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Evil aliens are here, now ..

Evil Aliens are Here, Now
Andrew Hennessey

I don’t mind being demonised by Dr Boylan.
I feel like I have joined an elite club – a cabal of people who have identified that there are evil indigenous aliens.

The thing is that there is a current fashion of demonising human victims of alien abuse as either passive or active military assets, because being a human victim of alien abuse plays into the agenda of the military.
This because an alleged threat from space is a great opportunity to take draconian measures for a one world government. [presumably by the indigenous and so obviously culturally entrenched Draco]

More correctly stated though, with all the evil aliens here already and farming us into dysfunction and disease in a deliberate and controlled way – a threat from space is yet another contrivance with which to turn the screw on the human populations.
As if the global warming green taxes in the middle of a petite ice age weren’t sufficiently crazy or criminalizing nutrition.
No doubt some way of taxing evil alien assets ‘human contaminated’ are already being dreamed up – e.g. there was once a federal statute about confiscations etc

The main argument I have with people like Dr Greer about hoaxed alien invasions and bad human factions painting the aliens as the new terrorist threat is that their arguments are simplistic and that they are not paying attention in any way whatsoever to the abundant historical detail that evil aliens are already here from the folklore accounts from such huge compilations as;
British Calendar Customs, MM Banks, 1937, Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology, 1901, Faerie Superstitions of the Western Isles, Campbell, 1902, The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and faeries, R Kirk, 1697 etc etc

These exo politicians deny evil aliens are already here.

Indeed according to Dr Richard Boylan my ‘dark energy signature marks me out as a cabal disinformation agent’ because as one of his devotees has said – everything evil was done by 20th century nazi, NASA MILABS and no alien ever did anything bad to a human. It was just cabal agencies throughout the ages spreading dark rumours.

Also people on Dr Sallas P4C list have told me that I have attracted and created the reality of being a victim of alien abuse.

There seems to be no end to the human animacide denial. [anima is latin for soul]

I really wish that Boylan had been on the receiving end of some of the alien stuff that I have survived but then I reckon he probably knows he’s talking evil by denying the sorrow and suffrage of people like Paul Schroeder in the US – a victim of evil Greys.

The all aliens are good camp then have set out their stall to attack anyone who says a demon is bad.
Indeed if you demonise a demon then you are a military asset according to Dr Boylan.
He says that all evil aliens are actually clever human military in disguise and the historic record of evil aliens that represents thousands of years of witnessed suffrage and sorrow at the hands of demonic non-humans counts for nothing because it is all false.
This is the same academic doctor who invented the Altimarian eco-aliens, then told us they had no spaceship to show us, no means of ET contact or technology, no memories, the same doctor Boylan who allegedly travelled through time in a joint group exercise to save our planet from disaster. I don’t trust Dr Boylan’s definition of false.

Dr Salla though although conceding some aliens are evil, doesn’t think we should get angry at their behaviour in case it infringes their alleged human rights – or is that ‘rights to humans ?’

The ground has been laid therefore to totally demonise anyone who has got anything bad to say about non-human entities.
The military has something bad to say about evil aliens [even though some of the military have to be evil aliens themselves !].
I personally object to the behaviour of evil aliens that I have identified.
I do therefore have something in common with the military when I say that some aliens are evil.
The fact that I’m witnessing evil aliens doesn’t logically make me a military employee or asset. Especially when I’m on record saying that the whole planet is run by the evil Nephilim or fallen who can wear human guise in all human offices.

I’m a witness to logic more than I am being useful to militarism.

Whereas you expect the military of Earth [Reptilian shapeshifters or not] to eternally create enemies to keep themselves 1. in a job e.g. Darth Laden, after all lots of cash on the table for the weapons gravy train or 2. another more grim reason for endless war and attrition is not the money but the pain itself in the life-essences spilled and farmed in sorrow.

There is ONE very important fact that some PhD academics advising on alleged exopolitics totally disregard.

No-one in their right mind can say it and mean it – that all aliens are good.
Most especially in Logic 101 – the basis of sanity, when we say ALL – we are talking about Every single instance of what we are referring to in the entire infinite multiverse. Ie. We are using a Universal.
In order to assert that All aliens are Good – someone would have to have gone and met them all to know that – and that is totally impossible, even for aliens with millions of years of data at their disposal.
No-one, not Dr Boylan or Dr Greer could pass any academic exam making that statement that all aliens are good.
It is an assertion that the infinite is known – it’s a non-sequitur – it does not and cannot follow.

