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The Philosophies of Disconnection

There are many anti-life and anti-human philosophies in our spiritual and intellectual environment and very often they are so beautifully packaged and well presented that it is often difficult to discern the lie within.

The main aim of the reptilian or grey/ devil or demon is to produce disconnection from the Source within the human soul by presenting and driving into us negation and negative circumstances.

They do this by inducing fear – driving the spirit down to the fight or flight animalistic response, or by flooding us with sexual or territorial imperatives disguised as culture and media which chain the human soul to the adrenal cortex and our most animalistic hormones.

If we think and behave as animals, experiencing the ‘rage virus’ of the Zombie films we have lost our human Grace and our Divine qualities.

In human disconnection from our Father, our Source there is a hopeless loss of Divine love, yet many people cannot see the subtle deceptions that attempt to drag us from our eternal life and our eternal peace in Christ.

It isn’t hard to envisage the perfect divine examples of everything that become successively more and more imperfect.
They are the first in a series, the divine archetype.
Plato wrote of this divine perfection.

How we are connected to the True Vine

In Christ we have the first perfect human being defined in perfect love with whom we resonate and are connected to by that process of empathic love and harmony.
Christ is the perfect human pattern, and similarly in choosing Mary, his Mother, God has defined the perfect human Mother.
Mary mother of Christ is a perfect human Mother in that she has perfect human Grace, whereas other versions of mother that are venerated also incorporate the kingdom of the beasts and indeed the overwhelming bulk of biological life on planet Earth does not reproduce with a human or mammalian womb, so associating human motherhood with ‘insect mothers’, ‘nematode mothers’ etc is a contradiction.
All life was made by God, but human motherhood is a human pursuit and commitment.
The culture of Walt Disney and its anthropomorphic projections of human behaviour morals and reason onto the activities of animals produces false expectations of the lower animal kingdoms.

The kingdom of the beasts live by nature red in tooth and claw and it is to that pattern of human degradation that the human race is being driven by such things as Social Darwinism and eugenics and ad hoc warfare.

Resonance with and commitment to the perfect human family and perfect source of Divine human Grace refreshes the pattern of our own ailing soul and keeps us connected to Heaven, heading up and out of the frequency pit on Earth.

When we see the obvious provenance and universal truth behind the physical reality of Christs new covenant though we might start the pilgrimage on that Way of Life He suffered to illustrate that will take us out of our low frequency lives and low ways towards a more life filled and love filled abundance.

It is possible to demonstrate that without any recourse to a freighter full of dogma and self-referential opinions we can illustrate an enduring and obvious lawful truth. The central message of Christianity, from the gospel with its new Covenant; i.e. to love one another as ourselves and love ourselves as we love God, is the key and central reality of every living life form at any scale or complexity.

It is a basic fact that every self-regulating biological and indeed physical and chemical system in time space has two aspects.
The first is its internal integrity – its endogenous engine that maintains it in a functional state, and the second aspect of every biological system is its ability to extend into and apply itself to the external universe – i.e. Its exogenous component.

Nature and its biological organisations at the level of cellular biology in e.g. plant and animal cells operate with this dual aspect of a balance between external and internal operancy and integrity.
At the level of the chemical, this consistency, that is regulated through membranes and enzyme transport systems and organelles and nuclei and the operation of osmosis and movement of salts and sugars from a place of high concentration to a place of low concentration can be used to demonstrate an analogy for the flow and regulation and manipulation of civilised love amongst beings by artificial social processes, morals and ethics, tools and relationships.

Evolved civilised beings that function and persist according to the natural and universal recipe for life merely have to mimic by artificial constructions in their complex mind sets and intellectual and ethical investments the two part behaviour of the natural and biological universe.

Mark 12:29, ‘Jesus replied, This is the first .. ‘Listen, Israel, the Lord our God is the one Lord, and you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. .. The second is .. You must love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.’

Christ was sent to Earth by the Father to deliver this simple message.
Seeing the absolute truth presented thus, Society and Civilisation either must embrace a natural model for organised life that always works the universe over – or it will choose loveless and empty death.

