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The Prisoners of Earth


THE PRISONERS   by andrew hennessey


A Long time ago in the 20th century of Mankind in the sixties on British TV was a long running cult series called ‘The Prisoner’ starring Patrick McGoohan.

It was about a rebel secret agent being taken to and held in a place called ‘The Village’ which was a high security mind control holiday resort and various number 2’s in the hierarchy kept trying to break him .. for information – they insisted that he was number 6 but Patrick insisted that he was not a number, he was a free man …. To the resounding laughs of the controller …

We all knew that this series was an analogy for planet Earth but in the very last episode of the Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan alias number six gets to meet his captor and tears the mask off finding himself facing none other than himself. Essentially it was the dark side of number 6 that held him prisoner in the Disneyland high security resort.


I will argue that this is exactly the real ExtraTerrestrial position for planet Earth.

Most abductees agree that the Beings they meet are telepathic and can communicate mind to mind with some very highly sophisticated data and interphases.

Telepathy in nature is full of resonant stories of group or soul or hive mind and the intercommunication of data and skills across vast distances e.g. the story of the rhesus macaque monkeys on an island in the Indian ocean who learned to wash potatoes in the sea – very soon by some means deliberately unacknowledged by science – this skill was transmitted to other rhesus macaque monkeys around the world.

For decades the Biologist Rupert Sheldrake has researched and verified such stories.

For some reason against the run of nature and natural evolution even in the apes, the best most men and women can do is get a ‘feeling’  – its as if their broadband internet connection has been disabled.

This sense of disconnection and isolation is prevalent amongst mankind.


In the Universe at large, warfare and criminality will be as widespread as any human model could envisage – as beings intent on embracing the thrills of the self and the powers of chaos will rip their way through orderly society on their devastating power trips.

In the real Universe and another fact that it has taken thousands of years to dispute – there is no death – souls are unique sparks or energy orbs that do not die – they simply migrate from container/vessel to vessel. This makes the death penalty in the real Universe and in a civilisation that deals with real issues of eternity not the ultimate sanction. You cannot just execute Beings as they come back again after they find another body. It would mean that some quite long terms solutions have to be found for anti-social spiritual diseases that bring hardship to peoples societies.

Simply storing them in detention has to prove counterproductive and also unChristian as simply expediting vengeance upon them will not induce co-operation if in the longterm they can choose to refuse to operate the social value systems that they are dedicated to destroy.


What are the choices for organised civilisation therefore with such longterm problems from beings who are dedicated to chaos and mayhem. They cannot be executed, they cannot ultimately be controlled, they should not be stored for long periods, they will not be educated and they clearly have issues.


Invent an open air prison on a planets surface with a modelled society that they may co-operate with or operate against. Ensure that they cannot escape or do others harm on the planets surface by denying them access to interstellar technologies and sciences.

Place their beings inside a restrictive straight jacket that does not have full capacity to project mental force and the ability to inflict acts of psionic crime from their diseased spirits.

Process the beings on earth such that they recycle between these limited lives and give the order of social evolution on planet earth the appearance of end based evolution.

Present these beings with the opportunities to choose darkness and to serve the dark and allow them to test the full consequences of selling their spirits and souls into chaos.

Also present these beings with an opportunity to choose the path of Christ.  ‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbour as yourself.’ Luke 10,27

By choosing the path of social nurture we become freely energised from the source, but by turning our backs on the source and taking and hoarding for ourselves we become hungry parasites and vampires sold into the cycle of chaos, the seasons and death. On such roads of being biology and endless hellfires of biological metabolism and low frequency anima motivate and inspire our spirit and such gold or loot we may choose to pay for walking on water sinks our souls like lead. The reality of true spiritual powers and gifts are known to the greater communities within the galaxies. Some beings though have chosen to deny such life and truth to others for the sake of the thrills – a thrilling pastime for hungry souls, and many lured by the ease of rich pickings

eventually get caught.


As we already know – capital punishment isn’t a punishment for these beings – its perhaps time to take them on a holiday to the ‘village’ to become ‘Prisoners’ with an opportunity to work out their issues.


I met Ralph X in 1981, he had been working a desk job for the accounts department of the CIA in Canada. Outside of work he had met and fallen in with a young lady with a Scientology background who ran a group focussing on regressions and past life issues.

Ralph could remember being a German fighter pilot in world war 1, crashing his biplane and then being taken to a computerised control room – and then recycles into his next earthly life. Ralph also remembers being a solo pilot on another occasion when he was not human. He was flying this starwars craft with a joystick to a secret rendezvous where he remembers handing over state secrets that propagated an interstellar war – he was also sure that he had been a treacherous interstellar spy with other crimes on his book.


It may be on planet earth that more than one type of person comes here to pull on the human straightjacket to work on more than just criminal issues – many of us wish to put our spiritual fire to the test under severe constraints. It may also be true that the highly able and gifted Watchers, the Reptilian ELs for which there is a mass of cultural evidence have employed the insectoid computer geniuses to run the prison hospital – but it seems to be obvious that none of us can progress our issues unless we can face up to our own worst enemy … ‘ourselves’.


Its when these magical synchronicities start to appear to us whether the very worst or very best case scenarios that we are faced with important choices.

The beings that can make such happen to us are beyond time and space as humanity understands it – but not as the rest of the galaxy would understand it. Events beyond co-incidence and luck present themselves as banes or gifts.  Yet the human condition is deliberately uneducated in these issues and concepts.


 But the days of Earth as we have seemed to understand them are coming to a geological close – or so we are led to believe. We all need to hope so we can work with our issues be driven to greater heights of spiritual attainment – even in this desolate Disneyland and testing ground.

The status quo has never changed in hundreds or thousands of years

Nor have any alleged offers of extra terrestrial help been made to manifest in the public domain.

Sights of low grade black triangles flying about do not inspire us with the massive social and science fiction vision of Star Trek.

It is likely that these black budget facilities and short range solar system colonies are all an information gathering exercise by civilised beings working with humanised criminal minds. Its just that the criminals get to feel a bit superior whilst they are being studied in their grade A uniforms.

To see for example how they have rehabilitated their psychopathology in terms of a low grade interstellar social model.


The human condition is a very unique state of being, less telepathic than the apes, short of general genius, suppressed sciences and technologies and cures and in this rigged game of cards – the stakes are very high indeed.

We can choose to tune into loving principles and by the law of attraction, I believe that like goes to like and love goes to love.

But the keynote of Earth is choice – many of us will choose to continue working with civilisation in the future – so our time on earth has been a good opportunity to learn about darkness – that we may shine even more brightly next time out.


Andrew Hennessey







About ScottishAndrew

Contemporary Scottish fiddle player, Scottish ceilidh dance caller, folk music composer, Ufologist, natural and supernatural photographer and tour operator, digital artist and designer, writer and columnist - interested in cosmology and 5th generation computation without the 'Halting problem' !! THE SCOTTISH ANDREWVERSE Ceilidh musician and man of dance Investigator of paranormal circumstance Composer of art and pictures and tunes And researcher of old Scottish stones and runes Cosmic conundrums and landing on the Moon ...


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