As far as the whitewash brigade go -you cannot blame every single evil alien event in human history on 20th century human military in concrete bunkers.
Half right though – because evilly behaving beings that look human could either be Anunnaki shapeshifters or skinwalkers or Greys wearing human holograms and would have traditionally lived under the hills [and cities].

Now I know Stephen Hawking joined some weird Rosicrucian-like club and that I’m not that happy with his keeping with the Einsteinian paradigm when obviously ships like the electrogravity TR3B are flying on unified Tesla but Hawking did say this recently.
He suggests that aliens might simply raid Earth for its resources and then move on: “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach.”
He concludes that trying to make contact with alien races is “a little too risky”. He said: “If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”

Looking around for evidence of Hawking’s massive ships – we just have to look at the NASA soho sun cameras to see Jupiter-sized artificial and designed objects.
Mind you judging what NASA has been getting sent from Mars – pictures that include a busy and diverse alien spaceport, a martian babe combing her tresses on a rock and a giant gopher in a donkey jacket – I wouldn’t leave our objective view of the universe to the issuances of NASA.
They and/or aliens are clearly excellent at graphic arts and holograms.

Even so, Hawking isn’t stupid.
But of course the military want to create Darth Laden.

According to LC Vincent the essence of the plan to demonize nice aliens is simple: create an anonymous enemy “out there” in the limitless void of space. As Dr. Greer explains: “By commingling fact with fiction, and by hoaxing UFO events that can look terrifying, The Plan is to eventually create a new, sustainable, off-planet enemy… Wernher von Braun warned of such a hoax, as a pretext for putting war in space.


However, although painting some aliens as evil totally fits in with the plans of the human and reptilian military – there is nothing wrong with that assertion.
There have to be – by logic and by common sense – evil aliens – and plenty close to home over the last few millennia.

Its insane to say that every single witness account in human history that paints non-human beings in a bad light is because there was a complete blanket conspiracy by agents of the cabal on every single thing that got published or remembered.

I go with the millennial conspiracy of blueblood nephilim/anunnaki amongst the human population playing god with their turbo-charged powers.
Its true that these human looking beings could get hold of humans and make them think aliens were evil. Because the abductors were in fact evil aliens that looked human.

Where I differ with the human nation state military warmongers and the protestors against the weaponization of space is that the problem and the reaction and the solution in my opinion is based on a fantasy problem.
There can be no human nation state militarisation of space.

The ruling Nephilim would not permit this in any national or multinational format because such things as nations and multinations are theatrical fictions with which to engineer contentions and pains amongst those they are farming for essences.

Logistically, the best any human reality can produce in this context would be a cheap joke.
Rather like our perspective on the primitive computational power of the Apollo space program today in fact.
They would have to sell a solar systems stockpile worth of drugs to build a weapon with enough juice and shields and sensitivity to even approach one of these alleged Jupiter sized ships parked close around the sun. There isn’t a multinational company trading solely on Earth that is big enough to build such kit that could defend from a fleet of Jupiter-sized ships of the kind allegedly on view around the sun.

Despite what Robert Dean the United Nations military whistleblower says about how dedicated Uncle Sam is in wanting to get into space – matters are not in human hands when it comes to preserving the status quo on this planet.
The status quo is neither human or united or national – it is united nephilim.

As I’ve said elsewhere and as other people can see [LC Vincent] ….
“The knowledge that technology may exist today which would end the need for mining, drilling, refinement and distribution of oil, gas, and coal, as well as traditional nuclear energy; which could usher in a new age for the entire human race while eliminating the pretexts for the endless wars which have roiled our planet for the last two hundred years, must give us pause to ponder.
This alternate scenario, that of free energy, of peace, plenty and prosperity and the elimination of pollution forces us to face the dark core of evil wherein the ironically named “Illuminati” reside. For despite the potential of creating a revolutionary leap forward in the history of Mankind, this insidious group continues to plot to keep our world mired in poverty, fear, war, and ignorance while moving to make their dark desire for total control permanent upon this planet.”

Yes I think that need in the Anunnaki and the Greys is to deliberately foment anarchy, dysfunction and despair so they can harvest the life-essences of the human populations.

The military therefore could be seen to serve the ends of the dark harvesters in this respect – but they are not wrong in suggesting that there are evil aliens out there.
They just don’t want you to know that the evil aliens run the place, keeping it dysfunctional to milk us and harvest our souls.

See Harvesting the Disconnected, by Andrew Hennessey



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