No plant cell that empties itself and surrenders everything from its store can survive without resupply. If all it does is empty itself it will become nutritionally bankrupt and be unable to re-energize its house-keeping and maintenance chores and will then cease to function and live.

There is no such thing that lives biologically the universe over that totally empties itself.
Reptilian Naga philosophies on the promotion of emptiness themselves speak of ultimate dissolution of the soul into a soup of energies and materials, whilst established science from the World Institute and New Age channelling entities promote ideologies of soul and energy harvest.
But then anti-human Reptilians and their publishing industries have been around for millennia.
By promoting emptiness and nihilism perhaps Reptilians and Greys profit from the breakdown materials and release of residual essences when their victims disintegrate.

The natural biological model and recipe for life though is that every component of every cellular organisation at either the level of plant or civilisation maintains its internal integrity and because of this, is also able to extend and apply itself externally.
Thereby functioning naturally.
At the level of biology and chemistry this is called homeostasis, but at the level of the human soul it is called self-respect or self-love and this soul then extends to and supplies other souls in equal measure.

The message of Christ for us is that a Kingdom of Holy Spirits, Saints and Angels that extend through many mansions all the way up to the source is all connected to us by the power of love that binds us all together, and that in this unity we operate this anthropomorphic Kingdom and family as if we were a fruit-bearing Vine.

JOHN 15. ‘I am the true vine, and my Father the vinedresser. Every branch in me that bears no fruit he cuts away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes to make it bear even more. You are pruned already, by means of the word that I have spoken to you. Make your home in me, as I make mine in you. As a branch cannot bear fruit all by itself, but must remain part of the vine, neither can you unless you remain in me. I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever remains in me, with me in him, bears fruit in plenty; for cut off from me you can do nothing. Anyone who does not remain in me is like a branch that has been thrown away – he withers;
These branches are collected and thrown on the fire, and they are burnt. If you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask what you will and you shall get it.
It is to the glory of my Father that you should bear much fruit.’

In biology, therefore, the vine is fruitful because the cells do not cease to operate by emptying themselves and dying, as they both give and receive and withhold for their own use some loving life-giving love or water from the Source.

In Eastern religious doctrines as espoused by e.g. Theosophy, the Source is the Logos, a high energy, light filled place from which there are outpourings and fruitful vehicles as indeed is mirrored in the book of Genesis in the old testament.
Our high energy source therefore cascades a harmonic series down into increasing densities of vehicles in spirit and matter.
The very first of those instances of harmony are correctly called the First Born. The Highest human harmonic vehicle, the very First or human pattern closest to our Father the Source of All, is our Brother Christ.
God our Father loves us so much that he would send his beloved first born into the deeps of matter to become human – to entangle with and encapsulate his massively powerful, timeless, high-scale clear vision and capacities into a dense and corrupt, slow moving living death to redeem us.

The central premise that Christ whose message was the social Way of Life had come from a massively high energy paradigm is borne out from the testimony of Saints over the centuries who testify of miraculous healing and molecular re-arrangements and other events that are beyond the ideas of our notions of physics, gravity, time, consciousness and light.

Christianity embraces all beings who do the will of God as our brothers and sisters – all beings who keep the simple 2 part Covenant of the Way of Life.
It is my opinion therefore that Christianity be adopted as a social model with which we can converse with like-minded and loving beings from all over the Cosmos.
The message of the truth contained in Christ’s message may travel further because it actually has an empirical and scientific basis and is the truth of a universal law seen clearly in all biological life.
All and any civilised biological life that has ever modelled its own cellular processes for industrial, environmental or medicinal reasons will recognise Christ’s Universal truth.
Perhaps they will then see the need to look up and beyond themselves to a higher frequency Universe of greater Love and then begin their own pilgrimage home.
Our brothers and sisters from everywhere in the universe that can recognise a universal law might then wish to talk with us and to begin to share a great many things.
As people, we may have many more new friends to meet on the road.
I would rather have a cup of water from my brother an Octopii than a toxic chalice from a sweet looking blonde.


