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goblin halls the missing and secret village

GOBLIN HALLS – the missing village AND a strange collective


I thought that folks really should get to know this – since its Christmas and all that – that there quite clearly seems to be a massive conspiracy going on in Edinburgh Scotland.

My first Stargate Edinburgh update on my blog is at: http://www.offtheplanet.blogspot.com


That will give you the Masonic background on the Edinburgh 7 hills Jerusalem Tolkein Elves and Orcs end days stuff.

Having read that or perhaps you may wish not to at this point I have to tell you that contact is taking place right now under our very noses at the totally unfindable village of Goblin halls near Gifford. Only its not on the map anymore.

A fairly big village with a post office, shops and hotel – cannot be found on the UK www.multimaps.com, or indeed the modern Ordnance Survey landranger series number 66, 2005 – the official Edinburgh area map for those essential days out – every destination you would need etc.

No Goblin Halls Village but I’ve got some news for you – I found the contact collective project – well it has to be – it totally just sounds like it.


Now before I give you the map reference I have to take you on a tour of elite ideology. Now I’m sure you’ve all heard this crap before – but in this case it happens to be very important – and when I reveal the place name that replaces Goblin Halls Village and give you the background which I’m sure internet veterans like yourselves will be all too familiar with you will see that if there was ever something ‘going on’ at Goblin Halls – this stands out a mile as being the most likely scenario.


The Templar scenario with Edinburgh and Lothians stands out a mile especially at Roslin. Templars were always into their insectoid heritage. The Merovingians had golden bees in their tombs, they had kobolds on their tapestries, the Earl of Orcus – Earl Sinclair of Roslin was also of the Order of the Golden Bee and there was indeed a live beehive at Roslin Chapel sitting in an aperature which has recently been cleaned out and terminated. The honey used to run down the wall.

Our intrepid Earl of the Orcs, Guardian of the Clamshell bloodline also had the title of Baron of Cousland – Cosuland being another part of the cavern system adjacent to Rosslyn and Goblin Halls.

ET Insectoid displays at the National Museum Edinburgh were withdrawn. They featured lots of ET ornaments and a denim jacket by Vivienne Westwood in the same display as the ET communion cup, the mantis vase and Grey wrapped around a cafetierre. The card that described the artistically torn denim jacket said that it was made by Vivienne in her ‘Punk’ days. The only human inclusion was torn denim made by a punk .. meaning maybe abductees were punks that deserved the tearing that they got. The big woven carpet hanging with the hive was also removed presumably because it resembled the Scottish Parliament building too much.

So the Elite have known about their Insectoid heritage for millennia and have secretly interacted with them. The ancient Templar priory of Torphichen has underground the Elvish/Zeta halls to which abductee Garry Woods was taken. When asking what they wanted – the Emperor Grey replied ‘Sanctuary’. Torphichen is an ancient Templar Sanctuary.

So hopefully you get an idea that Insectoid bees and hives have been part of our ancient history and our modern history and its not by accident that Tolkein uses the scenario of central Scotland to tell his tale.

Next up is some more hard news – the reason that the rest of us are excluded.

We’re supposed to be responsible for the planets demise, mass pollution, wars, fighting, aggression, evils – the human race is 6 billion and its dark stuff that needs to go to make way for the new generations of masonically enlightened people.

The human race has to be checked out it is urinating over everything, and only the finest of the fine can be allowed to meet the Elves and Goblins of the Lothians.

I think they get weaned on that at an early age and by the time they are mimicking spastics in coffee shops, punk spastics no doubt they have a bad bad attitude to the heroes of humanity do these young ‘chosen’

We don’t get an invite to Goblin Halls – and thankfully neither to Bohemian Grove – the Elite like to hang onto the goodies and like to keep it in the family.

Imagine my surprise therefore to find an elite project near the village of Goblin Halls – the name just sort of cried out with self effacing humility – a self effacing humility that would put the human punks in their place.

Its got conservation growing natural trees, recycling and all sorts of green stuff – and remember you cannot now find an entire large village called Goblin Halls on a UK map – its called The Pishwanton Project.

Now how humble is that for in vernacular Scots to Pish means to urinate and together the name means to urinate profusely in a wanton way over everything.

How wonderful – so many elite people making up for the sins of the common punk.

They withdrew their arrogance from the national museum but it doesn’t look like the elite want us to have any contact at all.

Not because they are any better [obviously] but that they are simply ring fencing a monopoly for themselves over a potentially endless supply of luxuries out of thin air.

They have to justify to themselves why they are more deserving of these luxuries though – so they paint the picture of the human punk and they sell that to their not too special children to sustain them through the hard days of immoral population culling ahead.

God and their Right of acquisition.

Come and attone for the ills of the world of punk at Pishwanton, stay in the woods – no need to prepare for contact anymore as I strongly suspect that the snouts are firmly in the troughs of the Halls of Goblin.

Just don’t mention the Skull and Bones.

Merry Xmas to all of Santas Helpers – can we get a nice present too ??


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