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the status quo

Andrew Hennessey

It can be seen from some of our academic material that for some time now all is not right with our view of the world.
We have physics and cosmology and sciences and paradoxes that refuse change and solutions and whole ways of doing things seemingly entrenched in obsolete technologies and fuels and medicines – and we have everywhere some war or rumour of war.
I suggest that things in our status quo have very much been like that every century for thousands of years.
There is always some dark evil wolf of human political fabrication at the edge of the pasture to keep the flock nervous, yet for every century that passes the news of the dark alien underground and what goes on there has always supplied us with stories of magical people and their shapeshifting technologies and often evil friends.
Cave paintings, standing stone carvings, ancient monumental sculptures, European Renaissance paintings, the Roswell first contact myth – we have always had some dysfunctional and un-progressive human society that seems to go nowhere – whilst at our fringes in the dark woods of our nightmares at the pastures edge lurk the alien brigands who would usurp the flock portrayed in the cultural media of the day.
Historically though the planets surface seems to be stuck in zones like the film Westworld.

Around 1000AD, looking in depth at the academic reasoning behind the non-use of the Chinese navy over a period of 500 years which comprised of a fleet of heavily armoured highly manoeuvrable flat topped paddle boats that were armed with cannons we see a glaring paradox.
In 500 years of massive fiscal demands that would relocate capital cities and equip numerous armies etc No-one allegedly had the idea to take even a portion of that fleet south, hugging the coast and water supplies into the Indian or Arabian Ocean in search of gold – but the only explanation offered for this is that either strangers interfered or that they as a people had a ‘patient and resigned shopkeeper mentality’ – but neither of these explanations is sufficient for me.
They conducted trade and imports from India which also contributed to their culture and architecture so they knew of the Raj Kingdoms and palaces.
It is an incredible fact though that that navy was allegedly never used for the purpose of conquest yet they had overwhelming technological superiority till the arrival of the East India Company hundreds of years later !!!
How could some martial arts warlord never have the idea to leave the Chinese version of the Truman show or Groundhog Day in search of loot to finance some of those massive campaigns ???
What changed their minds to prevent their global conquest ?

The particle physics of Lord Kelvin and his atomic vortex theory of 1901 is actually a more advanced particle physics model than the one we are using in the 21st Century. Also Tesla’s theory of Environmental Energy ought to have been enough at the start of the 20th Century to give us a future.
Instead we toy with insoluble mathematical conundrums and elite mindgames that can never progress past a central fatal flaw and inbuilt mathematical redundancy.

No such joy however, as most of us start to notice on a journey round our local bookstore, the remix and duplication and un-originality in ever more dumbed down formats.
Multimedia devices for youth culture with tiny display units totally fail to convey anything good.
Educational exams for children in the 18th and 19th century appear to look more and more like post graduate university degrees with their mathematical components and Science and medical Science totally fail to deliver for the human race, certainly at any price that they could afford to pay. Two thirds of the population of this planet have no social concept of coffee and cake whilst in an African village pancakes made out of dust and sugar are served up to the starving.

In these grotesque and alien and un-humanly engineered social circumstances then, we see time and time again the failure of every social charade we had been counting on to deliver.
Junk physics, unending cancers, incurable paradoxes and diseases whilst millions of contactees or spiritually tuned in simply cannot write a chemical formulae for a cure down on a paper napkin sent by some wise
Alien being of alleged love and light.

The aliens themselves entrenched and farming this disorientated herd, suspiciously seem to be farming our souls from some accounts and other accounts point to some impending harvest.
After this harvest they allege that their victims will inherit better biology next time, yet the eternal soul and all its manifestations as a truly living and empowered being does not need or use biology or biological constraints – being empowered by a network of living and free life.
It is only the dead that have future need of biology, and of course, biological beings need to eat, even clever alien ones.

We mill about in our stockpens looking at the entropy and social disease in the culture and media and utilities and in our own security and geology whilst others with less than human agendas parade powers of illusion and mastery of matter and shape, and display technologies, skills, memories of events and places beyond the human horizons and perhaps if we are human we realise that our own human condition for some reason we agreed to before we were born, is artificial.
It could not be reasoned that we don’t have these massive capacities too, its just that either genetically or by some other magical or telepathic or technological control, we cannot access them at this point.

Looking at satellite photographs of my own home and area, I can see alien observation droids parked above my and the dwellings of others.
Special Forces in contact have suggested that they are in the possession of visioning equipment that can see all the stuff that’s flying about .. and that if we had this kind of technology we might see a very different kind of world.

We hear of the Reptilians and their alliance with the Greys and that humanity according to a series of Norwegian statues in Oslo are their thralls.
If this is so, then let us ask some important questions about the things we take for granted.
This place is a deliberately diseased and retarded cul de sac imo.
If oil ran out somewhere, these beings would probably manufacture it for our use. We know that they can abduct anyone anywhere and programme or replace them – so does that rule not apply to our many and various politicians and leaders and captains of industry ?
In a planet that has been managed and successfully zoned for thousands of years, its science and technological developments suppressed whenever necessary to keep the planets surface backwards, the one word that could sum up or describe the quality of the entire evolutionary output of this planet is ‘almost’.

On planet Almost therefore where people are being herded about and
Distressed and supplied and resupplied by global industries and a global food chain … how do we know that whole container ships coming from China and their cargoes are not abducted and substituted too ?
How do we know that our little bits and pieces of household material doesn’t have other inclusions in it.
To believe that is a Psychiatric condition called Capgras Syndrome, which more commonly is the belief that someone you know and love is now an alien substitute. There have to be genuine sufferers of this disorder, but from what we know maybe some people are not so deluded.