Grinding us down to the level of the beast.

There have always been dark forces at work amongst humanity with obvious superhuman powers and technologies – but what is their agenda for Humans ?

I contend that there is an ongoing programme of alien/demonic dehumanisation and bestiality like some threshing mill trading on the pain of artificially diseased human lives. http://www.xenopolitics.com

The greys have been around a long long time and have had many names;
Djinn, Geni, Faerie, Kobold, Demon, Archon, Goblin, and are referred to in the New Testament in the letters of St Paul to the Colossae.
This was a Christian colony in a region beset by malignant Grey activities though in those days – the demonic Grey elementals conjured by Dr John Dee the Elizabethan mage for his keys of Enoch stuff, storms etc were called by the name Stoicheia.

From Contender Ministries
Clinton Arnold has provided exhaustive research on this term as used in religious contexts (both pagan and Jewish) in the ancient world. He wrote an entire chapter on the subject of the stoicheia. What is compelling about his research is the broad range of material from which he draws. He concludes that the stoicheia are evil, hostile powers. It was these that both Jews and Pagans feared as is shown by many examples cited by Arnold. They feared the stoicheia because it was widely believed that these controlled “fate.” After rejecting other interpretations, Arnold summarizes his view: “It is more likely that ‘the philosophy’ was indeed teaching that the stoicheia controlled the heavenly realm, but the concern was much more directed toward their hostile influence on matters of daily life – causing sickness, effecting a curse, bringing poor crops, plagues, earthquakes, and ‘natural’ disasters.” Pagans and Jews alike (and evidently some Christian teachers at Colossae) were looking for help in averting the work of the stoicheia in their lives. Much of the popular folk religion of the day was focused on this.

What ties this folk religion together is the felt need to be freed from influence of the hostile forces. The stoicheia are evil, personal, spirit beings and they can be the source of a teaching. Paul asserts that “the philosophy” against which he warns, is “according to the stoicheia of the world” (Colossians 2:8). The source of the false teaching is twofold: the traditions of man and the stoicheia. There is some irony in the fact that the source of the teaching which supposedly is necessary for protection from the stoicheia are the very hostile forces themselves! Arnold summarizes this:
The Colossian opponents did not understand their ‘philosophy’ as imparted to them through the agency of harmful spirits, but as a tradition that was effective for averting the evil influence of these hostile forces. Paul’s polemic would have startled his readers as they realized that he was actually denouncing their ‘philosophy’ as inspired by the same malicious powers from which they were seeking protection!
The stoicheia (elemental principles) no longer are a threat to those who are crucified with Christ. F F Bruce describes it like this: “You died with Christ (he says) and in that death with him (which is what your baptism was all about), your former relation of bondage to the elemental forces of the world has been terminated.” The ascetic regulations were likely deemed necessary for religiously warding off the stoicheia and their pernicious influences.

Also it is to be noted that the Greys traditionally have interest in soul stuff and genetic processing too e.g. faerie abductions and the changeling children. [I M Banks, 1937, Rev R Kirk, 1697, Grimm, 1901]
This Grey farming is well discussed by Nigel Kerner in his book The Song of the Greys, although I disagree with his conclusion that the Greys are creating hybrids to evolve themselves into a more habitable life filled state, my opinion, rather is that the Greys are hierarchically and very well adapted to hungry lifeless states and efficiently predate upon larger social systems and that these hybrids are not to house a new evolutionary state for the Greys but are Trojan horses or adapted feeding mechanisms making incursions into diverse and creative sexual type mega-populations with evolving cultural sophistry of the sort mentioned by Philip Krapff in his stories of the Verdants.
These would be a rich source or seam of creative souls.

The disintegrative farming process on Earth as it pertains to the human type souls I discuss:


The long term harvesting of incarcerated interstellar prisoners takes the form of driving them to abandon their soulful humanity – to abandon being the social human being full of love for one anothers brothers and sisters, respecting personal integrity and loving God, the One Father with all our heart, mind, spirit, body and soul. [This is Christ’s New Covenant]
The essence of being human.

