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Ets plan for the Elite

ETs Plan for the Elite

Andrew Hennessey


This planet is one Big Spiritual Hospital run by the Zetas or Greys for and on behalf of the Annunaki – Atlantean soul group.

See articles; ‘Prisoners of Earth’, and ‘You Got Visitors’ on my blog at http://www.offtheplanet.blogpsot.com

According to the Ethiopian Book of Enoch there were a lot of prisoners after the wars of the Fall of Atlan – these are referred to as the ‘Grigori’.


The zetas who have been running the computational aspects of the big hospital ward for millennia rather like the matrix have in the interests of spiritual healing retarded the evolution of technologies on this planet so that we have enough time to work with our issues.

See article ‘Talk to the Hand’ for the academic evidence for historical artificial social impediment.


The zetas can manifest technology from holographic projections – and can create and endlessly recreate physical reality. The main issue with the hospital patients though is that they cannot endlessly recreate spiritual reality. The challenges of spiritual disease when harnessed with the engines of physical creation create senescent ideas and artefacts that are ultimately disease.

Not good for the longevity of a huge society like the Zeta Empire.

This theme is explored in Michael Moorcock’s: ‘Dancers at the end of time’ trilogy.

Sightings of holographic technology that mutates and changes are getting more common. [Brad Steiger, Keel]


We have all belonged to a civilisation that can create matter from energy. Our future will take us there again but in the meantime there is manifested every kind of challenge for us to overcome.

All this hardship is to bring out our spiritual best amongst the attrition but it is only a temporary thing as we have many lifetimes of memories and skills that are our true legacy.

The zetas have this hospital planet totally under wraps to the extent that fallen spirits can stalk the place to facilitate every choice of the inmates.

e.g. See the film ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’.

Brave human souls discuss their difficult lives with soul supervisors e.g. andrew hennessey’s prelife discussion, and sometimes criminal inmates e.g. Ralph X relive their criminal betrayals amongst the Earth simulations and are chaperoned between lives by their parole officer but eventually all born onto the planets surface into ‘humanity’ plus or minus memories and skills with greater or lesser handicaps – have a spiritual disease to work with as their assignment.

The great divide within humanity therefore is that between those humans working amongst the pre-stellar ideologies and those working amongst the elite cadre.

This legislative wall of interests is policed by the multinational corporations though in fact they have added nothing new to disprove the familiar story of their gravy train with their snouts in the trough.

In the non-elite zone, most of us are familiar with the challenge of attrition so often and so obvious within the pre-stellar social simulations. Attrition is an enormous challenge in a dog eat dog situation. No soul, however, is ever alone and no-one passes through unnoticed. The zeta though as a rule tend to manifest our worst fears to challenge our creative juices and our spiritual mettle.

If we can stop being afraid of ourselves and forgive ourselves we will be better creators.

For the elite however, there is a different set of criteria. They are supplied with every luxury to challenge their spiritual and social mettle.

Every material temptation will attempt to lure them into social and personal disease.

Ultimately though this planet is a hospital even for the elite.

They may think that they have trading relationships with strange ET interests but nothing passes by the notice of the massive cities in the sky just slightly detuned from our visibility.

There the hospital management team examine the transactions of the patients on the surface below.

The elite think they have interstellar trading interests but the products of this solar system are non-negotiable – it would be like hospital patients attempting to be self employed by selling the furniture and fittings of the hospital, its beds, tables, TVs and equipment to every visitor that

showed up.

I strongly suspect that the current set of ‘exports’ get reconstituted because they are unsuitable.

Most of the human race are in the pre-stellar wards, but somehow the elite have got themselves ensconced within Occupational Therapy and there they pass the time making and stockpiling; chocolate crispies, ceramic tiles and crayon drawings. Truth is though – no-one buying the products of spiritual disease would want to put these ceramic tiles in their bathhouse or attempt to sell these chocolate cookies on the open market. Just imagine the labelling ‘handmade by hospital patients’.

The elite have their worst avarice fed and nourished to help them develop their sense of excess – but ultimately they are hospital patients with problems. They may think that they are making treaties and interstellar legislation but they only ever get to see what they expect to see. They never really know who or what they are dealing with.

Not one of the elite interstellar treaties recently manufactured will ever be upheld over mankind. Even the elite presence in the solar system and beyond gives them access to very little that is real about interstellar society. Efforts to terraform Mars do not in any way reflect the miracle that could be possible. Most net researchers have seen the terraced sierra cultivations, lakes and forests after unmasking the graphic art filters that corrupt the satellite imagery yet even this doesn’t suggest that this planet could one day contain tropical rainforests and temperate zones.

The biggest blow to the elite ego is the reality that they are just egos with problems that are being fed into.

Not one of these prima donnas get past the ministrations of the hospital management team and every soul elite and non-elite is heard and their choices facilitated however dark and hard.

It takes great bravery to be born into a life of attrition

A recent museum exhibit in Scotland was withdrawn after its x files content became the subject of a tour. One of the cards of the largely insectoid zeta exhibit announced – inferred that the human condition of abductees were ‘punk’.

The purpose of becoming on this planet is not to become subject to the other inmates and their airs and graces but to become better than we were – and to this end no amount of artificial legislation that ring fences the elite trough will withhold eternity from any soul.

The elite although full of such arrogance will not and do not prevail with their desolate ambitions and un-Christian morality. They do all have their own social worker though. Someone has to dispose of all those ‘special’ chocolate cookies when the bad boys and girls are safely tucked up in their luxurious beds.


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