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What do we do all day ?

What do we do all day ?

Armies in the Fire
a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson (1883)
from Childs Garden of Verses
music by Andrew Hennessey (2005)

Armies in the Fire

The lamps now glitter down the street;
Faintly sound the falling feet;
And the blue even slowly falls
About the garden trees and walls.

Now in the falling of the gloom
The red fire paints the empty room:
And warmly on the roof it looks,
And flickers on the back of books.

Armies march by tower and spire
Of cities blazing, in the fire;
Till as I gaze with staring eyes,
The armies fall, the lustre dies.

Then once again the glow returns;
Again the phantom city burns;
And down the red-hot valley, lo!
The phantom armies marching go!

Blinking embers, tell me true
Where are those armies marching to,
And what the burning city is
That crumbles in your furnaces!

I often wonder what people do when they get to the Kingdom of Heaven.
I often come across the idea from darker people that people would get bored living forever – well those who are harvesting souls want our lives to be disorientated, depressed, controlled and ripe for the taking.

However, in our Earth-mindset the human condition operates through its modes of self-expression and through available and tightly controlled redundant technologies and dystopic social standards and visions from Hollywood. Such visions are rather good at training the individual to think of his/herself as a piece of biological meat – part of a soul-less chemical or bestial eternity but that with good martial arts training our aging biochemistry can become temporarily invincible.
That’s the problem with 3 dimensional linearity though – we start practising martial arts kata – think we’re good then meet some reptilian dragon operating outside of our time space who then runs around our best moves before we can blink.
But I digress …. Heaven is a place of great works – of whole hierarchies of being called Angels – administering to Gods created souls in all sorts of differing ways.
There are lots and lots of Good and great Angels whose organised hierarchies and offices speak of a massive work in progress to liberate the human souls of mankind from the evil threshing mill of satan.
The Angelic acts can be small, relatively unnoticeable – like physically preventing a road traffic accident or the large scale undoing of desolate acts by the dark legions.
Most humans cannot notice these contributions because our minds are assailed at subtle levels by an intense interaction with a legion of aliens – a demonic swarm and a retinue of fallen Reptilians who in their disconnection from the Source, whom they hate, have an unsupplied hunger – and therefore need the life essences from intelligent soul life.

Is our time on Earth here – really about trying to evolve our local nation state from its pre-stellar inertia – or beating down the charades in science and the energy and medical industries ? or is it about the salvation of our human grace and dignity in a maelstrom of anti-life events that threaten to anger us and poison our sense of grace and peace.
If for a moment we can leave aside the worldly tinkering with the allegations of democracy and politics, the allegations of scientific progress and scientific needs, the allegations of no free energy or no star trek technology – if we were to leave those things aside – then there is another aspect of life – a life beyond here – an unworldly aspect to our soul life – that this aspect of our life is continually minute by minute challenged by disgracing and dehumanising demonic intelligences. Ordinarily people ignore the continual negating turbulence of the alien/demonic swarm even when it physically manifests as socially negating circumstances or surreal amounts of ‘bad luck’.
If we momentarily lose our cool, or aggressively respond to the outrageous – satan has managed by whatever theatrical means to trick us out of some of our real graces – our true passport to eternity.
It seems like its our mindful intentions – our will to create life our will to emerge solutions and new processes is being tested in this forge of negation but this is not truly so. It is not the area of the activity of the limited human mind that is being put to the test here – it is the strength and commitment of our loving Christian heart that is being examined .. and when we pass from the Earthrealm – with Gods help – the negating influences engaging our consciousness will be made to fall away and at that point our true capacity to create as socially loving and socially intelligent beings in a graceful way will be revealed to us.

Truly it is our hearts that are the key to Heaven – anything that can be fabricated by our human minds – however sophisticated, is but a millstone that will drag us down.

The real key to escaping the surreal outrages of Earth is to not get angry, provoked, aggressive, unsocial, ungraceful – every moment we remain centered and secure in the truth that love keeps us safe – is a victory against satan in the world.
Sure that many of us cannot succeed in the world like the adverts and films show us because we are not actually of the world – but every moment we remain happy with what we have – is a victory.

Our heads want to engage the funfair charades and games – our minds want to produce fruit – often we cannot – often we are somehow blocked, but that is where we need to take a step away from the material world.

It is our hearts that are our engine that powers our uplift and escape – we vibrate and sympathetically resonate with the most loving human pattern and example. It is not visions of tunnels and channelled confidence tricks we are falsely told to hold in our minds that will take us home away from the dark harvesters, rather it is the vision of and from the heart that will take us to our true home with the Gracefilled and loving Human family and the saving love of Christ.

At that point it becomes obvious that there was no need to learn martial arts and concern ourself with the fixed funfair games – as its all a question of the highest energy and frequency of application. Even the slowest angel could run around Bruce Lee !!

It would become fairly obvious that what was passing itself off as a slowly evolving society on earth was in fact a tightly controlled charade operated by soul-harvesting devils and their swarm of demons.
In a continually loving and socially beautiful state of being – we can then look down on the great morass of suffering that is Earth and try to help in some way. E.g. by clearing demonic obstacles on the Way of our fellow Pilgrims or to take part in some small way in the Offices of the Great Work.

For us there is a greater and better Society to come, a Kingdom of many mansions, a Kingdom of Love.
Perhaps more equipped and more informed we can return to orchestrated charades and stockpens such as the planets down the bottom of these interdimensional energy pits and take our ailing brothers and sisters home.


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