For the Greys and Reptilians in this artificially constructed funfair of pain and desolation we call a social system here – the main aim is to break down their humanity and their souls presumably for the harvest of their life essence.

We read in Revelation 17 that the woman, which rides the beast with seven heads and ten horns, is the mother of harlots. The ten “horns” are 10 kings according to Revelation 17:12. Notice too that the woman does not control or steer the Beast. It is the Beast, i.e., Satan, and cannot be tamed. Those who ride the Beast have sold their souls to Satan voluntarily, and are thus controlled by the Devil.
Indeed they have surrendered their humanity and notions of human love and society, dignity and respect to become self serving predators akin to nature red in tooth and claw – doing what they will – as they have the strength to do it.


It’s a fact that several contactees I know of who are immersing their consciousness in the Archons, Stoicheia/Faeries, Greys have severe back injuries. One victim has been promised enhanced animal senses – the eyes of an owl or eagle, the legs of a panther, the strength of a lion etc and I find it not a co-incidence that the newest movie of 2009 called AVATAR is about the transplant of the consciousness of a severely disabled man into a less than human form with enhanced animalistic prowess and dehumanised symmetries.

The lure of the beast … the unhuman – and ultimately a loss in the human aesthetic. Having said that I have nothing against pods of dolphins who by acts of love, mercy and kindness have saved swimmers beset by sharks and then towed them to safety. Such stories are beautiful.
There is though something more to be said in my opinion for the aesthetic of the human form, human tool use, human recreation and human symmetry.

As the emergence of statues of human beings being carried by uncontrollable and unbridled beasts emerge onto central stage it would be worth bearing in mind that a lot of thought has gone into the systematic degradation of the human aesthetic; family, education, diet, etc and even the tool use that we think is doing us good, merely leads us up another degradative human cul de sac.

This certainly brings another perspective to the idea of being ‘ground down’ by the Stoicheia/Greys/Faeries/Demons

The farming of Interstellar prisoners from a Reptilian Anunnaki [Devil] perspective is discussed http://www.xenopolitics.com

As discussed elsewhere, HU is generally acknowledged to mean Reptilian god and, Man, in this context tends to mean clay or nesting material. [Dr Deagle]
Rather like the 20,000 year old sphinx, the HU-man being is part Repto hybrid and part clay or nesting material into which host is inserted many parasitic links to Reptilian ancestral larvae.
I discuss this in the article THE PHOENIX AND THE SPHINX


In analysing the strategy of Exopolitics as a movement it had been seen to be a whirlwind romance with the public by a circus geared at alleged Disclosure and conducted by teams of rational highly educated people who appeared to be working for the greater public good.
Then suddenly things went into freewheel and no longer welcome were people complaining of bad or evil behaviour from negative non-humans.

I was literally followed between net groups by some vindictive individual telling me and everybody else that I was lying about negative Ets, and that all aliens were good and he was backed up by a small army of adepts who proclaimed that only negative people had bad things happen to them and they got what they deserved because of that.
Which actually does in a perverted way confirm that they believed there were negative aliens doing bad things – its just that the people that mattered didn’t get harmed.

No, the chosen [and you would know them by their fruits] were the next generation of young people – the incoming root race – the special starseeds, the hybrids, the diamonds or indigos or violets or whatever and it doesn’t matter that some people are being brutally dehumanised [Schroeder P] or sadistically injured by frankly demonic thugs.

But how dare we demonize the demons – they just do what they do and as long as they aint doing it to us then we’re special etc.
So having also checked with Amnesty International in London I found out that human victims of alien human rights abuse have no credence with them .. I decided to stop legitimising the Exopolitical movement by lending it the benefit of the doubt and my credibility.

Watchers of the ideologies of the New World Order have long known about the Gaia hypothesis and been suspicious of unwarranted eugenics white papers issued even by my childhood hero the marine biologist Jacques Cousteau – who doesn’t say nice things about people like me to the United Nations. Indeed he’s somewhat not unique in that respect – or, disrespect.

