Based Research’ and demonic sounding witness testimonies of people like Paul Schroeder and myself, Andrew Hennessey – who both have at least photographic evidence of our harassers.
A case in point is the story of Paul Schroeder and his catalogue of outrageous and grievous alien behaviour targeting his person against his ongoing personal wishes, hopes and aspirations. Paul has been shown the internal mechanics of these Grey starships and facilities, describes memories of surgical procedures and of being implanted and will describe himself as being covertly milked of his soul essences. He also has demonic dreams of being assailed by the most brutal and horrible dehumanising experiences by the Greys. His faith keeps him alive and human.

Paola Harris maintains that a senior demonologist has said that satan has nothing to do with UFO’s ….‘Monsignor Corrado Balducci who was a demonologist and also my good friend said to me plainly “The Devil has nothing to do with UFO’S”…’
The demonologist though is using an absolute and universal term when he says that the devil never ever uses ufos – how would he presume to know the mind of satan ?

Dr Harris then maintains, as does other exopoliticians like Dr Richard Boylan that perhaps negative attacks from negative ET’s or Interdimensional beings is an aspect of psychology and negative mental health.
This loading of traumatised human victims of alien attacks with the diagnosis of dementia is an illustration of how wretched exopolitics has become.
Elsewhere it has been said by the army of anonymous agents on youtube that people demonising greys can produce not one shred of evidence. That sort of statement is untrue – many victims in this multimedia age have collected at least images of their tormentors. Not any paranoia limited to their mental states therefore but an empirical phenomenon.

Exopoliticians though are quick to embrace another aspect of human psychological disease called (Clinically) Omnipotence of Thought (and exopolitically) Reality Creation.
Dr Salla in this post on his p4c forum to Wynderer clearly endorses the ideology of all humans creating their own reality according to their own spiritual level. Dr Salla’s post # 41719 on the prepare4contact yahoo forum:

Hello Wynderer, I think we need to revisit the idea of conducting regular group meditations/exercises. More people are desiring to change the world by coming together in small groups and envisaging positive outcomes. The growth in literature around the power of positive intention, e.g., Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Bradden, etc., suggest this is an area we need to keep working on as a group.

Clinically, in psycho analysis which is not exactly the most honest science on the planet, omnipotence of thought is a diagnosis of neurosis.

‘The belief that ideas are all-powerful is inherent in animistic thought and belief systems but also common in obsessional neurosis, where the same kind of magical thinking occurs as a symptom. It consists in the belief that one can transform or influence the external world through one’s thoughts alone.’
From http://www.enotes.com/psychoanalysis-encyclopedia/omnipotence-thoughts

If we were to be more honest though – we all know that by the power of sympathetic resonance we can resonate with other objects and beings. This is used in a dark way in the practise of Voodoo and sympathetic magic. (Frazer, the Golden Bough]
An aspect of a demonic curse is discussed by exorcist Stella Davis in her book on Spiritual Warfare.
Heart felt sympathy and resonance (john 15) is also a positive and spiritually fulfilling and uplifting event in the sacrament of the Christian Mass.

Although David Icke and leading exopolitical lights preach reality creation as a means to escape alien and alleged human oppression we have to take stock of the advice.

Icke will already admit that superprocessing reptilians can control the reality of their own holograms in real time, flit between dimensions and generally recite the encyclopaedia backwards if they had to.
Icke will also admit that human DNA – does not enable the human being to do similar things as the multitasking reptilian/Nephilim.

The fragile unsighted human being is in truth in a dangerous energy jungle.

In a worldy environment where a senior exorcist consultant to the Vatican, Stella Davis reports a monastery being circled by demonic looking beings that look like greys – being held off by the power of prayer – we are in a world generally infiltrated by a hive legion of hitek demonic greys.
This has been reported throughout the centuries in folklore accounts by MM Banks, Rev Kirk, Grimm, Campbell, Their mutating holographic vehicles are documented later in the 20th Century by John Keel and Brad Steiger and in the 21st Century by Andrew Hennessey. We are presented with a well documented phenomenon that shows us the greys by various historic names are in and about our daily lives.
Despite exopoliticians attempting to divorce the demonic data from the UFO phenomenon as some sort of religious affectation – historic data even from the dark magician Alasteir Crowleigh in his Lam encounters very much show the demonic on earth to also have UFO-type technology.
I cannot conceive of any human being who would knowingly conceal from the general public the fact that the greys have been shown to be historically demonic and technology users.
This demonic negative involvement with mankind is also shown in the ‘alien guidance system’ worked on by Ralph Ring and Otis Carr in their bilocating experimental space ship. It went somewhere and the crew returned with rocks in their pocket but they had no idea of where they had been and what they had done. Although their ship glowed turquoise which is meant to be spiritually significant – they had not been given the gift of recall – it was more like they had been abducted.
In this sort of global environment therefore people like Icke are urging us to change our reality as if we were Harry Potter even when the Book of Enoch reports that the fallen angels or Nephilim were barred from heaven because they taught those same worthless arts to the race of Adam.

How can relatively disempowered human beings enact complex magical works with mathematical precision with such demonic and evil hacking taking place in the human will ?
Magic is maybe for the Nephilim and their descendants – but it is a fruitless pursuit for the race of Adam unless it is based in the love of God and our love for our fellow brothers and sisters.

The New Testament is very clear about the power of Christian faith and what it can achieve.

Matthew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.
Luke 17:6 And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you.

However it is certain that the reality that a Christian is to create is not one full of worldly possessions and attachments. That the only reality worth having after the world has thrown all of its ills around us is the reality of eternal life in a better and more fulfilling mansion in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The other aspect of life on Earth for many is divine intercession – and I came across a wonderful story the other day about a man called Frank Burns in 1993 in Kirkcaldy in Scotland who was a musician who was a catholic and went round the old folks homes and hospitals entertaining and doing charity work.
He was diagnosed with cancer – and there were thirty or so people who knew that his medical condition was terminal and that he had been given only a couple of weeks to live.
When he went back into hospital for perhaps the last time he was scanned and the surgeon proclaimed in amazement that a miracle had taken place for the cancer had completely gone. The surgeon said ‘You’ve had what can only be described as divine intervention ..’
Frank Burns went on to live for another 12 years and carried on with his life of good works till he died aged 62 in 2005.

Reality Creation therefore has a serious and important side to it – but works best for mankind when based on goodwill and works of love for one another.
Incredible interventions have protected me from the most abusive of demonic/grey phenomenon – and I always remember after what I thought had to have been some sort of fatal accident – coming back round on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood and human waste, feeling very very bad – but speaking and proclaiming in a determined manner in a strange Angelic tongue.

Instead therefore of being tempted into paranoid grandeur of magic Harry Potter style fabrications – we worked the simple magic of loving acts of kindness with one another – and by doing these little things and by loving God, our Father eternity can be our playground after we have graduated from the trials and tribulations of satanically controlled earth.

Luke 7:28 For I say unto you, Among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist: but he that is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.


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