On Planet Almost many people in the Western world have a computer, mostly running Microsoft operating systems and software – a luxury not extended to probably 70% of the population of this planet.
One hears stories that the CPU, the chip that is at the heart of our home PC is designed after the floor plan of an Egyptian Temple and that the enigmatic Bill Gates has some sort of Stargate happening at his HQ.
Stuff like this might well be fanciful comic book material which may or may not link into other aspects of matrix like virtual reality and semi scientific Transhumanism, Cyborgs and matrix uploads.
However one thing is for certain with your windows software in that you will always be looking at the top left of the screen.
In Neural Linguistic Programming, or NLP, which was developed from presumably secret military research e.g. Munroe Institute, we have the idea that the eyes looking in certain directions are accessing either logical or imaginative faculties, real truths or fabrications – so could it be that our creative imagination is somehow being conditioned to expect a top left hand corner input or some sort of network link ?
Is our top left visual field a window into our creative imagination ?

We almost landed stuff on mars and the moon again, we almost have a space program, we almost have a theory of relativity that works, we almost have free energy, we almost have cures for this and that.
We almost have a computer and software that finally operates to spec.
We almost have a food shortage, economic collapse and nuclear war and we almost have full disclosure.
We most certainly have Repto-Grey soul farming and chaos theatre from all this creative distress.
The fact that that actually goes on is advertised in the stained glass of 13th Century Lincoln Cathedral in England where you see St Theophilus being handed a soul capture device by a Reptilian devil.
I think how the process works is that tiring human beings absolutely phased and dazzled by the superhuman craftsmanship of some very strange competitors in their own line of business sell themselves out to some masterful type that promises them their dreams by a process of enlightenment. Ie. The acquisition of a little helper or attachment, a demon, as more recently advertised in the film ‘The Golden Compass’.

If the human being can detach from the world, this strange series of dysfunctional social charades arguably designed to milk the person of their good stuff, is going to matter less.
Then perhaps merely losing their dreams to some telepathic thief and then watching others live your dream instead of you is not such a hard thing.
I remember having a melody stolen from myself on more than one occasion to then hear it manifest in the most grandiose circumstances for example.
Many creative people complain of being ripped off all the time in any case. Realistically though many have been telepathically hacked and ripped off.
There are several times in my life when I thought that I needed glasses.
My eyesight though would recover back to its very sharp normality.
I then noticed that after mixing with certain kinds of people, some of whom seemed reptilian, that my eyesight would become distorted for a while, but thanks to Angelic love and healing, it would always return to clarity.
Matthew 6:22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
One night after a Reptilianesque interaction with a person, we had been following some unsettling line of discourse and I felt that my heart centre had become slightly depleted. My eyesight had then become slightly distorted, but it was soon restored.
I went to bed and slept well, but just before it was time to rise I had a torrid dream that seemed to replay the unsettling argument of the night before such that when I awoke, my eyesight was not its usual clear self.
I prayed and asked why this was proceeding as a victory for dark things when I sat down and stared out of a window attempting to relax my eyes. Suddenly I saw what I was being asked to account for. It was an etheric implant that had been distorting my vision. It was a long narrow, metallic light coloured oblong shape.
My Angel then removed it and very shortly afterwards my eyesight returned to clarity.
I realised suddenly the amazing analogy between our own physical bodies and the reality in which we all live.
In entering into a physical discourse that diminished the quality of my hope and aspirations I had allowed a person to have an impact on my own spiritual clarity and destiny.
I had allowed a worldly argument to impact upon my spiritual life and my connection with my replenishing vision of eternity had become blocked with obvious physical impact upon my health.
To me – the internet could theoretically be a place of real spiritual hardship for many people that could have direct impacts upon their physical as well as spiritual health.
If groups of beings gain their essences by pruning and sucking the energies from human ‘containers’ in these discussions, they could also have an occult but very direct impact on our physical quality of life too.
I have suggested that we need to be connected to the vine of John 15 so that we get resupplied and mended and sustained by Holy Spirits.

None of these realities herein described are the realities that we would have learned about in any formal or established way, yet many of us suspect that at least some of it could be true.
Its probably good news for us that all the social, cultural and spiritual landmarks upon which the human will and ego extends and maps itself for the benefits of its alien farmers could get shortly erased by either geological or climatic catastrophe.
That would mean for the cattle that it was time to up steaks.
Whatever beef we have with whoever is operating our Disneyland will have to be abandoned for a process more often referred to as a ‘harvest’.
Some are even being told to look forward to bigger and better biology which probably means there is a planet somewhere full of giant kangaroos.
High energy souls, and all high frequency lifeforms are well beyond biology and zoology and biological reproduction and gestation and cloning. It is a consolation for these beings that wish to proceed with letting their souls get reprocessed that in the universe of biology ‘their worm does not die nor their fires go out ..’ but I personally know someone who is looking forward to inhabiting and migrating between all sorts of animal life under the Greys. That’s his choice though.

There are realms and realities beyond here and beyond biology – most of us are certain of such things, but we need to also look to our loving
brothers and sisters in these places to help us out of this stockyard.
My heart is with Christ, not with any human temporal institution, others will choose another way, but I know that my choice has fulfilled my life.


About ScottishAndrew

Contemporary Scottish fiddle player, Scottish ceilidh dance caller, folk music composer, Ufologist, natural and supernatural photographer and tour operator, digital artist and designer, writer and columnist - interested in cosmology and 5th generation computation without the 'Halting problem' !! THE SCOTTISH ANDREWVERSE Ceilidh musician and man of dance Investigator of paranormal circumstance Composer of art and pictures and tunes And researcher of old Scottish stones and runes Cosmic conundrums and landing on the Moon ...


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