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Dr GREER keeps it way too simple

Andrew Hennessey

Dr Greer has emerged as a forthright citizen promoting the good of the multiverse over the old human evils on Earth.

Alas he poses the logical fallacy of the false dilemma http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_dilemma in stating that it is the responsibility of Mankind i.e. homosapiens to change the direction and destiny of the Earth in its Extra-Terrestrial relations and interactions.
It isn’t actually Humanity that makes the strategic changes imo.
Clearly non-humans are in control of this planet or humans have been either assimilated or replaced or removed e.g. professor Mack ?, if they interfered with the non-human agenda.
The issue of responsibility for planetary change is not a Human one – as humans are not actually in ultimate control of this planet – according to available cultural evidence.
The choice, the dilemma therefore isn’t in human behavioural changes of attitude towards Extra Terrestrial recognition it lies with our controlling races. The controlling races that are concealed in Greers simplistic definition of the human condition.
The planetary picture is much more complex than Dr Greer is prepared to state.

No-one not even any alien you would ever meet [Except in the Greer cosmology] could rationally and logically tell you that all aliens are good, they could only say aliens are good and bad, themselves never having actually met them all in the infinite multiverse – in that same way one cannot say that All evils on Earth were created by the species Homosapien.

In Dr Greers Cosmology – homosapiens are interacting with multi-phase, multidimensional, multi-bodied, altered state and altered energy and time spaced non-humans on their homosapien controlled world.

Dr Greers highly effective cosmology is as rich and detailed as any Theosophists or spiritist but even after outlining his own detailed cosmology – he cannot, nor we, then deduce from that that all aliens are good or even COMPATIBLE with us within the definitions of our own energy timespace…that isn’t rational.
Yet Dr Greer does that.
Incompatibilities in realities may produce observably surreal interactions for example – some anti-social.
In Greers Cosmology there is the given assumption of a process of recognition and, that lack of recognition or understanding for one life form may lead to conflicts relative to the interaction. Some of these conflicts could be abusive and detrimental yet that obvious pitfall is omitted by Dr Greer.

Also at this point when Dr Greer states;

‘There is no evidence that these extraterrestrial civilizations are hostile to humanity or the Earth.’

When he says NO or ALL – he is using Universal Declarations in a lawlike way – that only require ONE contradiction to reduce his assertion to SOME are good and SOME are bad.

All we need is ONE witness testimony to reduce his universal proclamation to; all extraterrestrial civilisations are not to be so easily trusted. Here it is from Paul Schroeder.

At this point he can only legitimately say that some ET civilisations are good, but, some are bad [for us].

He cleverly introduces reasonable doubt into a whole world of traumatised alien victims with the Milabs sketch – that its merely clever homosapiens in concrete and steel bunkers over the last 50 years … but then there are absolutely NO Anunnaki indigenous reptilians or indigenous grey types in his cosmology either – which given the mountain of evidence for them; culturally, artefacts of historic and contemporary nature, etc is very strange.
Abductions by militaresque faerie/demonic parades, chariots, carriages etc have been a major feature of thousands of years of folklore.
Would it not seem logical given Reptilian overlords rule Earth that Milabs are not controlled by homosapiens or anything that would look human if it didn’t want to.

In Dr Greers Cosmology – Non-Humans come from OUT/IN THERE to HERE – but HERE where we have Human society – its just all us humans together behaving badly.

imo – there are hostile non-humans on earth and have been for a very long time 20,000 years at least – and the generic notion of humanity and its caricature vested interests scenario – doesn’t hold water in Xenopolitical terms because the planet is a shaky social charade for soul mining purposes. You can see that from some of the historical evidence e.g. http://www.newstarparty.com/nsp3.htm
and that if there are others amongst us as impostors – what are they doing pretending to be the gods of function and technical supremacy amongst dysfunctional Humanity ? http://www.newstarparty.com/escape.htm

Dr Greer buries reptilians out of sight – and calls everything we see on Earth a human effort. Indeed a flawed and sick human effort even though it is the despair of humanity that I allege these evil Reptilians and Greys are secretly engineering and milking.

There is old cultural evidence for Reptilians and Draco e.g. do a keysearch of the Bible and you will find e.g. ‘Dragons in their pleasant palaces’ in Isaiah. There are Naga souls facilitated in Buddhism too. [Naga were part of a Reptilian underworld in e.g. India and Tibet]
I think the way to challenge Dr Greer on this turning a blind eye to the Anunnaki is to take his cosmology of vastly diverse beings in all states i.e. http://www.cseti.org/position/greer/etcosmo.htm
and apply that to his weak definition of humanity which is by inference; if it looks human on earth then it is – and therefore we are all humans together – which we in fact are NOT.