The global mother religion that emerges out of the Gnostic, illuminati and Theosophical teachings has a somewhat elitist, eugenics edge to it, but at its heart for it to tie in the Extra Terrestrial with the Terrestrial it has to be essentially a religion which de-prioritises the unique in the human condition to level it on a parity with a goldfish, hive drone or squid.

There are indications from the activities of Dr Salla in exotic Hawaii that progress is being made in developing exopolitical high Intelligence non-human channelling and communication with Dolphins and Cetaceans.
Don’t get me wrong – there are wonderful tales of tribes of dolphins intelligently saving human swimmers and towing them etc and it’s a source of total dismay to me that one of the most beautiful species on this planet, the whales are regularly slaughtered by whalers.

The need to worship non-human form or indeed unhuman formlessness emerges out of the elitist debate that we lesser humans got it wrong and need to get our minds right and could learn better lessons from the natural world. [Though its been on natural history programmes that tribes of dolphins also kill other dolphins not of their tribe.]

This raft of ideas that emerge from the maltreatment of innocent and intelligent non-human life tends not to point the fingers of blame at Icelandic or Japanese marine industrialists but the average man on the street – currently struggling with artificial plagues and plagued by bogus untested cures for them.

The culture of blaming humanity for the wars and the pollution is an elitist and frankly inaccurate and dishonest activity – and although Sean Connery states in a recent green bank advert for Agricole – ‘its time for common sense’ that new sensibility doesn’t incorporate the liberating new paradigm of free energy. To regreen our world – the useless eaters have to go – goes the rhetoric.
Forget that to withhold free energy from us is to deliberately withhold paradise.
It becomes obvious that green tax issues are an elitist socio-economic and ultimately anti-human conspiracy after the English university leaks that sparked climategate – the scientific conspiracy to suppress the damning data that contradicted the need for such debt-inducing and severe green taxes.

The other obvious issue of making the world human free and green doesn’t actually account for the elitist suppression of easy to produce free energy technologies. The latter have a tendency to get closed down.
The Gaia emergency allegedly caused by human activity could easily be repaired by human activity given the free energy that would be able to do so. Free water and air filtration, free disposal and processing of pollution, offworld agriculture and hydroponics etc etc and a total end to the era of internal combustion technology on Earth.
Where is that humanity’s fault ?? as what after all is at the top of the pyramid with their all-seeing eyes fails to be human and is happy to say so with its horned hand salutes under all flags and banners.

From e.g. Faraday, 1890. Tesla, 1910, Townsend Brown, 1938, De Palma, 1992, Searle, 1999, Latham, 2009 etc etc a veritable parade of heroic striving souls wishing nothing but the best in free energy for their fellow humans.

Us humans therefore are a beset artificially controlled and suppressed species and caught between a rock and a hard place and are now being asked to shake claws with our brothers the lobsters.
Gaias children therefore include all life – everywhere on Earth and no doubt this goddess being is totally tuned into other planetary consciousness and hives and collectives and soul groups.

Not really an enwombed mother therefore, but an archetypal metaphysical process from which emerges all life – including the non-womb e.g. insecta and the hive related bees, ants and wasps.

First step there though if we were inclined to take that journey is to embrace our dolphin brothers and sisters who have gone out on a limb for us many times defending innocent humans from sharks etc and have huge brain capacities and enormously evolved intelligence. I do do that – love Gods creatures.
I wish to do them no harm, near far, wherever they are, and on whatever planet or reality pocket, I believe that our hearts will go on [personally, in Christ] and I respect their right to worship whatever being or beings they see their Creator with.

I also wish that some would reciprocate that love and respect for my human dignity and the human lives and souls of others whom they demonically persecute against their wishes and will.

