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Fw: humanity and reptilian racism

here’s hopefully some progress beyond where monkeys of eden
left off !!?
Monkeys of Eden – at http://www.hereticscience.cpm
>>the main issue I found relevant in my life is that many
of the people who choose to get born with massive capacities are
in fact underperforming and underachieving relative to me.<<
Why are they underachieving, and are you referring to humans?
I think that this planet is a spiritual; hospital/nursery/prison
And that souls are brought here by the elder civilisations of this and other galaxies like a 
strict health farm to work out their issues.
Some people however choose to be born with every facility and capacity open to them .. 
e.g. known peer groups that would facilitate all their creative development that they plan out 
BEFORE they are born here … that means that they will deliberately choose genetics and form in 
which they can compose Mozart do math like Einstein whilst starring in high speed bruce lee films and 
extreme skateboarding down mount everest whilst simultaneously writing out new computer languages 
with their right foot etc.
They are allowed to choose everything they want to live out this short life – 
because they are spiritually dying !! they are disconnecting from God and they have a disease 
with creation and within themselves – so they are given every option and facility to get their 
act together and to feel good about themselves – they most often choose the reptilian genetics 
because the process of turbo charging called enlightenment where they can do massive multitasking 
and reprocessing is facilitated the most.
Their problem is that no matter how much they have or think they control – 
they can do nothing much with what they are … they have acquired all the trappings of superiority 
but in truth have a massive dependency on the fruits of others – for they can manufacture and manifest 
very little on their own.
That’s why SOME reptilians misuse their gifts …
The most frequent excuses that I have heard in life for why I am being abused is that because 
of my innate inferiority and incapacity in that I am an incapacitated mixture of carefully 
engineered genetic failure – I am …
1.                     full of anger and jealousy at the endowments and graces and gifts of my alleged superiors.
2.                     that I have a sensate and base mind .. one track because it cannot handle the sophistry of 
multitasking – that at mealtimes I behave and discern like a dog.
3.                     that I am made incapacitated to punish me for my past misdemeanours and that as part of that process, 
I am a fallen being who is to be harmed for revenges sake for past times – especially the fall of atlantis.
4.                     that because I have little focus – I cannot live life to the full and immerse myself in high resolution 
and great detail in e.g. studies or indeed any new activity – that I can never be good at anything.
Humans are an artificial species – made to house souls and spirits looking to work out their issues. 
There appear to be varying degrees of human handicapped … but I suggest that the word human and the 
word handicapped are interchangeable.
Having a handicap – for a very short period of time where we cannot use our probably huge mind and 
civilised memory and our immense number of cumulative and acquired skills from way back – puts us in 
a situation where we have to struggle to prioritise everything we really need.
This spiritual sorting out of our lives – that struggle is the reason we bought our ticket into Disneyland 
to wear the costumes of the day.
Some underperforming souls who are wearing the emperors genetic clothes i.e. Those who demanded to be born 
with every advantage can be severely challenged by what they see as a ‘showboating’ human incarnee who 
took on a handicapped vehicle just to show off their great strength and inner resources.
The truth is that we can do nothing on our own – that the great spiritual advocate will supply us 
and feed our spirits if we ask.
Make no mistake about it though – many souls here in this hospital are dying off and disconnecting 
from the source – e.g. read john 15 on the true vine.
And no matter how many interstellar societies bring their ‘issues’ here to work out – the main issue 
is that at stake are our very eternal lives.
For to disconnect is to disintegrate and to ultimately become an unstable and fragile vampire. 
>>they lie about our beauty and our capacity – such as it is ..<<
Are you saying that they are lying by saying we humans do not have 
innate  spiritual beauty and great soul capacity for creativity and Love, etc?
yes they do that knowing that we cannot see ourselves in the spiritual mirror as it were – 
that our spiritual eyes are blinded and some of them tirelessly work to blind us and spiritually 
disorientate us and to disconnect us from the source.
They know what it is we are to inherit even if we don’t.
>>and they invent excuses to abuse us – based on the reason for
being in these atlantean simulations in the first place.
what we see around us is a very limited lightweight version of the our 
past wrongs – where we can come to work to make them better.<<
I am interpreting this as what I’m beginning to suspect is the crock, 
the lie, of reincarnation and karmic debts–that this is a way of keeping  humans in a time loop, 
providing food for the reptilians. 
I think that we are totally free to stay and to go – but that the simulations on the planets surface 
are to serve the cause of the forces of light and of the future evolution of civilisation.
The dark ones are facilitated here because their disease is being studied in a relatively controlled environment.
But I think numerous civilisations are behind the stalls in this very important funfair. 
My  Atlantean dream ended with me seeing a Man on a cross in the far distance. 
And I had that dream when I was heavily invested in a belief in 
I think that’s your goal .. to recognise the man on the cross – I had a similar dream when I was 12 
about a man on a cross – but it took me nearly all of my life to realise that although I was having 
a hard time here and technically being crucified by darkness – that my kind of pain was not the same 
pain that Christ suffered – who could see all futures and all the way up to God and all the way 
down to futures of Earth – such disconnection that he suffered thankfully had to have been of an 
order of magnitude of stress that I cannot conceive of.
>>the place is deliberately maintained in a backward state so that we don’t ‘put it all right’ 
so that the clinical reassessments of our spiritual growth or disease can be related to the 
basic motifs of obsolescence and decadence in our artificial environs. [imo]<<
Are you saying that the “lords of karma” in addition to dumbing us down set  up the karma game 
as a dumbed-down playing field?
That’s totally true. [imo] I have an article on my blog – well two at http://www.offtheplanet.blogspot.com
called the hidden hand – academic research showing the zoning and dumbing on this planet over millennia 
and another aticle called ‘you got visitors’ that tells the story of someone brought here as a prisoner – 
not for reasons of personal need.
This planet is full of fakers – some with immense capacity – at all levels and walks of life.
Some think of it as R&R, some as servitude, some as therapy – but all are contributing to the 
greater god of the rebirth of I think a most glorious civilisation.
Where do us dumbed down monkeys fit into it – well databases and skills and remembering the 
entire library of planet Xylon isn’t everything … whats most important is that we have the 
belief in love and nurture – we are basically engines without a vehicle – but that when we 
go from here and we again acquire a facilitative vessel in which we can place our engine – w
e know that our capacity for society and love and nurture supercedes any and all of the 
fruits of the mind and the world.
That makes us true assets of any civilisation.
I think that’s where your challenge lies .. to recognise yourself .. but also to take one further step … 
to remain true to your capacity to love and to be loved – despite the rubbish of the world.
Finding the meaning of Christ changed my life – because I have always had guardian angels around me – 
indeed I remember choosing my own life from about 15 families in western Europe. 
I asked for the hardest challenge.
Some come here just for an Xmen holiday ….


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