There is an enormous body of anecdotal evidence for shapeshifting non-humans; from the Sumerian fish-men to the faeries of; Banks, 1937. Grimm, 1901, Kirk, 1697 etc

In burying the fact that Reptilian controlled Earth has been for over 20 millennia a place of artificially created and maintained primitivism in sorrow, desolation and despair – Greer shifts the blame for the planetary pain onto the species homosapien, who were in cultural fact the artificially created livestock of the Reptilian Annunaki.

When Greer states http://www.disclosureproject.org/transcripts.htm

‘This is a cosmic moment. And the death throws of what is happening on Earth today is that the diversity is becoming a cause for conflict’

The truth in my opinion is less transparent – that it is the creative diversity of the imprisoned human souls, their striving, their natural levels of connection to the source, their strong creative and imaginative outpourings in terms of artistic and social invention that are deliberately and covertly under attack by the Reptilian and Grey Farmers.
Large groups of prisoners brought here after old Reptilian campaigns in e,g, Orion are being mined out for their creative potential e.g. [Ralph X, Jewels]
Their investments in their primitive environments are being repeatedly shocked and compromised in surreal and alien ways.
This is Repto-Grey soul-mining.
Nigel Kerner speaks of the Greys part in this in the book called ‘The Song of the Greys’.
Reptilian and Grey contrived Outrage and subsequent energy/life force abundant activities of homosapien self-vindication could be one of the major farming and milking techniques here amongst the contrived and dysfunctional tools and unjust outcomes.

Dr Greers position is [contrary to the folk record] that everything that looks human is and that therefore all human looking people are homosapiens.
Earth has been ruined by spiritually debased homosapiens.

My own position is that Earth is engineered as a primitive and artificially desolate place by the Repto-Grey alliance to exploit and milk the distresses of interstellar prisoner souls as they are made to struggle with their dysfunctional genetics and dysfunctional tools and other contrived social injustices.
In that respect, as satellite photos show e.g. http://www.flashearth.com there are lots of hitek alien matrix machinery floating about above this malignant version of Disneyland.

Dr Greer is far too simplistic in his definition of humanity.
Humanity is actually a set of human-looking people of many different types of non-human origins; these can include human-looking bodies ‘congealed out of the essence of the air’ [Rev R Kirk, 1697], a Grey impostor with a human hologram projector box, [David Moncoeur on the Robert France case, 2000], or a Reptilian shapeshifter using naturally controlled energies and absorbent DNA [Sumerian clay tablets, Gardner], someone of Pleaidean genetics [Jewels], and a basic, dense-brained homosapien [Esoteric School Theosophy, P121 Jinarajadasa ‘.. the Lords of karma may put you in a race that has no tendency to occultism – you may possibly get a hard brain so that you will not be able to meditate,]

How could we ever feel legally and morally and spiritually sorry for the global population culling of billions of humans if we can pin the ills and evils of the world on their broad and allegedly spiritually low labourers backs.

Dr Greer shows the ability to create large complex sets of creatures in his cosmos – but cannot in all his research and reading find ample illustrations of the non-humans living amongst humanity for millennia.

If they have been here all that time – then they are guilty of keeping this planet and its population of homosapiens in an artificially desolate and Christless frequency pit.

In my opinion to farm our souls http://www.xenopolitics.com
We can escape [John 15]


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Contemporary Scottish fiddle player, Scottish ceilidh dance caller, folk music composer, Ufologist, natural and supernatural photographer and tour operator, digital artist and designer, writer and columnist - interested in cosmology and 5th generation computation without the 'Halting problem' !! THE SCOTTISH ANDREWVERSE Ceilidh musician and man of dance Investigator of paranormal circumstance Composer of art and pictures and tunes And researcher of old Scottish stones and runes Cosmic conundrums and landing on the Moon ...


2 thoughts on “Dr GREER keeps it way too simple

  1. Great post Andrew….u are quite a researcher, writer and musician…..yes many of the exopoliticians are indeed naive in their thinking….but i think they are just that, politicians….and they know that the general population could not handle the truth…..great job Andrew. I wish that u would get the info out to the mainstream…..maybe coast to coast and other big boys of the mainstream media….. rock on crazy joe…..

    Posted by guadalupejoe | June 13, 2009, 6:59 am
  2. Andrew H…is the real deal people out there in cyberspace and internet land….. he is a man of great importance in the world of esoterics and paranormal….joecalif.manila as well.

    Posted by guadalupejoe | June 13, 2009, 7:00 am

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