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Our Dilemma.

Andrew Hennessey

It has to cross our mind occasionally – you know – do you wish that they show up … and yet as a bulk exercise for the masses of this surreal Disneyland and alleged social circus – its been up till now a total non-show for the masses.

Meanwhile enigmatic ‘be goods’ from alleged good races, against a backdrop of the strip mining of our solar system e.g. Saturn evident both from the recent Cassini probe and as early as the 1970’s with Dr Norman Bergrun’s famous ‘Ringmakers of Saturn’.

Its always been interstellar business as usual for this solar system and all the various craft continually showing up over epochs of millennia.

We can see archaeological evidence for Repto-Grey society on Earth, yet this place could be simultaneously a soul slaughterhouse and soul hospital.

For the souls who are more life-filled – it can be seen as a butchers shop .. yet for some beings it can be seen as an opportunity to do what they wilt anytime and with anything they want .. a place to lose, tear and destroy the tenderness and beauty of social love and replace that with a life of predation and formlessness and anima.

For us, we who are human, our road divides into a Way of Life or a way of death.

For humans with amnesia whose minds are regularly stripped .. our question is why are we here ?

Here are two scenarios – both possibly operating together.


There’s always some excuse for non-intervention … its we, us the human race who have failed to govern properly a socially surreal and badly behaving circus maximus.

… but then given the interracial mixture of reptilians who choose to look human and the greys with their human holograms already here for millennia – it would be a very special monkey-derived retarded amnesiac and telepathically vulnerable human being that got anywhere through the massed Reptilian and Grey ranks to take the reigns of power anywhere, ever.

Human DNA straightjackets merely dumb down bright and learned beings to make them docile and stupid like cattle, whilst their overlords can switch off and outrun, outdo and outperform their human herd.

Our galactic citizens already know that. They already know that humans are just dumb envelopes being herded around some stupidising and depressing and stressfilled dirty tricks circus.

Do you wish that we show up .. well the answer should be No if its our galactic neighbours but that is not to say that there isn’t a light filled galaxy somewhere else full of really advanced beings that don’t need bits and pieces of creatives and their juices to keep their spiritually bankrupt race and civilisation sustained.

The repto-grey farming stuff is a true dinosaur extinction story .. but just one that’s been slightly postponed.

Who are our galactic neighbours anyway .. ?? maybe only Slaves that are accessories to the fact, probably powerless and living in fear that it doesn’t happen to them. They maybe have to hand over a quota from their own numbers every now and then to the Repto-Greys to top up the numbers on these various planetary grindhouse treadmills.

Perhaps if places like earth can be likened to intensive battery farming, the other societies in this galaxy maybe come under the category of ‘free range’ ?

In our ‘free range’ galaxy … the other races are perhaps allowed to live under few restrictions .. but must pay their tithe to the Repto-Grey alliance in the form of a quota of their more productive creatives.

These beings are then incarcerated and incarnated and dumbed down and given things to do that are designed to make them feel irritated, outraged, humiliated, fearful and stupid.

We can see that there is some sort of human farming going on here – given that in the last 20,000 years, the remnants of Atlantis after the wars of the fall still retained their flying saucers and interstellar shuttles – as most of us can easily see from the art of the ages.

So who were the swords, longships, armour, semantic ignorance and endlessly obsolete technologies for … convicts playtime ? some sort of school ? and all this while starships flew in and out of their oceanic cities and underground caverns through all the millennia of alleged ‘human’ evolution.

Why bother with Knights in full metal armour when you can have star wars ultra light fabric and light sabre ?

Whats with all the retarded loony tunes mud huts and starvation and bows and arrows and sticks and clubs and saw bones and weird theories of matter like phlogiston.

Even our most advanced buildings today are still made out of either blocks of highly compressed or volcanically melted mud.

For our farmers, why bother with hideously unprofitable industries for a thousand years or so if for the last thousand years the crop being grown was not in fact just human cultural output and artefact but human soul farming.

The worlds wealth accrues on some imaginary virtual reality stock market where interest on money borrowed that is not a real asset is re-invested in some other cardboard arcade shell game. Companies cannot make the same kind of offworld money as we know it from human physical stock and its phoney markets, but what if the real stock are the humans. Human Livestock.

We all know that the Earths surface should have been covered in graceful metallic architecture, parks and gardens and any troublesome individuals should have had telepathic and spiritual healing and education and that this place should have been flying out galactic flights every year for the past 20,000 to a galaxy that has known about this planets high technological underground for all that time too.

So where have all our galactic buddies been all this time ?

Do we wish that they show up … as if we don’t already have pictures from historical art that they have been doing just that when and where they please.

Humans meantime have their noses in the trough or pursue the virtual gravy train – somehow totally forgetting the fact that they could probably identify the make and model number of these various ships and their own homeports – if they could be allowed to recover their memory and pull it out of reach of the stripping process on Earth.

Do you wish that we show up and we should take responsibility for what ‘we’ did to our planet … blah blah blah … who’s we ???