In order though to create a universal religion of being and consciousness that subsumes and assimilates the human in us to make us one with our brother or sister the seagull etc – we are going to have to deprioritise and disengage from the things that make us human and reduce the human genre to the level of a life process based on communal ‘electricity or lucis or lux’. [Prof Hagar, Scientific and Medical Network]

That’s sad for I love the idea of the human family, I like the specialisms of the allegedly unbalanced female and the allegedly unbalanced male that make us wholesome and unique and beautiful. I love the idea of brothers and sisters that look human enough to empathise with my aspiration to society and who can as humanoid in form play musical instruments and write and sing and dance, converse and co-create and co-counsel and heal.
A human type soul-group is a unique and special club to belong to – and we make agreements to join it and to interpret our universe by its gentle constraints of form and grace and nurture and implement our exploration by the use of its human tools – many of which are by the mathematics of the golden mean attuned to our symmetry and form.

That is not to say that being a lobster is better or worse than being human – its just that I like a game of football or snooker or cycling.
I would like to live in a future free of loan sharks and shapeshifting reptilians that sneakily hide themselves away behind holograms.
What’s wrong with their scales ? looking human all day must be a monstrous restriction on their own sense of identity.
Beings need to be unique independent beings allowed the liberty to do their own thing. Me and my divine human family in Christ for example doing my own thing and finding eternal and abundant life force and life in my own harmless way John 10:10, John 15

Its not just my personally incomplete fascination with duality that enables me to enjoy the human genre. Duality is only alleged to be a source of depletion, but every transaction in every and any realm is governed by an exchange between an area of sufficiency to one of insufficiency – however high up the ladder of human or indeed unhuman reality we wish to proceed.
Even the discharge to nothingness is from something to nothing.
I prefer the New Testament on this one personally – from Colossians 1:19 For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell;

The insufficiency in these cosmic energy densities in which we currently live emerges out of hunger for energy and structural maintenance, by the use of nature red or blue or green in tooth and claw but duality is not merely about hunger. In higher realities these insufficiencies are merely the lack of right chords or instrumentation for your music, or choosing the right apparel for the right occasion, or experiencing a teak sailing ship in a beautiful lagoon.
Duality gets a very bad name.
Duality and partial separation of consciousness can be an act of contemplation and devotion to our Father. Not the instantaneous art of spontaneous magical creation of a vase of flowers by an allegedly evolved superconsciousness – but the respectful labour of the painter, in oils, a partially detached soul, giving glory and respect and honour to the minutiae of created life.
Love, I know, knows no limitation of forms or energy formats and I love many non-human beings and I’m sure many have loved me over the years; from cats and dogs to Angels and Saints.

I am biased and partial to human reality and expect to be respected for that even by evil aliens. The new Exo religion though has no human prerogative.

Although much of mankind has been exposed to the animorph kingdoms of Walt Disney and human projections into the activities of the animal kingdoms through the media I believe that the aliens have a more sinister motive than merely ecumenical and cosmic education pertaining to the eternal dance of forms.

For the NWO Exoreligion to roll out, those beautiful unique quirky individual things that make a human being special will have to go.

So once some lobsters and humans and seagulls and zetas have been put in the big ideological blender – the great equaliser – whats left then is a communal soup of life force and electricity.
Gone at this point are the inequalities of violin playing or the demands of the artists easel – instead we take a voyage into formlessness and become everything – and nothing, contemplating other more armless pastimes.
My own personal problem with this is that I still have so very far to go as a violin player that I might feel somewhat unfacilitated by my Father should I lose my arms in some sort of matrix-blender.
I know my Father would not want me to be unhappy.
A farewell to arms doesn’t mean a farewell to human grace, only to depletion and violence.
That is me though – the love of the human ideal family and the human ideal form.

For me Exoreligion gets off to a bad start – for seeing Mary mother of Christ converted and reduced to EcoMary on the New Paradigm Academy website didn’t encourage me to be thinking of ideal human family relationships and human family nurture and society and creativity and recreativity.
In the New Paradigms Institute’s rendition of EcoMary we have the echo of the out of sorts Boylan and his fictitious alternative marians [Mary ans] or Altimarians. Even the dubious proclamations of Boylan appear to originate from the same source.
The Exos seem to have a thing about diminishing the Virgin Mary.

The final phase though of the Exopolitical NWO exoreligion roll out is the Borg-like assimilation philosophies of the Transhuman Movement
and their matrix upload plans so well outlined by Drew Hempel.

