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Cat a tonic

I like my cat

it sat on the mat

it doesn’t pay VAT

responds to a pat

doesn’t get fat

wont wear a hat

doesn’t like ersatz

is my clever cat

would jump on a bat

or from high on a rat

grab the ball at howzat

take a sip of my latt e

does numbers and stats

for her small group of cats

doesn’t like a prat

does my intelligent cat

don’t try too many pats

or your hand will have slats

refuses to eat fats

but will catch and eat gnats

wont sleep on tat

she’s an elegant cat

an acrobat

an aristrocrat

a cat for all seasons

as she flies through the trees

doesn’t like dogs

and wont bring home fleas

she has her reasons

for stealing dogs dinner

but its just to show me

that I’m such a winner

for having an alpha cat queen


About ScottishAndrew

Contemporary Scottish fiddle player, Scottish ceilidh dance caller, folk music composer, Ufologist, natural and supernatural photographer and tour operator, digital artist and designer, writer and columnist - interested in cosmology and 5th generation computation without the 'Halting problem' !! THE SCOTTISH ANDREWVERSE Ceilidh musician and man of dance Investigator of paranormal circumstance Composer of art and pictures and tunes And researcher of old Scottish stones and runes Cosmic conundrums and landing on the Moon ...


One thought on “Cat a tonic

  1. Love this kitty poem. From a fellow cat lover. Check out my poems @ wadingplace.wordpress.com

    Posted by Christine Primavera | April 20, 2010, 12:18 am

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