The human myth of the level playing field and collective human responsibility for what has transpired amongst these retarded social simulations we seem to want to call civilisation is exactly that.

Extra Terrestrial; contact stories, articles, decrees, declarations, missives, mission statements, pronouncements, websites, articles, whistleblowers, downloads, channels, speeches, automatic writing, think tanks, organisations, lobbyists, ex-military, patriots, PhD’s, concerned black ops scientists, historic re-incarnations, keepers of gateways, gurus, collectors of subscriptions, vendors of star ferry tickets etc who do not admit that humanity is actually under the control of a hierarchy of non-human species who can look human ARE LIARS.

Given that therefore, there sure are a lot of statements on the net alleging interstellar provenance that think that humanity is some bunch of badly behaving monkeys – and who pay no credence to the truth behind the status quo of the soul farm on Earth.

I’m reminded that the Gfed wished that we should all take responsibility for our own affairs ? and also that there was a joke once about the Lone ranger and his native American guide called Tonto … and they were being pursued by a raiding party of Apaches up a dead end canyon … and the Lone Ranger turned to Tonto and said … ‘we’re in trouble now … and Tonto replied … who’s we cowboy ?’

All these missives allegedly coming from our ‘galaxy’ never acknowledge the real status quo on this planet and are therefore fake.

One has to admit … our ‘starbrothers’ and ‘starvisitors’ are a little short on the notion of charity or ethics … so many dusty wells to fill up with H2O and not a lot happening is there ?

So much to do …. A formulae for a cure sketched out on a dinner table napkin between lunch break and some cosmic love workshop which can be hastily taken to an industrial biochemist …

So life in the galaxy as we know it maybe doesn’t actually do visiting time here as we know it.

Having interviewed a prisoner called Ralph X who remembers getting recycled between lives in some big computer control room above the planet .. and who also remembers betraying his non-human Civilisation to another non-human species, by handing over strategic secrets to probably the Greys.

Another man, Paul Schroeder has memories of life in this galaxy and beyond but is similarly trapped and farmed and recycled and also dehumanised by trauma.

Another person has memories of being a pilot who flew a fighter in a galactic war against the Reptilians.

What therefore is the fate of these captured pilots being run down and broken down by trauma ? to be a bus driver on an old bus that takes a long long runway through a trashy version of memory lane or past all the alleged good things that they cannot now have.

Another man, Jackie Gillies is already part of the Grey collective and also part of their hybrid and colonisation programme who has stated that he is expecting to be rehoused on Mars. He has memories of being a military commander with a Federation of some sort.

In this light do you wish that we show up is rather like asking a herd of dairy or beef cattle adjacent to a McDonalds if they wanted super-sized !

Another recent development which could be fiction, but in fact fits the profile of our dilitant galaxy is that a contactee alleged that he was taken to another ‘stone age’ planet like earth that used radio-telescopes and there was involved in a relationship.

If that is true and it seems to fit the bill – that there is at least one other planet full of retarded social simulations in this galaxy … then that is another planet full of interstellar captives full of ancient memories and skills and relationships and creativity and love that are being brutally broken down in somewhat retarded personal and social conditions – it suggests that if there is a Galaxy of Light somewhere – it isn’t this one !

For all our highly enriched creative souls that are our brothers and sisters who are currently being strip-mined out .. I am reminded of the Neil Young song ‘Heart of Gold’. A song about someone who has fruitlessly pursued a quest for love as far as his journey could take him .. and now he’s weary, growing old and dying … [again .. maybe up for recycling through the computer room again] ..

Ironically, who are the real miners for our hearts of gold but the Repto-Grey alliance and their other accessories to the fact .. our so-called galaxy of light.

For me there were three or four possibilities.

This place is either; 1. a farm 2. a prison 3. a hospital 4. a school or indeed some combination of all of those four.

The reality of it being a repto-grey slaughterhouse for souls is one that rings true for many, for another I have met, Dave says he is here to learn about stuff like he was in school. In between recovering whatever memories I can manage to regain, I am under the impression that I am here to work on family issues amongst my own family group.

There is more than one type of Reptilian shapeshifter here and they are definitely not all hostile at all.

A reptilian guy I know is here to work on his own family group issues and comes from a race of Reptilians that could be the Naga group.

His astral features look something like the knotted lumps on statues of the Buddha and his eyes have the same all black almond shaped appearance.

Another family of Reptilian beings appear to be from a protruding snouted Reptilian stock that has the appearance of having big quilted looking scales.

Another Reptilian type is the more classic Aryan type associated with the statue in Rosslyn Scotland. They have a more shortened snout and tend to have golden eyes with a black vertical slit, or just black eyes.

Their species as the name Illuminati suggest or their folklore indicate as the shining ones .. can glow in the dark.

I have seen another type of Reptilian being too – this one somewhat shorter but a winged Draco. The wings on this being as seen with second sight three or four feet each the pair – somewhat like a griffin as seen on the MI5 logo of the British Security Service.