There are some borg- transhumanists in the woodwork in exoland – but they maybe need a bit more emphasis on non-human life of a natural kind before we can all be ideologically processed enough to see ourselves as animistic bits of electrical datastream in an alien and posthuman mainframe.

The rollout though will probably promote the stripped-down anima before the anima in the machine.


Dehumanisation & Bestiality intended to Disconnect the human soul

1. Loss of human social and nuclear family values and loss of images of human grace in e.g. anti-hero movies, education, media. This isolates the youth and disconnects them from a vision of an earthly family – a black reverse of the as above so below.

2. the encouragement of indiscriminate sexual license and impersonal paradigms. This encourages selfish and abusing sexual license and gratification and removes the human personality from a vision of commitment and social nurture.

3. encouraging the reward system for the unjust taker and abuser and promoting the values insecurity and fear of a human jungle where anything goes. A system of rewards for abusers to re-inforce their new choices. Do what thou wilt is all of the law of thelema according to psychotic magician alasteir crowleigh

4. traditions of all sorts are being disintegrated – including familiar landmarks and traditional social services. This keeps the people being disconnected from their vision of social humanity from re-acquiring their roots and re-orientating themselves in terms of prior good social examples.

5. use of anthropomorphic cartoons to destroy the aesthetics in human symmetry from an early age. Animals are made cool to be and animal aesthetics and aspirations that are pseudo-human render human social visions as caricatures.

6. Cul de sac stockyard science and technology forcing the world view of combustion and oxidation and burning and degradation upon the human race by e.g. barring free energy and using internal combustion engines, nuclear fission and breakdown instead of fusion, oxidation and decay e.g. rusting and old age and entropy [celestial beings never run out of energy and replenishment being connected to the source of human Grace by resonating with and drawing from Christ [John 15] imo.] This media vision of incessant and eternal decay is also fed by ideas that would lead to the disconnection and abandonment of the soul far away from any form of being in a personal and loving human society.

7. The frequencies of animal brutality driven by aggression and sex hormones and re-enforced by media cues etc are probably incessantly driven by alien matrix broadcasts whilst the human being – being animalised can be modelled and driven as basically as any ape colony fuelled on adreno-cortisones and territory. Use of color, neuro linguistic programming, sounds of tribal music etc all drive this base human state

8. An environment of constant terror and fear forces those driven to think in terms of meat issues and tissues to be hyper vigilant and pay as much attention to the evils of the circus in their lives. This constant personal extrapolation into whatever fear-filled scenario is specific to us – causes us to be dragged along by the torrent of alien machinations – by getting swept away by this cultural torrent of incarnate evils we panic as spirits and souls and thrash out like drowning swimmers and at that point some dark shepherd will come into our lives to offer solutions to our worldly dilemmas by selling us on the idea that there is no heavenly help or prayer or brother or sister that can save us.

9. The matrix machinery then has our number because we agree to accept one and thinking there is nothing else except the torrent of evil in the artificial and terrifying world we buy our ticket for the alien matrix. The more we can disengage and turn the other cheek – the harder the matrix ticket salesbeing will find it to herd us to the alien harvest. If we pray to Christ for help – we will receive it – I did.

10. One of the most hacked books on planet Earth is the bible and especially the new testament – the story of the divine energy of the Holy Spirit triumphing over worldly materials and of mankind being saved and sustained by the grace-filled values of human love by resonating with the most powerful and loving example of human symmetry in the form of the firstborn human Christ. [John 15] We have to buy the Repto-Grey farming idea of being graceless and disconnected and unhuman to get assimilated and fail here imo. There are the dark hungry ones though who have no powers of love – but are always hungry – prevailing not only by doing what they will but also being naturally limited by only doing what they can get away with without losing too much energy.

11. The real goal of the alien life force harvesters imo is to disconnect the human souls from their ability to resonate with the source of all human love – their first born example of Christ. They do this by inventing diseased things to drown them in and by shaming them into giving their humanity up.


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