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Review by Andrew Hennessey

This book by Neil Freer on Transhumanism has been completely foretold by the research of Drew Hempel.
Please read http://www.nonduality.com/hempel.htm

Since the early 1930’s the coming world religion of scientific humanism by applications within a radio-wave environment was initially known as radio-eugenics and as Drew Hempel illustrates it then became the modern Transhuman movement.

Freer through draws upon the telic or end based human evolutionary model given a somewhat headstart by Annunaki engineering and allegedly humanity abandoned left as one single species in a laissez faire environment totally free of Reptilian engineering to slowly and technologically evolve.
This model though is erroneous as the history of technology can illustrate
Our Reptilian farmers have been here amongst us all along – keeping this place a primitive and diseased pigsty in which to incubate their ancestral spawn as the ancient definition of Hu-Man e.g. by Dr Deagle will illustrate.

In Freers definition of our world however, we are all homosapiens, human and totally alone devoid of any deliberate interference.
In Freers definition of earth there are no shapeshifting reptilian or greys amongst us and the matrix druids outside our windows at night do not exist – just we ‘HU-Man’ all by our lonesomes – honest etc

Our planet in my opinion however, is basically an intentionally degradative and nihilistic soul farm the ruling Repto-Grey elite perpetually enforce the creation of artificial winners and artificial losers so that the retarded Hu-Man elements of the population can bleed outrage and vindication juices whilst they try to set things right in some highly engineered nihilistic context with deliberately obsolete and dysfunctional tools.
This under the gaze of Remote Viewing telepathic attacks and alien matrix network droids.
e.g. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=a1G4ByA7oLI

Our outraged and gushing vindications, intense focussing and re-driving and re-asserting our goals and our original intentions has the effect of grooming and feeding, educating and anthropomorphically orientating hosted Reptilian larvae whilst supplying the Greys with software ‘how to’ modules.
Dr Deagle notes that the word Hu of Human means Reptile God and, Man means clay and that the Royal Human being is one hosted with many parasitic Reptilian links.
Human therefore means hosted one in his opinion.
That would make the occult definition of planet Earth a hosting nursery of Reptogodclay for Reptilian larvae.
We the handicapped straight jacketed humans – the incubator clay and fairly rational nesting material amongst our turbo charged farmers and their grey janitors have to have some sort of goody goody explantion for why the world is full of pain and distress in an obviously sentient and ever present galaxy throughout its history of deliberate disease and farmed despair.
Neil Freer supplies one.

“NF. Regardless of the differences in that regard it is recognized by them, having been made clear by more advanced species in contact with them and us, that any further interaction between them and us must be governed by the rules of stellar society: a general “prime directive” that they may not interfere or manipulate or dominate or control us for their purposes or without our invitation and consent.”

Ironically though there are many humans more than aware of Repto-Grey farming on Earth e.g. Bartley, Schroeder, Kerner, Collier, Streiber, Jacobs, Hopkins, Hennessey, Jewels etc
The non-interference fantasy is a necessary placebo for Earths prisoners to still any a priori hostility to any contact from the collaborating races of this galaxy that have supplied the bulk of the ‘incubator units’.

In the final scenario of Dexlers Singularity ie the virtual reality assimilation of all life on Earth – for us to be soul farmed and ground down into the soul dust food mentioned in last Christmas Golden Compass film in its first 20 minutes – we would have to let go of being part of a family and part of a family unit of mankind.
If there was a fantasy film made whose opening 20 minutes summed up exactly what I think is going on on planet Earth it is the Golden Compass.
It is a world full of happy people whose links with their demonic beings or parasites are being broken by forced intercession.
In stories of Reptilian behaviour in UFOLOGY though Reptilians try to host their victims with such demons.
In the film though vaccinations are being injected into kids to make them grow up and lose their demons and asks us to demand that we should all have our own personal demon to care for. … but in truth this film is promoting infestation and the soul-less new age philosophy of stardust, demonic and Reptilian mind control as displayed in the statues in the Oslo park in Norway. It sells us a paradigm of the self-supplied magus or would be demi-god and all the rhetoric of emptiness, indifference and mindlessness that promotes us to become disconnected as individuals from the Source of our special and eternal gift of Life from God.
In the world and other parallel worlds of the Golden Compass planet … I suspect that dead souls become dust, living dust and fragments, that are breathed in like crack to enliven the old dying people of these worlds.

Instead we become in Freers paradigm, the arbirers of wisdom and logic and social editing, of right art and wrong art of awarded science and of discarded science – we would allegedly be allowed to become an elite. This elite self-made magus of the Reptilian philosophies – governed by laws of social Darwinism and occult and magical belief systems – there are no irrational sentiments as such, nor such thing as proper or improper or insensitive but only the would be emperor doing what it wants when it wants as that is all of its law [Crowleigh – the law of Thelema] for example, Freer writes …

“There are clear injunctions against procreation between full brothers and sisters, but not the Anunnaki custom of procreating with a half-sister (their approved way of procreating an heir). Our biological studies show this to be a widespread practice among Earth species including even wasps which has definite genetic advantages for producing superior offspring. I suggest that this general prohibition, which remains in the doctrines of various religions, excepted with regard to only specific humans as recounted in the Old Testament, was a deliberate means of keeping humans at a certain level just as was the withholding of extreme longevity or immortality.”

Also beings who used to be connected to human ideologies and archetypes broken down and disconnected from their commitments and their source will require to think of themselves as dust to help in their factory processing and not part of a connected and loving empathic and telepathic True Vine [John 15] of empowerment and salvation of e.g. Freer writes ..

“NF. My point here is that our brains and our thinking and logic are a product of the inherent geometry of nature also and we should reconsider the potential of this geometric approach to nature and consciousness in genetics and AI. Mathematics is the abstract, quantitative expressions of the relationships and proportions of that geometry.”

Here is re-iterated the lie of soul isolation and a cosmic materialism – for this bunch of beings there can be no True Vine of John 15 for us.

“ NF. I find the Identification of the entire person, or something quite close to the totality of the person, as only the sum of all the information processes in the brain and nervous system, incomplete and inadequate.”

Finally the Global Matrix plan rooted in the Radio-Eugenics first outlined by Reisler in the 1930’s, exposed by Drew Hempel, and the condition known as Techno Samadhi is outlined and promoted in plain view again by Neil Freer.

“NF. The political democratic model should be, and now can be, through the electronic medium, based on the neurological system: twenty billion neurons each hooked to an electric network.
Electronic communication makes possible direct participatory democracy. Every citizen has a voting card which she or he inserts in a voting device from palm to desktop computer, cell phone, interactive TV, perhaps devices not yet invented, and central computers register and harmonize the messages from every component part. Neuro-electric politics eliminates the outmoded parties, politicians, campaigns and campaign expenditures.”

In totally excluding the evidence for the Reptilian Annunaki presence historically and currently amongst humanity on Earth Neil Freer asks us to accept that the charade [ a charade also reported by Bob Dean and Dr Bill Deagle] of the human condition is rationally constructed and some product of natural human psychological insufficiencies.
In such a paradigm as Freers there takes place no such thing as alien distress farming and hosting as depicted in Reptilian Statues in Oslo, Norway or as reported by the research of James Bartley and others
His book however tends to pave the way for the alien uploading and mass matrix harvesting process that must take place amongst the herds in the planetary zones if these assets were to be recycled in the new retarded HU-man farms elsewhere in the conquered galaxy.


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