As they say ‘In defence ..’ of the big secret and the national disinterest !!

Clearly from my own experiences I can say that not everybody that’s here is here having a bad time.

One guy I knew indicated that he was here evaluating different problem solving strategies with similar or dissimilar tools and looking at new ways or more efficient ways to achieve traditional goals.

Contrast a relatively happy and hippy middle class torture and all the pains and distresses that can offend parts of our beings that we did not know could be offended . with the more brutal and hideous physical butchery of e.g. Africa or South America.

It is evident though that large numbers of the human population ie. Dumbed down galactic prisoners in the straightjacket of human DNA are being rendered in obscene ways all over the globe.

For my own UK based Reptiles .. we are just punks getting whats coming to us …

The reality though goes beyond national zones – repto-grey stockyards to Interstellar administration below the planets surface in those ancient cities – we have names of two .. Agharti and Shamballah and the stories collected by Nicholas Roerich and Ossendowski from Tibet of their inhabitants and their state of advancement.

On Earths surface though – to a greater or lesser extent – the majority of people are being stripped in some way by this farming process.

It may well be taking orders from these places.

Our galactic buddies and all that stuff about Federations that claim we as animals must take control of the Animal Farm .. is ludicrous and disrespectful and bad.

If there is still hope of meeting beings of light from some galaxy, clearly it wont be this one … for how can any sentient being replete with ships and technologies allow countless sentient and loving captive souls to be butchered on this and other planets through a period of time that ought to put any federation of anything to total shame.

This galaxy does not stop the soul crimes on this planet.


There is another scenario for non-intervention here that pays no credence to our phoney human lives and circumstances.

After all in eternity our life here is but a moment, but if we have in some place of great beauty and great civilisation given up as a being on some important things and we have become diseased with who we are to the point that we have started to become offensive and self-destructive, and where our social, spiritual and creative output has started to become depleted .. we may wish to come to place like Earth to give ourselves the shock treatment.

We can be reminded very quickly where our own personal disease leads, and see in real time worse examples of our own malaise if our life planning can be co-ordinated with a womb opportunity that places us in certain kinds of situations amongst some society, peer group and geography.

People will therefore seek to be incarnated here from all over the different galaxies to either bring their problems and to work on their issues with a series of constructed opportunities through a carefully planned and phased exploration of the issues – or people will just come here to eradicate themselves and trash and discard their human personae in an evil and arrogant manner.

For the soul patient looking for healing and self discovery there are plenty of stripping activities ongoing that forces them to prioritise and focus their limited resources.

In these circumstances where aliens are continually stripping us in an acid bath matrix of negation and evil .. we can evaluate our true priorities as these will be the things that we keep regenerating and regaining and remaking amongst the alien mind blanking and asset stripping negation.

This bad place therefore could be put to good use like that – given the society of angels and family were present.

It doesn’t matter therefore if we miss out on a few years of coffee and cake .. if our soul dies because we embrace evil – its all over for us sooner or later anyway.

If we live .. then there’s lots of coffee varieties and many cakes.

It might be thought necessary to supply some sort of last resort for dying souls too.

That would serve the purposes of the evil and the good beings as both sides can again present their cases.

In that case, I’m just one of the better off patients that have been left more unattended by the busy staff … currently at some emergency in some last chance saloon.

In this more ecumenical model of a place of convenience for evil and good .. the people that want to go can and do … those with good .. return to good .. but those that embrace unhumanity become less and less and fall into the dust becoming dust in return.

Perhaps it is true that souls agree to fall and agree to die and if this is so

then living dehumanising and demonic lives and deaths and embracing the arts of desolation and chaos are things that these beings want to inherit.

They may totally resonate with the evils of these distorted human ideas because they themselves are filled with loathing.

Such is their hatred for all life including their own that they empty it out into the world and upon their fellow travellers.

If that is also true about Earth, then becoming more demonic and evil amongst the psychotic butchery of alien technologies and surreal social engineering would be a circus attraction for these beings.

Some of them already looking forward to the freedom from morality and humanity that being some sort of animal would bring them.

In my article THE END OF THE VINE I explore the idea that humanity resonates with a divine human archetype called Christ, first born human and closest to the Source via a simple basic natural law of commune that occurs in every living thing. Love of and relating to and outpouring life and love to the context, social or otherwise, Loving and resonating with the Source of existence in equal measure and also loving the integrity of self as would a plant cell in the Vine of John 15.

Our pains and traumas here are not ignored .. that our highest spiritual thoughts and most loving resonances pass through the dense straightjacket of our biology and the stuff of our dimension and alien captors and resonate clearly visible to Angels of Light – despite darknesses best efforts to stifle those.

So even if our fellow more free range galaxians turn up with the pickles and the ketchup and the cheese .. the human soulfood barbeque here does have a prayer.

I’m sure that if we pray we will be heard by Angels of Love and Merciful actions.


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